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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers Ride

The Poddlers' Nature Ride......3 Poddlers' (excuses from holidays to hospitals given), 1 deer, 1 hare, loads of cows,1 of which was scratching her nose with her back hoof, many sheep, several rather lovely smoked paprika onion and pepper scones, a multitude of water birds, lots of ash,oak, alder and sycamore trees, stunning views. A good 27mile ride in glorious summer conditions. CG



Wednesday Ride

Seven of us to-day riding to Masham, with one or two needing to be home early turning back at Fountains.

Over the top to Masham, avoiding any steep bits early in the ride http://cycle.travel/map/journey/60959

Back an “easy” way avoiding both Ripon and any steep bits we could dodge http://cycle.travel/map/journey/70313

.....and still according to cycle.travel, we climbed 500m on the way out, and 400 on the way back.....didn’t seem like it, it felt like uphill all the way to Masham, yet on the way back, the worst hills were at Fountains!

No view of Roseberry Topping from the top on the way out, the whole of the Vale of York was shrouded in mist, although we did see Greygarth tower and also Coldstones cut (I think!)

The sun came out as we were leaving Masham, so we had a sunlit journey home in rapidly rising temperatures.       Colin




Long Ride

After two weeks off the bike due to an op I arrived at Hornbeam to find that on Bob’s suggestion the Long Ride was going to a cafe at Garforth Station. He had persuaded Peter J, Andy and John H to join him however with seconds to go John flipped a coin and opted for the run to Howstean Gorge. Cycle paths and lanes took us to Bramham, Aberford and Sherburn. We turned west passing Squires Cafe where the motorcyclists were out in force enjoying the sunshine (doesn’t anyone work any more?). After crossing over the A1 we went through Ledsham and Kippax to get to Garforth. The Station Cafe is a bit of a gem. It’s Italian owned and run, a cafe by day and a restaurant come the evening. The food was a notch above and interesting but this wasn’t matched by fancy prices. After lunch we headed up to Barwick in Elmet, Thorner and Collingham crossing the bridge at Linton and climbed up to Kirkby Overblow. A nice day out on a lovely day. AndyC





Long Minus Ride

The hard core of 3 "long minuses" (Terry S, Richard and Lesley S) were joined by John H destination How Stean. We took an unusual route to Pateley heading to Birstwith via Hampsthwaite, over the toll road then Stripe Lane to Hartwith. Brimham, Glasshouses and Bewerley led us to Teacups for cake. John left as he was keen to cycle up Yorke's Folly and the remaining 3 headed to How Stean for lunch and to view the new extension. After huge sandwiches all round we tackled Lofthouse, luckily with a following wind. Beautiful views all round as we crossed the moors to Fearby and Masham. After a quick route conference we decided to forgo cake in Masham and instead headed for Fountains via Kirby Malzeard and Winksley Bank. Fortified by more cake at Fountains we returned to Ripley and the Greenway. 
67 miles and 5200ft of ascent, fantastic scenery, beautiful weather and 3 cafe stops. A perfect day out! Lesley S.


EGs Shorter Ride

A complete change from the warm weather at Low Bridge, cloudy and relatively cold.
We were joined by Graham and Tim.
Unfortunately Eric could not make it today despite being kitted out to attend, but doctor sent him home ( he has got shingles), best wishes Eric hope to see you out soon.
Dave Watson again made it with us again but had to return after Farnham, good to see you again Dave we hope the rides may get longer.
Then on to Roecliffe where Dave S, who has a special key tweaked a wheel for one of us (He`s a good un).
Dave S and the EG`s “A” team then headed for destinations afar, the “B” team consisting of Dave P, Nick and Roy headed for Skelton on Ure and Spa Gardens cafe in Ripon.
Then home via Bishop Monkton, Markington and Ripley, where Dave and Roy enjoyed an ice cream and the little black bugs their yellow jerseys.
The weather had now changed to blue skies with a very chuffed Roy with 43+ miles in his wheels.
Dave P


EGs Longer Ride

A goodly turn out at Low Bridge of around a dozen, with a good selection of Daves.

First stop Chez Siswick for a bit of bike maintenance on our leader's trusty steed, then make your mind up time with five of us ambling off, supposedly to Masham.

As it turned out, it was only Melmerby, and the now well known cafe on the industrial estate. Beans on toast for four and a bacon butty, was our order, the B on T including a pot of good builders' was only four quid, so get your pencil sharpened all those others who like to see the top side of six for similar fare. We got a very pleasing reception from the nice ladies who run it too, and that's not always the case either. So it would be six beans if such a  rating existed.

Change of plan then and on via Wath to West Tanfield and supposedy Kirkby Malzeard except that we seemed to miss it out and instead found ourselves on the fast road down to Ripon where I am assured that the possibly record speed of 32MPH was achieved.

On towards home then via Bishop Monkton, where new arrival Graham peeled off to Whixley. Welcome Graham to our little sub group of the great Wheel Easy Cycling Club; it was good to meet you and we hope you liked it sufficiently to join us again. We do sometimes go a little slower!

Thanks also to Dave P, Tim from Tollerton, and Colin for another most pleasant little adventure.     Dave S.



Wednesday Wabnderers Ride

What a great ride! It included both Kettlesing and Brimham Rocks. The group was just the right size at 12 as we left Hornbeam but, as usual, some joined and some left. Wheel Easy should supply an abacus to each ride leader so they can keep track. 

This is a favourite local ride because there is so much variety – several nice climbs with some really lovely downhill sections into Kettlesing, into Darley and home from Brimham Rocks. The views are splendid and there’s hardly any traffic.

It started a bit cold for the ride to Hampsthwaite but we were all stripping off by the time we got to Darley Post Office for a leisurely coffee. The sun was out and we could enjoy the views. 

Then we went up Stripe Lane and called into a possible new coffee stop to check it out. Brimham Rocks Adventure Farm does coffees, lunches, paninis etc. It’s at the junction of Stripe Lane and Brimham Rocks Road and can take large groups without notice. We didn’t stop but worth a try next time. 

After that it was the usual glorious ride down Rabbit Hill.

And the final twist was that half the group went to the Gardeners Arms at Bilton to finish off a good morning out.

Back by 1.45, 34 miles, 748 metres of climbing

A fabulous ride on a beautiful day. Thank you to all who shared it.       Steve W


All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.