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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Nine Poddlers, yes nine Poddlers set off for the Stray and zoomed down the Greenway. Here we picked up Poddler No.10, and rode through Ripley and up Scarah Bank, whereupon No.10 Poddler left us as she had an urgent appointment.

So nine of us continued along the road turning off at Watergate Lane, and on to Markington, Bishop Monkton and then to Burton Leonard. The track down to the stream was a bit hairy for some, but getting over it was easy as the water was low, thus no lifting of bikes over the stile was necessary. Then it was off to Nidd and Ripley church for our coffee stop.

Monica, Sue and Paula declined the offer of refreshment and continued home, while six of us joined two Wanderers (Glyn and David) in the church. After being fed and watered we dashed down the Greenway and back to Harrogate. A pleasant ride with pleasant company. 28 miles. Jen A


Wanderers’ Ride

Slightly grey and overcast morning as the Wanderers gathered at Hornbeam. I thought that I had only around six riders, but twenty brave souls decided to try the hills. Many thanks to Tim who became co-leader as we were trying to follow last Wednesday ride but on a different route. 

Welcome to lots of new faces who joined the group with words of warnings, Liz and hills. I split the group into three and set off along the Greenway dodging dogs, bikes etc and then regrouping in Ripley. Two groups reformed, David was press ganged into coordinating the second group, shortly after setting off, Sarah had a mechanical and could not change gear and returned to Harrogate, where she was told she had a screw loose, nothing to do with joining my ride!! 

Up through Hollybank Wood, down to Hampswaite, then turning up towards Kettlesing, Peter fell off as a car passed closely on the narrow road and his feet could not get out of the cleats quick enough. A grazed knee was the only damage and after a quick clean, cream and plasters, we took to the hills to Kettlesing. All safely across the A59 to Fewston Farm shop, where Glyn left to go back, probably to sample cake elsewhere. The staff at the Farmshop café were fantastic and despite 18 hungry cyclists arriving with no notice, drinks, bacon butties, beans, cakes and scones were soon served and scoffed. 

David group leader Two returned to Harrogate. Now full of food, a quick pull up past Fewston onto B6451, right onto the lovely Jack Hill Lane. Despite touting tickets for the group to visit the Pack horse bridge walking tour no one wanted to do that. Tim as Tour Leader had already headed down to the bridge, but no one followed and had to be dragged back up. At the end of the road, a sharp left to cycle up a small hill then down the gated road. On reaching Stainburn forest, Peter wounded knee, Jonathan and Gulio took the shorter route home.. The group now fourteen, cycled down towards Leathley where after a quick re-route by Tim and Mike, we found our way to Almscliff Crag. Then onto North Rigton and back to Harrogate. 

A very enjoyable for many, hilly route of 3000 feet and 35 miles in great company. I am sure they are all looking forward to Liz’s next hilly ride. Liz F




Wednesday Ride

Twelve cyclists set off to Ripon, five stopped for coffee then there were seven. Our destination was Bedale a new one for most so an interesting ride.

Jill, Maris, Alan, John R, Angela, Kevin and me formed a tight peloton and arrived at the North End cafe in good time. I would recommend this cafe which was friendly, good value and had a varied and tasty menu at reasonable prices. Yummy Yorkshire rarebit!

Home the quickest way via Thorpe Perrow and West Tanfield, we almost out ran the rain but had a short shower which didn’t spoil the day. 61 flattish miles in enjoyable company Sue C


Five of us who had to get back for various reasons tagged along with the speedy group heading for Bedale. We left them at Littlethorpe, headed to Oliver’s Pantry and then on through the Deer Park and a steady ride home along the Greenway. A good 34 mile ride. Gia M


Long Ride

Only four riders took part in the Long Ride today.  Masham was the almost obligatory destination.  A steady ride out to Ripley via the Greenway and then onto Grewelthorpe, at which point Dave R left to attend to childcare duties.  After refreshments at Masham John S and Andy A had to return to Harrogate to meet in-laws.  This left yours truly to take a circuitous route, High Burton, Well, Wath, Melmerby, Cundall and Boroughbridge, back to Harrogate.  PCJ

EGs’ Ride 

Although the morning was a little on the cool side in comparison with what we have become accustomed to, there was rare turnout of EGs at Low Bridge.

Particularly good to see Theo and Terry, both looking in excellent condition, as well as Roy and Bob and Norman, (who also looked up for action).

The abovementioned decided on a slightly reduced programme whilst the rest of us opted for Baghdad (Johnnies that is), via the Spa Gardens.

Tea or coffee for all, and buns for some, especially Dan who had two of the biggest creamiest confections available in Ripon, which included about a half gallon of cream.

Tim noted that the new game of Crown Brown Bowling was under way, with plenty of old boys participating. (Most of them probably younger than us!).

Then off to Masham at a slightly reduced pace, trying to avoid even more newly graveled road surfaces, and enjoying the lovely sunny morning and countryside.

Johnny Baghdad did not disappoint with their usual five bean standard fare and service, and we were soon off Ripon bound, though none of us fancied Swinton Bank and so we plodded on up the main road to Grewelthorpe, after which we really enjoyed the swoop down the road to Ripon.

One of our team is a bit short of miles this year and we were grateful to be able to slow down a bit, ostensibly to accommodate him!

It looked as though we were going to be caught in a shower of rain as we entered Knaresborough, but it held off long enough for me to get back to Low Bridge.

Thanks Geoff, Dan, Tim, Marvin and Dave P2 for excellent company. We are so lucky.


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