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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

On a whim of the ride leader five regular youngsters,electric Judy and an upright Karen set off to Jack Lane. We poddled up to Little Almscliff and straight on to turn left to the road to Otley or it could be Ilkley and then first left down Jack Lane,then more and more down.....oh and oooopps some up up up.....after some glorious views and some compliments from passing traffic.
More ups to Stainburn Forest and a perfect swoop down to Beckwithshaw and the Smith's Arms....where upright young Karen and electric Judy left us and we had more pleasant refreshments and conversation and then followed our various routes home. 
Thank you everyone for following a whim.....as we took several hours to complete just less than 20 vertical miles, that did seem much easier than when we did  it years ago......something to get our teeth into......if we still have any. Caroline G

Wanderers’ Ride

Once all the groups had been sorted out, sixteen Wanderers left Hornbeam to regroup at Low Bridge where four other riders were waiting to join the group, now 20 including a visitor with Mike from Germany. There were five faster riders and it was suggested that they set off first at a faster pace.

The rest set off out towards Farnham, Arkendale and Marton/Grafton and on to Aldborough at a steady pace. As some riders were going to do the shorter ride and leave at Boroughbridge it was decided to have the photo stop at Aldborough and as it started to rain, shelter was found under a tree and waterproofs were put on.

At Boroughbridge the shorter route riders stopped at Bean’s for coffee before their return and at Plenty we noticed the fast group were having their coffee and cake, so a wave to them as we carried on towards Dishforth and Marton le Moor, taking off the waterproofs as the sun came out.

Cycling through Ripon, a quick stop was made at the Cathedral, we were all ready for a coffee stop so good progress was made out of Ripon through the deer park to Fountains visitor centre where we met up with the faster riders; they did the Skelton on Ure route to Ripon! After a well needed stop we all regrouped and came back to Harrogate together. Good enjoyable ride with lots of chatting on the way and hopefully our German visitor enjoyed some of the local countryside.

40 miles. Thanks to Charlie for back marking. Chris R.




Wednesday Ride

With the wonders of technology a route (or at least the first part of it) had been sorted out prior to the day and so we were confidently able to say we were off to Pateley Bridge!

Nine riders signed up and we made our way to Ripley where Colin and Paul joined as we headed up through Holly bank Wood and on to Birstwith, the Toll road and then a dash down the main road to Glasshouses and a quieter ride into Pateley Bridge and the joys of Teacups.

Much discussion was had about food choices but Stuart didn’t hold back eating his own teacake(three slices) and two of Jens to become hereafter known as Five Slice Stuart! Everyone else had a variety of good value food and drink and then the decision about the return journey.

With time constraints (and in Stuarts case a full stomach) a group of five headed back via Yorkes Folly as they fancied a challenge while the remainder headed towards Wath and the Moors.

As a change we went via the back road and hit the steeper road up and most of us were soon 'touching tarmac' on part of the hill- apart from Tim who, despite a small mishap, climbed the hill and claimed the polka dot jersey. Although difficult, we did get some great views of Gouthwaite and Nidderdale which made it all worthwhile.

We then headed across the Moors towards Grantley, and with little traffic we enjoyed the great scenery. From Grantley we headed towards Fountains Abbey and a second tea stop. Tim made the case to carry on as we would all stiffen up after our climbing exertions but he was voted down (well we are not called Wheel Easy for nothing!). After a pleasant sit outside in the sun enjoying our refreshments we set off back up the hill (Tim was right!) and then a quick whizz down to Ripley and home via the Greenway.

A ride of 41 miles with a few feet of climbing, great views, interesting chats and a varied ride in good company. Thanks to all for their company and enjoyable banter. With the weather holding and the sun out it felt like one of the 'Last of the Summer Rides'.  Kevin D




Long Ride

Our Long Ride began in uncertainty but ended in warm sunshine and the certainty of oft-ridden roads back to Kboro and Harrogate. While it wasn’t a mystery tour, the only fixed point at the start was Sheriff Hutton, via Aldwark Bridge. After adding three more to the party at Piccadilly Motors to make nine in total, John S left us at Farnham for a short ride back, while the remaining eight made swift progress to Sheriff Hutton. Although warm enough to sit outside, we cast anxious glances at dark clouds in the SW skies. 

Service at Quarmby’s was as beautifully mannered as usual, but this time the premium prices were not matched by premium quality in the scones, we thought. Luckily, they’d run out by my turn at the counter.  Tea, however, was excellent as usual. Route consultations ensued during which the Arboretum and Terrington cafes were discounted as being too close, leaving eyes to focus on Ampleforth as our lunch stop.

Terrington bank served as our penance for the cafe stop, leading to Ampleforth through Hovingham and Oswaldkirk. Richard L was indisposed at the rollout but joined us for lunch, a welcome addition to our table. Richard P had shown us a grander entrance to the Abbey’s  tearoom, routing us to the south terrace and entry via the “piano nobile” – a first for most of us. 

Lunch concluded, the conventional way back through Coxwold gave way to the lesser-used southerly route across the college playing fields to Gilling East. Students were gathering for pre-season Rugby training (or a match) with warm sunshine adding to the idyllic scene. Pausing in Gilling East to take in the miniature railway (not open today), we climbed up to Yearsley Moor to take in glorious views across to the Pennines before rolling down the bank into the Vale at Easingwold. 

Too early for a tea break, we pressed on to reach Boroughbridge at cafe-closing time (4.15). The final uncertainty of the ride was quickly resolved when the party split neatly into two fours – one half pressing on home, the other half enjoying a break in Morrison’s cafe – now refurbished and no longer using fixed bench seating, a great improvement. The warm sun continued to grace our last leg back to K'boro' and Harrogate to conclude a most enjoyable day out covering over 70 miles. Terry S.


All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.