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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Wheel Easy Ride Report 631

Short Ride

Age is no barrier! Today the short ride took a sunny route to Little Almscliffe Crag and then past the Sun Inn. The road climbs quite steeply from there up to the turning into Pennypot Lane.  First up the hill was Dennis, and the rest of us enjoyed the spectacle of our oldest member sat at the top of the hill waiting for the rest of us slow-coaches to make it to the top.  What an athlete and what a fine example of how to keep young and fit!  After this part of the route we gradually lost riders with many having lunch commitments and by the time we descended through Kettlesing we were down to six of us.  Dave Preston, another fine example of being mature and keeping fit, taking a nicely independent route to the cafe via Menwith Hill, “just for the views”.  Coffee at Sophie’s (where else?) and then a return through Hollybank Wood and along the Greenway.  23 warm miles.  Martin W



Medium Ride

We cycled to Boroughbridge via Arkendale and the Ouseburns and returned through Roecliffe and Copgrove. It was another hot day and there were no jolly japes or interesting incidents to report, but we all had a lovely time. About 34 miles in good company. Al D



Medium Plus Ride Faster Group

One look at the weather forecast for today (25 deg C by 1200!!!) convinced me to see if the medium plus faster group would prefer an 0830 start instead of the usual 0930. Our little peloton of eight riders gathered in the only shade we could find at Hornbeam and set off intent on getting round the route by 1330, before the afternoon heat really built up. We made cracking progress from the off, following the planned route via Langbar, reaching Abbey Tearooms (near Beamsley) by 1015 after 40km. Dave Rang left us at this point to roll home along the closed A59, leaving seven of us to work our way along the lumpy route of Embsay, Barden Bridge, up to Stumps Cross and then a fast time trial down Duck St and home along Pennypot, reaching Harrogate just after 1300. I really enjoyed this ride, so many thanks to my fellow riders. This is one of my favourite Wheel Easy routes. We covered the 55 miles and 4500ft of climbing at an average speed of 15mph. Not bad at all given the heat. Starting at 0830 worked very well and got us home before the sun and heat had a chance to cook us thoroughly. Is there a case for a general move to an earlier start for all rides in the summer???? Michael I



Medium Plus Ride

Question: What is the best Medium Plus route? Answer: Liz P's adapted Route 154, surely.  

Almscliffe Crag, along Wharfedale to Ilkley, then Bolton Abbey, Embsay and Eastby, Barden Tower.  The published route would have taken us to Appletreewick and Stump Cross, But, taking advantage of the closure of the A59, we went to Storiths, Kex Gill, Thruscross, Menwith Hill, Penny Pot, home.  Around 58 miles and - accordingly to Strava - 4593 feet and 2 inches of climbing.  A really brilliant day out, including a loop to Embsay that was new to many of us, temperatures in the mid-to-high 20's, and great company, as always.  Justin K.




Long Ride

Seven riders set out on the long ride, with one more joining at Easingwold.  The temperature wasn't too taxing initially, but for some the pace was.  By Oswaldkirk, three decided that the full ride was going to be too much, so Peter J, John H and Julie headed for lunch in Ampleforth and the shortest, flattest return home.
The remaining five lunched in Helmsley before setting off on the Stokesley road, but it quickly became apparent that we were a man down.  By the time Geoff M was reached by phone he was nearly in Ampleforth, so no future in turning round and we were down to four.
After the travails of Murton Bank and rising temperatures, Geoff W felt the need for a stop in Thirsk and the shortest route back to Knaresborough.  We agreed on forming a tight group to make it as easy as possible, but we never saw Bob J and Andy C again, so presumably a crossed wire had reduced us to two.
Geoff and I chugged steadily on in baking heat with almost no shade and by Boroughbridge we were frying, so we stopped at Morrisons to cool down, at which point Geoff got cramp.  Fortunately, it passed and we made it home safely.
Not my finest hour as ride leader - too far and too fast for the conditions, so my apologies to those who suffered.  Richard L

All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.