Sunday, May 8, 2011
5th Anniversary Week Birthday Rides / Wheel Easy Ride Report 263


Wednesday 4th May
Poddlers Ride Report

With the strains of Happy Birthday to you and the remains of the blusher, botox and lipstick dribbling down our faces the Poddlers left the Batz and EGs and very fast boys gathering themselves for a mamouth marathon of cake consumption. Easingwold and Asquith had been alerted and the cakes baked. The Poddlers as ever intent on their cycling performance headed straight out of the rather over excited atmosphere of Hornbeam car park up Leadhall Lane to Ashville, the Squinting Cat, Lady Lane, and Beckwithshaw. We were surging confidently up Norwood Lane when the Fast boys overtook us, most without even noticing their road bound cousins, Richard greeted us helpfully and then Gia and Martyn encouraged New Blue Sue and myself up to Alms Cliff, to join the resting Poddlers. John joined us making the group a nicely rounded fourteen.
What wind there was was behind us and we continued easily over the A59 to Menwith. At this point Max was overjoyed that Michelle needed to get back by 12 o’clock and happily volunteered to escort her home, probably chatting in French as they pedalled. I also had visions of the coffee and cakes being prepared so was quite happy to loose the efficient back marker, and knew that two more in the shape of Dave G and Steve would naturally take over. Trevor was behaving well, and only moaning quietly about cakes and hills. As we sped down to Darley before we turned right to Birstwith a record speed was recorded by Paul B (recently released from the tower) of 36 miles per hour. So much down hill did not merit the glorious desent into Birstwith and we paid for our swooping with a near vertical slope up to Clap Green. Finally rested and treated for exhaustion, and finding John W. was the owner of the abandoned bike, we did a bit more swooping into Hampstwaite and back up to Killinghall where Paul with his strict diet regime, said that he had to rush home for a carrot…..or was it he did not like carrot cake thus spreading a rumour that there might be carrot cake at 10 CCO. Kevin kindly sped onwards to help Max find a kettle and Trevor fearing poison and illegal substances in the Stray area of Harrogate decided he too would head for home, Sur John and Allison left us as they passed their front doors, so nine Poddlers finished the course and kindly indulged in a bit of cake and coffee consumption in CCO. A good ride with fabulous views, weather, company andhopefully a bit of extra mountain training for Sue W. and Liz. 24.5 miles by 12 people, 22 miles by 2 people. Caroline G

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Wheel Easy Ride Report

May 7th five years ago was a miserable rainy day but this didn’t put off 35 turning out on that first Sunday. Today Wednesday May 4th began with a hard overnight frost but the sun was shining as we all gathered, E.G’s included ready to celebrate. The photographer from Harrogate Advertiser arrived on time and after the “photo shoot” and admiration of our two Wheel Easy rowan trees growing nicely on the bank we all set off.
It was a perfect day, sunny, no clouds and clear fabulous views. Our ride to Stainburn Woods was a sociable mix with the Poddlers where we left them to take our usual route to the reservoirs, Timble and over the moors to Askwith. Sue at Cockpit Farm gave us a royal welcome, the bride and groom still had pride of place in the garden, she had baked two delicious coffee cakes for us and decorated the table and blackboard with birthday wishes. Noone was in a hurry to leave except Martin and Yvonne who had a date over in Lancashire and finally Richard who wanted more hills, not sure where he went. The rest of us trundled in to Otley for a brief look at Chevin Cycles then on home via Dunkeswick and Kirkby Overblow.
A lovely ride in great company, some good hills and with oodles of good Wheel Easy spirit.
PS I then had the cheek to go on to Caroline and Max who put on a great spread (more cake) and then made way for the five EG’s who arrived. Many thanks to Caroline and Max for helping with the celebrations. 34 miles x 16. Gia

EG’s Ride Report

Weatherwise it has been a great April, and May has been good so far.So the weather looks good for a week of Wheel Easy`s Birthday Rides ( apologies to the CTC). All the Wednesday groups were meeting in Hornbeam Carpark for a press photo shoot. It was a good turn out, however at 9-10am the only two riders present were somewhat worried that they might be meeting in the wrong place, worries unfounded the car park soon filled up.After the photo shoot all the groups headed off to their various destinations, Wheel Easy Wednesdays to Cockpit Farm for Birthday Cake, the EG`s to Easingwold for Birthday Cake, all with the invite of more cake in the afternoon at Max and Caroline`s house, a real challenge to waistlines,
but a man`s gotta do what a man`s gotta do.
In order not to break any habits a stop was taken in Boroughbridge for
Toasted Teacakes plus tea and coffee, though two had hot chocolate ( in the hot sun ? ). In our eleven riders we had Ben, this had effect of reducing the average age of the group, but not by much despite his youth.Then it was away to Easingwold and Temptations Restaurant with the sun on our backs and a kind wind. Thanks to modern technology and Erics organisation tea and coffee awaited us in thermos jugs with our cake on show plus a reserved table.
Justine the regular waitress told about a new waitress called Claire who
bust out laughing when we walked in, but no worries, Justine told her we were harmless and she would get used to us. After a pleasant lunch the cake was cut up and served to us on a plate with a cake fork ( now there`s posh you do`nt get that at Dunnies, though their
chips are a bit better). The remaining cake was put in charge of Eric ( are`nt we trusting souls) and soon we were on our way to Aldwark Bridge with a banana break at Branton Green. Here the remainder of the cake was eaten Eric getting the last piece ( see our trust was rewarded).Then it was back to Knaresborough with some of us heading Max and Carolines house for more tea and cakes.
We had a very pleasant rest sitting in the sun and consuming Carolines excellent cakes, this was one of those perfect cycling days when perhaps calories consumed exceeded calories expended, and there is tomorrow evening, but who cares dieting can start next week.
There was a hammock in Max`s garden which Eric tried out without falling out off, from the pose he struck (see photo) it would suggest he may have desires to be the centrefold in Playgirl Magazine. It had been a great days cycling lots of laughs , excellent weather, happy birthday to all Wheel Easy and many thanks to all those people who have worked so hard to make the club so sucessful. Mileage say 11 x 48 = 528 miles. Dave P

Evening Ride Report

Four people turned up for the first evening ride of the summer, Jill. Sue, Howard & Steve. It was agreed to head out via Burn Bridge & North Rigton to Almscliffe Crag & then back through Weeton, Dunkeswick & Kirkby Overblow. Sue decided to make her way back direct from Burn Bridge & the three of us completd the rest of the ride on a beautifully clear sunny evening. A great start to the evening rides – approx 17 miles at a steady pace. Jill

Thursday 5th May

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Saturday 7th May

No ride report for this very successful event, but about 6 riders completed 33 miles, and about 19 did 26 miles, all converging on Sophie’s Cafe for wonderful coffees, teas and cakes.

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Sunday 8th May
Short Ride Report

Just four of us in our group this week, all of similar ability (except for Lizzie, who is quickly gaining a reputation for tenacity on long hills). We set off with a fairly fluid idea of our route, and in the end went to Knaresborough, along Abbey Road, Chain lane and onto cycle path at Hay-A-Park, Lingerfield, Scriven, Scotton, and back to Knaresborough on the B6165. Then on the Beryl Burton way, where Bob took the wrong path and added an extra 1½ miles. This if course was greatly appreciated by the rest of the group!!!.
It was a good fun ride where Hannah was asked by Bob to take the lead on Abbey Road in case we met any vicious dogs, and Heather found a road sign pointing to Edinburgh (but we had a group discussion and decided against the idea). All in all a very pleasant 16.5 mile ride.
PS. At one point we asked a local gent where we were, and then we saw the road sign—-Blind Lane! Bob S.

Medium Ride Report

A small, but select group of 9 resisted the temptations of unnecessarily long rides and opted for a shorter, more relaxed outing to Ripon. The familiar territory around Copgrove and Bishop Monkton was once again sampled, although interest was injected by a couple of off road sections and other deviations. The weather remained conciliatory, and the Sun Parlour even lived up to its name, if only for long enough to take a break and discuss the return route. At this point a Machiavellian plod was being hatched by the Killinghall refusniks, and an alternative route was conceived. The putsch took place soon after Littlethorpe, and the leadership baton was handed over to Paul, who led us on a delightful route to Burton Leonard and back through the Mount Garrett Estate, with more off roading. By Killinghall the group had largely evaporated into thin air, and the poor ex-leader arrived back at Hornbeam alone and a broken man (don’t take this too seriously – we had a great day out!) About 35 miles. Chris M

50 Mile Ride Report

About 30, 100 mile riders set off from Hornbeam at 7.30 so our numbers at 9.30 seemed somewhat depleted but soon there were a good number of takers for the rides. Lizzie and her friends returned after a successful first ride with Caroline last week and are determined to keep going. Today accompanied by Bob they devised their own ride. Chris M led a medium group to Ripon, while Dave P, Gia and Malcolm led three groups out on the 50 miler, collecting Linda and Peter in Burn Bridge and Chris and Dave in Kirkby Overblow.
With the wind behind us for much of the way we made good progress to our first break at Thorp Arch. There we were surprised to see a familiar face outside the café, Caroline from Spa Gardens who was having a much deserved day off.
Completely ignoring the ride instructions and leading Malcolm’s group astray we headed straight out of Thorp Arch to Rudgate Lane and on to Cattal. This explained how we caught up with Dave’s group who had retraced their steps and taken the path up to Walshford.
No matter! But how would the two unfriendly cafes deal with us all arriving together. Not well was the answer, none of them have ever been to charm school. We saw several Way of The Roses riders passing us through Boroughbridge and understood why they didn’t know how to get to Aldborough, there is no sign!
Fed and watered and with 35 miles under our belts we left in glorious sunshine out to Littlethorpe and in Knaresborough were met by the fast 100 milers still looking very fresh as they raced past us up the hill but with enough time for a quick chat.
Well done to all our first time 50 milers, you were brilliant, to Chris and Dave who cycled in from Huby and were cycling back from Harrogate, to Pete who had enough battery and plenty to spare, to Brian and Liz joining us on their tandem and to Sam who cycled with the first Wheel Easy ride for coming up from London to help celebrate! And to everyone who cycled today, you were great! Gia. Three groups? Plus one late starter 27 x 56 miles?

After a week of Wheel Easy celebrations and birthday rides the day did not look to good to start with, and the weather forecast (from Leeds/Bradford airport) promised a cloudy day with rain, however some one up there must like Wheel Easy because the day turned out to be fine and dry, with just a slight inconvenience from the wind. Due to numbers on the ride Gia split the ride into three groups, a fast
group, a medium paced group and a slower group. Dave P led the medium paced ride with Roy riding back marker, riders were Bob, Bridget, John, Monica and Trish with Brian and Liz on tandem. It was
good to see them both riding again with Wheel Easy on the final birthday ride, as not only were they founder members but committee members also. The ride got off to a bit of a wobbly start when said leader (who had Drury Lane in his mind, which can be a bit fuddled) was about to head for Pannal instead of Burn Bridge, but fortunately back marker Roy`s shout was sufficient to get him back on route. At Burn Bridge and Kirkby Overblow further Wheel Easy riders awaited pick by the slower group.The route description was not engraved on tablets of stone (thank goodness) soggy paper can be heavy enough, and we had special dispensation to avoid plunging down into Wharfedale to Netherby thus having to climb up a steep hill to get back on to the Sicklinghall ridge. At Wetherby the cycle path was taken to Thorpe Arch trading estate cafe for a comfort break/banana break.
Normally to get to Cattal we would have headed north up Rudgate, but the route said via Walshford and Hunsingore, so it was back towards Wetherby on the cycle path then north to the bridge over the A1. At the bridge all nine riders were present, at the other side on the cycle path , we had only six riders, Roy and two ladies had disappeared ( the ladies names will be withheld to protect their reputations). Dave P went back to scour the undergrowth, but they soon returned (all three) and it was on to Walshford and Hunsingore, then it was north through Cattal, Whixley, Thorpe Underwood, Great Ouseburn, The Dunsforths and Boroughbridge and caffiene time. Here we were soon joined by Sam and Gia (my they made good time) for the full route ??.Soon Wheel Easy took over both cafes in the high street, the top cafe riders
doing their good deeds for the day by sending Way of the Roses riders in the right direction. Here John and Brian and Liz returned home but Dave P`s group picked up Helen and Keith, so we were back up to eight. So the eight headed north to Skelton-on-Ure and Littlethorpe and a short break on the bridge over the canal, soon Gia`s group could be seen heading towards us so it was on to Bishop Monkton and a bit further on for a liquid break to be taken ready for the climbs to come.Here Gia`s group caught us up and we had a photo session (why not the weather was still good, though the wind was slightly annoying).Then on to Farnham , Lingerfields, Knaresborough and Harrogate. Regarding the route everybody thought it was excellent and as we had done ” exactly what it said on the tin ” we split up to go our separate ways.The company was a pleasure to cycle with (thats Wheel Easy for you) Heres to the next five years.
Mileage carpark to carpark approx 58 miles, though most riders would have done 60 plus. Dave P

100 mile Ride Report

Quicker Group
7 riders opted for the slightly quicker 100 mile ride and we set off fairly briskly jostling with one of the other groups for the coveted honour of leaving the car park first. First banana stop was at the Whixley cross roads and a few minutes later Jill’s group turned up – they must have been flying along.
We decided on a 2 café stop approach so we ignored the welcoming cafés of Boroughbridge and continued on towards Thorpe Perrow Arboretum. Just before the café Denis suffered a puncture which he dealt with efficiently and we rolled up just before 11:00. The next bit proved very trying for the ride leader (who has a previous conviction for getting lost in the maze of roads around Bedale/Leyburn) but we eventually found our route and reached the more familiar territory of East Witton. We carried on to our second café stop at Spa Gardens and returned to Harrogate by the Boroughbridege and Arkendale route as described in the ride text rather than the shorter route shown on the map. At the dreaded Knaresborough hill we met the 50 mile ride all of whom seemed very happy and full of beans in comparison to the way I was feeling. Thanks to Martin & Yvonne for a great route, 7 riders completed 102 wonderful miles. Phil

Not Quite so Quick Group
A group of probably 20 riders set off from Hornbeam with Terry leading & me back marking. As we left Harrogate we were mixed in with the slower group, but they stood aside soon to let us pass soon after Rudding Park & we were on our way. We picked up Dave W en route to Cowthorpe & we were going along at a fairly brisk pace & caught up with the fast group at the Whixley crossing of the A59. However that was the last we saw of them. We then heard that Angela had got a puncture a little way back so Yvonne & a couple of others volunteered to wait for her & her puncture repair helpers to catch up while the rest of the group carried on to the first café stop at Boroughbridge where we met up with Martin who was joining the ride here. As the group were tucking into bacon butties, toasted teacakes or toast the rest of the “not quite so quick” group & the slower group, having caught up during the puncture repair, arrived. It was then decided to split the “Not quite so quick” group as some including co-leader Terry were still tucking into their snacks. Fourteen of us set off together & all went uneventfully until one of the Daves (there were 4 in the group) got a puncture. As this was being fixed the other section of the “not quite so quick” group sailed past. However a few miles down the road, it was the other way round as they were all clustered round an upturned bike fixing another puncture. We took a short break for snacks on the green at Thornton Watlass before tackling the section of the ride without many landmarks. We navigated this safely with quite a few stops to check maps & instructions & managed to avoid any wrong turnings. It was then on to a welcome lunch stop at Jervaulx Abbey tearooms. While we were there the slower group followed by the rest of the “not quite so quick” group turned up. One of the Daves opted to join the slow group so the remaining 13 set off on the homeward route. We managed to miss one turning at Halfpenny Houses, but soon got back on route. Nobody felt the need for another café stop at Ripon & Dave W & Dennis led the group at a brisk pace on the next stage to Boroughbridge before we stopped for yet more snacks before the final leg home. Martin left the group at Boroughbridge as he lives there & had cycled in that morning so he had completed his 100 miles. Dave W left at the A168 – he needed to make up some extra miles as he hadn’t started from Hornbeam. The rest of the group made it back to the top of Knaresborough hill just before 5pm – a great ride with a good group & the first century ride for several people – ridden at an average speed of 14.1 miles an hour. Jill

Slow Group
Thirty three riders opted for the long ride but only four wanted to go at a slower pace. Karen, Alec, Sue and myself left Hornbeam with all the other riders and regrouped at Rudding Park where Peter and James joined us before Steve joined us at Spofforth. So the seven of us continued on our 100 mile ride and never expecting to see the others again. But we all know Aesop’s Fable ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’.
Approaching Cattal a group were repairing Angela’s puncture and joined our slow group to Boroughbridge where we met up with Jill and Terry’ ‘not so quick group’ of 20 riders. Martin took a shorter route to Boroughbridge to join up with us all and to support Jill and Terry in leading a group.
We left Boroughbridge at the same time as Martin and Terry’s group but their pace left us behind. However, approaching Snape we passed them repairing Ian’s puncture and by the time we reached Thornton Watlass some had abandoned Martin group to join us. Outside Newton le Willows Ian got another puncture and stopped with his group to carry out a repair while the slow seven continued onto Jervaulx Abbey where we met up with Jill’s group.
After the most expensive refreshments I have ever encountered on a cycle ride we left Martin and Terry’s group and never saw them again until they joined us at Spa Gardens after repairing another Ian puncture. It was decided both groups would continue the final section home together. Approaching Skelton we realised Martin, Yvonne and Ian were not with us. We found out later they were repairing another Ian puncture!
‘Slowly does it every time’. The slow group covered 103 miles and averaged 12.5mph. A great day and a fantastic route put together by Martin. Paul

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Individual Ride
We don’t usually include a ride by a single rider amongst the Wheel Easy ride reports – but this is the Fifth Anniversary, and there are extenuating circumstances!
Some months ago I suggested to the Wheel Easy Committee we should have a club target of completing 5,000 miles for our 5th Anniversary, with a 100-mile ride as the main aid to help achieve the target. The start time of the ride was brought forward to 7.30am, but owing to commitments at church I could not start until 9.30am and the club probably needs my ‘single rider’ contribution towards the 5,000 mile target.
I left home at 9.25am and passed Hornbeam car park at 9.35 – thronging with members ready to start their rides for the day. Passing through Boroughbridge I called in at Hasty Snacks café for a quick refreshment stop, only to find Norman, Terry W, Bill and Barry there – an EG reunion! So I couldn’t resist slipping into EG mode and my intended quick stop became quite a relaxed affair. My second stop was at Jervaulx Abbey Tea Rooms, after 67 miles, where I arrived around 2pm, and found Martin, Yvonne, Angela & Ian, Peter L, and Terry B tucking into their lunches, having been delayed by a series of punctures. At 2.55 I resumed the journey, but it was fighting against the strong wind all the way home. I’d average 16mph to Jervaulx Abbey, but I couldn’t maintain that pace no matter how I tried. I passed Hornbeam Car Park at 5.45, having completed 101 mile route at an average speed of 15mph, and shortly after completed 105 miles from home to home.
So did the club achieve its Anniversary week target of “5 years: 5,000
miles”? No prizes for guessing what I’ll suggest for the 6th anniversary! Eric

Answer – Yes! 2011 Wheel Easy Miles (approx) This Week 7100 YTD 66237