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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Small wheels tour



Ever since John Russell bought a small wheeled bike he has been keen to go on a small wheeled bike tour. The criteria being that once he felt he'd cycled enough miles to then fold the bike and get on a bus or train. As its John's 70th birthday soon it was a great opportunity to do just that. 
Looking at a possible route it had to be fairly flat and not too far from a train line. John had read a blog about a group of York cyclists catching the train to London and cycling back home. This idea appealed to a group of us who had Bromptons and to avoid not being able to get on public transport we felt a group of five was ideal. 
On Monday morning Malcolm, Gia, Sue, Paul and John caught the train at 7.30 down to London where we were met by Malcolm and Gia's son Sam who led us through London passing Arsenal's ground and on to his favourite cafe in Finsbury Park where we had coffee and cake. The route from there took us through parks and along the Lee Park Cycleway following the canal to Waltham Abbey where we were just in time for lunch. From here Sam returned home and we continued onto Harlow before catching the train into Cambridge. Without Sam' knowledge I'm sure we would still be trying to get out of London! 
After a day of two train journeys, 30 mile cycling and  a lovely evening in Cambridge we set off on Tuesday towards Ely. It was a fantastic route as we followed Sustrans cycleways and stopped at Anglesey Abbey for coffee. After lunch in Ely we folded the bikes again and caught the train to Downham Market and then made our way through the lanes to Elm near Wisbech. As it had been such a hot day, after 40 miles on a Brompton we were glad to reach our destination. 
On Wednesday we set off before 9 and headed towards Spalding. Once again it was a lovely flat route but we all decided we missed the hills and views. Passing the Fenfield air base we noticed the sign 'Cafe' and it was open serving a variety of cakes and a much needed coffee. At Spalding we once again folded our bikes and caught the one carriage train to Lincoln.
It has certainly been a different trip to our usual cycle tours!  I know folding bikes don't appeal to everyone but they have allowed us to have a fun few days away, cycling over 100 miles, covering a large area and opportunities for sightseeing in Cambridge and Lincoln. They have also taken away the uncertainty of whether we would be able to get our bikes on trains. I'm sure we would all be keen to do another small wheel bike trip!

Poddlers’ Ride

Hot hot hot! Seven people were up and ready to do a tour of the Dunsforths...slowly... and round to Boroughbridge and Roecliffe...in particular chez Siswick...for a Mrs. Siswick lunch. We were very excited and arrived promptly at 2 minutes to 12....thus not quite beating the VEG s to a prime spot under the trees and next to an amazing spread. What glorious weather and what a perfect garden and sadly we could not sit around all afternoon...chatting and eating.... So, we reluctantly headed home in 35 degree heat...now I am not complaining but goodness it was hard work riding from shady area to shady area carrying on average a lunch of a ham bun, an egg sandwich, 2 cheese scones and a large lump of lemon drizzle...oh yes and a piece of pie.   Yum.  Thank you family Siswick what a good way to raise money for a brilliant charity. And thanks Jean for a pre-tour practice on the pavé back to Ripley. A ridiculous 38 miles. CG





Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

What a difference a week makes. Last week I wimped out on the ride due to the mizzling rain. This week glorious sun was forecast and was delivered. Thirteen happy Wanderers set off from Hornbeam with the promise of what was termed a “good spread” at Dave Siswick’s. Two further Wanderers were picked up just outside Follifoot and another at Little Ribston making a good compliment of sixteen. Conditions were ideal – no wind, warm and flat, so a brisk pace was maintained with the help of Mike Wills hustling at the rear. On the rather rough lane between Walshford and the A59 unfortunately Gordon got a puncture but was happy to let everybody go on. The peloton remained together through to Great Ouseburn then Zoe started a breakaway, decimating “all and sundry” on the run into Aldborough. Evidently, she wanted to stretch her legs as she’s got long ride coming up and hasn’t put in much training. The run into Roecliffe and chez Siswick’s was perfectly timed for 12:00 however we were beaten by riders from the EG and Poddlers groups.  It was certainly and “good spread” – sandwiches, cakes, pork pie. All very yummy, in the setting of a lovely garden. After consuming more than at a usual stop it was time to depart. The original plan was to return via Copgrove, Occaney and Knaresborough however after a bit of a conflab the majority decided on Copgrove, Burton Leonard, Mount Garret, Ripley and the Greenway, thereby missing out Knaresborough hill. Some people stopped off in Ripley for Ice Cream and Mike (Clark) got his dog a Bone!  With the modified route from Roecliff, back in Harrogate I’d clocked 40 miles.  Michael Smith





Wednesday Ride

With holidays and trips away numbers were down at Hornbeam and there were only a select group of three, Jill, Sarah and myself, for the Wednesday Ride, with the promise of Colin and Jeanie to join at Ripley. After a promising forecast the weather was distinctly dull and cool, but soon broke into what became a very warm day. We were joined by Graham as a guest for the first time, but who was clearly a seasoned cyclist and came with the excellent credentials of knowing Kevin! The thought of lunch at Chez Siswick was clearly a tempting prospect as all the groups were planning a route to participate, but fortunately in different directions. The Wednesday group collected Colin and Jeanie in Ripley and headed for Brimham via Burnt Yates and then on via Sawley and Low Gate Lane to Fountains Visitor Centre for a relaxed coffee sitting outside in the now very warm sun. The usual democratic decision then opted for the Deer Park and Ripon where Sarah returned home for a final sentimental visit to and no doubt clearance of their old home before completion of its sale on Friday. The remainder headed for Roecliffe via Skelton and Boroughbridge and into Dave and Jan’s lovely garden for excellent sandwiches, innumerable varieties of cakes and a proper teapot, courtesy of Roecliffe W.I. full of tea, in the company of Dave, Dennis Kaye, who seemed in remarkable spirits considering his recent op, and Rachel. Eventually we prised ourselves away from the delights of the Siswick table and headed home via Lower Dunsforth, Marton, Arkendale and Knaresborough. Just over 50 miles at a little over 12 mph and a great lunch stop and the usual good Wheel Easy company. Well done to Jan and David and all the best Dave for your run later in the year.  James G.




Wednesday Long Ride




EGs’ Ride

Beautiful weather to ride to Roecliffe and we had twelve riders at Low Bridge (see photo).

The day promised to be good, then it got better as cycling along Waterside was Dave Watson, and better still he joined us to ride to just past Farnham, so lots of chat and catching up for all of us.

Dave had said he was now not to good physically on his bike, however he went up the hill out of Farnham just like the old days (to quote PB like a rat up a drainpipe).

For the “B” team consisting of Bob, Dave P, Nick, Norman and Roy it was on to Boroughbridge via Upper Dunsforth, Boroughbridge and Roecliffe to Dave Siswick’s beautiful garden containing one heck of a spread.

We had bet on our ETA as just before 12 noon and we were pretty close to that. The “A” team a bit later.

The weather, the company, the food and the situation made it pretty near perfect,  and in such cases the EG`s or the VEG`s have to be careful not to nod off , but loins were girded and stomach`s pulled in and away we went to Bishop Monkton, Markington and Ripley, to round off a good days lunch with an excellent ice cream, to be joined by the “A” team and put the world to rights on the recycling and dealing with plastic waste whilst very carefully putting our waste in the bin.

Not a big mileage of course but one of those nicer days in cycling.  Dave P











Chez Siswick Lunch Event

A great big thankyou to all who attended my charity lunch yesterday. I reckon there were around 45 visitors, raising a massive £281.00.

A splendid effort all round a wonderful tribute to the members of Wheel Easy.

We had a great day. It was particularly good to see Dave Watson, who arrived with Pamela for some cake and a chat under the shady trees. 

Thanks also to our little team of helpers, and of course, the Weather Gods.  Dave S.



All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.