Minutes of Wheel Easy Leisure Cycling Ltd
Annual General Meeting
7:30pm Thursday 21st September 2023, at the
Empress Hotel, 10 Church Square, Harrogate HG1 4SP

1. Apologies : Mark Owen, Julie Elders, Diane Webb, Martin Weeks, Yvonne Skelton, Sue Threadgold, Tim Swanwick, Chris Newport, Christine Newport, David Scullion, Steve Wright, Gordon Turnbull, Jenny Appleyard, Glynn Appleyard, Max Graham, Brian Nichol, Allan Campbell, Denis Kaye, Rachel Kaye, Bridget Murphy, Terry Smith, Jean Battison, Colette Kon.

2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 6th October 2022.

These were agreed as correct and approved.

3. Company Report

The Chair stated that the 2023 Annual Report had been circulated to members along with papers for the meeting. No queries were received.

The chair noted that in comparison to last year, the club was in good shape with membership back to pre-pandemic levels which compared very favourably with most clubs. He then made the following comments :

Some differences had been made this year to the nomenclature of rides and there was now a stronger programme with ride leaders on the calendar. The Challenge Rides had proved very popular this year attracting more entrants than last and thanks were offered to Mike and Fiona Walsh for their excellent organisation of the event; sadly they are standing down and it is hoped other members will step forward to replace them. There are now 3 levels of Awayday rides open to members : brisk, regular and short. There is still a good ongoing relationship with Chevin Cycles in Harrogate. The Chair stated that the new club kit seems generally, but not universally, popular and reminded members that new orders for Club kit would be closing imminently.

On the issue of rider discipline, the Chair noted that improvements could still be made and referred to a complaint that had recently been received., He stated that there was still room for improvement regarding groups being strung out and that it was more important than ever as the cyclist v motorist tension appears only to be getting worse.

Finally, the Chair pointed out that the Club’s operation was completely dependent on volunteers from ride leaders through to behind the scenes administration and so asked for more volunteers to step forward to help, noting that there were only 44 ride leader volunteers out of 255 members. He went on to thank the Committee, John Carey on his website management, Tim Richards for prompt updating of the ride calendar, the ride report team of Dave Siswick, Peter Jackson, Tim Ling and Al Davies (who has just stepped down), Tim Swanwick for route coordination and setting up the reverse routes, the News Team of James Grimshaw, John Carey and Tim Ling, Liz Pugh for organising the Wanderers group, the Awayday coordinators, the ride announcers every Wednesday and Sunday and also to Steve Wright for organising the Sustrans work volunteers locally who are mainly Wheel Easy members.

4. Presentation and adoption of the accounts.

The accounts were circulated to members in advance of the meeting. James explained the reported loss was as budgeted for in the Challenge Rides event expenditure and also subsidies for the first Club kit order. There was no need for the Club to sit on large reserves of funds.

The Company accounts were approved and signed off by the external accountant, Zoë Cooper.

Reappointment of Directors and Appointment of Chair

The following ten resolutions were all approved by majority:

5. Resolution 1: Reappointment of director – Mr Colin Broadbank

6. Resolution 2: Reappointment of director – Mr Stephen Bungay

7. Resolution 3: Reappointment of director – Mr John Carey

8. Resolution 4: Reappointment of director – Mrs Yvonne Davies

9. Resolution 5: Reappointment of director – Mr Vincent Grealy

10. Resolution 6: Reappointment of director – Mr James Grimshaw

11. Resolution 7: Reappointment of director – Mr John Hackett

12. Resolution 8: Reappointment of director – Mrs Virginia Margolis

13. Resolution 9: Reappointment of director – Mrs Monica Webber

14. Resolution 10: Appointment of Chair – Mr Stephen Bungay

At this point, Steve took the Chair.

15. Resolution 11: Membership fees – retention of membership fees for the year 2024/25 were approved at the figure of £5. This was passed unanimously.

16. Any Other Business

A proposal was put forward that alongside the entry fee for the Challenge Rides, the Club might publish a form with the Wheel Easy Club named to the charity link with Gift Aid options to raise further funds. The outgoing Joint Chair responded saying that the intention for the Challenge ride was to incorporate Gift Aid into the entry process and to enable additional donations to be made through the club so that the final total represented the true sum raised by the event.