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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Wheel Easy Ride Report 630

Short Ride
With the hottest period of weather since God was a lad, it was felt that leisurely should be our watchword.  In such fashion nine of us left Hornbeam collecting two on the way and a third in Ripley.  In the meantime, passing Crawford’s hoose (remember him?), he was persuaded out of his garden to enhance the photoshoot.
So, maintaining a tranquil approach to the morning’s exercise, we meandered through Mountgarret where CG formed a breakaway elite group. The rest continued to Occaney and Farnham, then down Bar Lane to end up at the Watermill caff, having said goodbye to a further two.
About 23 non-sweaty miles.     Paul B
Medium Ride
Another glorious day and another glorious ride. Twelve set off through the Show Ground, where there were lots of runners and marshals gathering for the Harrogate 10K, past Rudding Park and down to Spofforth. After a pause caused by a fall of one of the party (gravel rash and sore elbow; hope you’re OK now Max), we passed through Spofforth and Little Ribston until we reached the flat lands of the Vale of York where we started to push on. We passed the Marston Moor battle monument to arrive at our halfway point at Askham Richard where we had coffee and cake at the Grange Cafe.
Our return was a bit slower as the day was getting hotter and we had to climb back into Harrogate but we made good progress to get back at 2.30pm. About 40 miles in excellent company. Al D
Medium Plus Ride 1
We started with 12, then one or 2 joined us and others left. New friends David and Lesley came along too but had to leave early so 10 arrived at Easingwold at 11.30. That was too early for lunch for some so 6 of us headed for the tearoom and gardens at Coxwold where we sat in the garden. I could feel my head burning (note to remember suncream next time) and little Liz looked a real stunner in her cobbled together sun hat (sorry, no photo).
James popped in to tell us that he and Sue and Justin would be rushing back to Harrogate.
That left 7 of us to complete the ride. 
A very enjoyable day. Thanks to everyone who came along.
Steve W
Long Ride

Well, that was a nice day out!  We started with 8 riders, went to 9, then 10 en route.  Just before Coxwold, 5 used an alternative route to the cafe, then Geoff carried on, so back to 9 riders. After meeting the medium+ guys at the cafe, the 'B'-team took a shorter route to Easingwold and home, which left 4 riders.  Wass Bank was knocked off without difficulty by 2 of us, Julie left for home near Alne, and 3 of us returned to Harrogate.  A leader's lot, keeping track of who's with us is a tricky one!  Highlights:

- Or lowlight really.  The very newly dressed surface on the old A1. Impossible to ride, with chippings getting in everywhere, so we had a 200m walk to the Marton junction.  On the other hand, the chipping man initially didn't want to let us through!

- Very quiet lanes, no horses, few cars.

- Great views from the Howardian Hills.

- A new cafe (for us) in Easingwold.  Good, friendly service but I can't remember the name though!  It's the bistro just along from the 'mouse' cafe when walking away from the 'Curious Table'.  Ah, the light was finally come on, or I've woken up, it was the 'Olive Branch'!

- No punctures, rain or road aggro!

We rode around 76 miles which, with the temperatures in the high 20's, made the decision to go for a flattish route correct. Thanks to everyone for making the leader's job actually very easy and a great ride.       John Hackett
All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.