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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Hornbeam Car Park.....2 people wanted a gentle ride...I’d decided to go very very slowly to Brimham.

End of the Greenway.....met Jane raring to go up to Brimham.

Ripley.....came across Peter Beckingham who had an hour or so to spare and a man searching for the Wednesday Ride.

The top of Clint Bank .......beautiful views.

Burnt Yates......some flat riding with glorious views.

Road up to Brimham....Jane and Caroline dropped off the back.....how we sympathise with Mark Cav.....We did notice the signs of road repairing and lovely smooth tarmac and a new adventure playground with interesting looking cafe.

Road away from Brimham.....we met a tiny herd of tiny black sheep or goats.....shoats.

Into Ripley....the superb swoop down.... making each pedal turn worthwhile.

Ripley Church....4 cups of coffee or tea, 2 cream teas, and 1 fruit cake and cheese in beautiful surroundings.

Greenway....Jane went home....tackling the cote de Brantwood Cottage before putting her bike away...... and a following wind to help us all home. 

27 miles with Bridget and Thornthwaite Liz playing out nicely and the weather behaving well. CG





Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

A good turn-out of riders at Hornbeam on a sunny morning Wednesday Wanderers set off with a few longer riders, all going out on The Greenway to Ripley, to miss Yorkshire Show traffic. At Ripley the longer riders left us, so we became a group of 16. 

We decided to ride to Fountains National Trust for early coffee and cake, and relaxing time. 2 people went back from Fountains, we rode through park, had photo session, and on to Ripon. 4 more left at Ripon, leaving a group of 10 to go past Newby Hall to Boroughbridge, then back to Harrogate via Minskip, Occaney, Farnham, Harrogate.

A lovely ride with lovely people. 36 miles at a steady pace.  Thanks to all for all your help. Mike W



July Awayday – Reeth, Askrigg, Muker, Tan Hill

Another brilliant away day organised by Colin and Kevin. This was one of the best rides in perfect weather (just the right temperature) and crystal-clear views of beautiful Wensleydale and Swaledale. Just look at those photos.  We had 3 big hills so the going was a bit slow and even the flat bits were hilly – but oooh they were fun.

We were split into 3 groups of around 8 people. My group left first with a cunning plan to beat the fast group over the first big hill (with massive views) to Askrigg for coffee. Needless to say, they had filled up the tea room by the time we got there. So, we went to the Kings Arms – just for a coffee and sadly no cake.

Then back over another big hill (more massive views) heading for Muker but with a delightful detour down Colin’s gated road to Satron and on to the lunch stop at the Kearton Tearooms at Thwaite. Thankfully, Kevin had warned us to expect dreadful service and that’s exactly what we got. Quote from my wife “If you’re in the service industry, you should give good service”.

Then we set off in earnest to do the big one – Tan Hill. Not as daunting as expected and a lovely climb.

The ride back to Reeth was much faster – and the views continued.

Back around 4 in good time to get home for the football.

A great day out. Thanks to all who came and particularly Justin for back marking. Steve W







July Awayday-Reeth 

Normal service was resumed for the July Awayday as 20plus riders gathered on Reeth Village Green in brilliant sunshine.

The route was to tackle the Awayday favourite of Tan Hill but this year with a brilliant new route devised by Colin to show off Swaledale and Wensleydale at its best- and boy did it do that.

The two things that were constant throughout this ride were the hills and the views-both in abundance!

The three groups set off towards Askrigg and were immediately climbing and they were soon stretched out. The ride to Askrigg was a delight and we dropped down into the village for coffee after doing only 10 miles – but a much-needed rest!

The fast group were in the Humble Pie cafe and the other group in the pub (for coffee only I was assured!)

After re-fuelling we headed for the second big climb which had a few of the group 'touching tarmac ' but the 'tour de force' was the ride down the gate road to Satron which put pressure on the brakes but which enabled a different view of the valley.

Once down we headed to Thwaite for lunch which, despite the grumpiness of mine host, was quick and wholesome.

Sara, recovering from injury decided to head directly back down the valley and Paul T decided to accompany her (nothing to do with the football?) whilst the rest of us headed off for the climb of Tan Hill.

The route was up the West Stonesdale Road which after an initial very steep ascent was a steady climb to the top.

After a short break we headed back to Reeth down Arkengarthdale and we all enjoyed the ride down as a reward for the climbs.  We were back in good time to get back for the football which made it an almost perfect day (only spoilt by the result)

Thanks to Colin for a superb route and Steve and Richard for leading the groups and thanks to all those who turned up- I know it was tough but what views!

I think if I had to choose one ride before I hung up my pedals this would be it- what do you think?

Probably one of the best Awaydays we have done which will be difficult to top- but we will have fun trying.

A superb day out!  Kevin






EGs’ Ride

Despite the roads chaos of the Great Yorkshire Show, nine riders set off from Low Bridge - though as at least five had come from Knaresborough they were untroubled by the distinctly non-uniform spread of vehicles in Harrogate, many roads empty where others were at capacity and then some. With only one Dave in the group there was no strong contender to ride leader, yet a consensus emerged to head out to a first stop at Easingwold via Aldwark and improvise from there. On emerging from Abbey Road we were delighted to see Dave Watson heading in the opposite direction - realising the error of his ways he joined us for a short while, leaving us at Arkendale. Good to see him out though we look forward to enjoying his company for longer.

On we proceeded to Aldwark, the only slight sour note being one lorry who decided to overtake us on the old A1 shortly before the Marton-cum-Grafton turnoff; I think it’s fair to say, even when cyclists have right of way, that it pays to be cautious on fast roads! We made good time to Easingwold with a brief democratic discussion resolving on The Sugar Mouse above the marketplace. Well-named, indeed; a number of us went for sweet confections for brunch, though with complex orders for nine people it was regrettably Angela who forwent her forgotten milkshake (refunded). We took advantage of their rear garden to escape the sun but enjoy the alfresco - except for the lads who were left without shade and had their beans on toast indoors.

With such a hale and hearty team and such glorious weather, we were all keen to explore further; we missed the navigational nous of the more experienced local experts but headed to Crayke for a glorious photo-op across the Vale of York, before heading on very pleasant yet  less-familiar and less-than-pancake-flat roads to Coxwold and - after ruling out White Horse Bank and Thirsk - heading back to Boroughbridge and the cafe on the square, where Phil continued on alone in search of miles, and the rest of us again retreated to the rear in search of shade, and consumed an impressive array of sandwiches (and Angela got her milkshake). Returning home via Sandy Bank at impressive but sustainable speed, Dave W and Marvin headed off to Scotton while Angela, Lesley and Richard, Jeff and recent recruit Alan returned to Knaresborough. A well-matched team on a glorious day; though with the name of Elderly Gentlemen being ever further stretched - several were not elderly, and several were not gentlemen (including the ladies). It remains true, as evidenced by your correspondent, that the EGs welcome all comers to their number. 50 miles to/from Knaresborough.  Dan H



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Sunday, November 18, 2018

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