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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Wheel Easy Abroad

The Girona group, led by Angela, with Sue, Sarah R, Janette, Paul, Phil R and James and accompanied by Andrea arrived into a sunny and hot Girona on Saturday after a very early start at LBA and all except Andrea enjoyed a 56 mile ride on Sunday to Tossa de Mar on the Med coast (see pics) with two big climbs which proved if you can ride in Yorkshire then you can ride almost anywhere. An excellent lunch was enjoyed looking out to sea, so much so that it was 6-30pm by the time we returned and just time for a quick shower before hitting the town. Today (Monday) was hot again and short sharp shower in the middle of the day was almost welcome. Another enjoyable day with somewhat less miles and climbing meant we could relax even more over lunch! We return on Thursday and hope to be out next Sunday.  James G.





Wednesday Ride in Girona


Poddlers’ Ride

Two poddlers' riding, two on holiday, one fighting asthma, one working, one child minding in Bridlington and goodness knows what else.

Blue sky and no wind to start with, grey and cloudy with a breeze to finish.

Route A to start Route B to finish.... due to an interesting Police Block.

Little Almscliff, Menwith, Clapham Green, Fat Rascal Hill, Birstwith, Clint Bank, Ripley Church for coffee, the Greenway and home by 1 o'clock. 

A pleasant morning out and good for Jean and I to chat with some Wandering Escapees over coffee. 24miles due to police action.CG 

Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

The ride today was planned to allow for flexibility as to distance and speed. 14 'Happy Wanderers' set off for Little Almscliffe- fully aware of the wind direction. Unfortunately, 1 of our number dropped out almost straightaway. [Hope you're feeling better, Jo]. We reassembled at Little Almscliffe, having done our best to keep in small groups. We then sped down and along to the A59, comparatively quiet thanks to problems at Kex Gill. At the Menwith crossroads, the group all revealed their true identity, Police Support Officers! 3 of the group left to follow up enquiries in Harrogate. The rest cycled down to Thornthwaite, through Darley and stopped at Hartwith Bridge. No untoward incidents on the way. Here 6 set off to 'sus out' the church at Ripley. An intrepid 5 made it up Strike Lane, stopped to scan the horizon and then onto Brimham. With nothing untoward to report, we turned down towards Rabbit Hill Farm, the Drovers and Ripley. PSO Frederiksen had clearly had 'porridge plus' for breakfast as she kept disappearing ahead. However, we met up at Ripley for coffee and cake and then back to Harrogate. Good to have Colette with us after her London-Paris Ride. Thanks to Mike W for his thoughtful, caring back marking. A most enjoyable outing with the usual good company. Alison N.



Wednesday Ride

With so many of the regulars spread throughout Europe this week there was a small number turned up in the sunshine for today’s ride.

With sunshine and a fine forecast there was only one ride for us- Greygarth Monument.

A faster group was also heading that way with slightly different routes- ours via Sawley and Grantley and the faster group via Brimham.

8 riders (including new member Tim) set off along the Greenway as the skies clouded over. As we proceeded up Scarah Bank Mark and Tim stormed ahead- and were never seen again! They had taken a wrong turn and gone off towards Fountains Abbey and after a few frantic phone calls they set off on their own route and I hope an enjoyable ride (Tim it’s not normally like that)

We made a brief stop at G and T's but decided against coffee and pressed on towards Dallowgill. Despite it being overcast there were still good views- along with confusing road closed and diversion signs which kept us amused and which we eventually found was due to the cattle grid on Dallowgill being replaced.

A short banana break at the Tower (no one was tempted to climb it today) and then onwards towards Ripon and a well-earned lunch.

At Kirby Malzeard we opted for the less scenic route back rather than via Laverton and the lanes and so we put in an effort to speed along (for us) so we could get our lunch. We enjoyed the 'cardio' session – paced by Malcolm – and before we knew it we took our places in the courtyard of Oliver’s pantry for lunch.

Good fayre and chat was had before the decision was taken to ride back via Bishop Monkton and Markington so avoiding Bond End/Knaresborough Hill.

Our legs were feeling it as we reached Ripley and a pleasant ride back along the Greenway before we split up and went our various ways once we reached Harrogate.

A good day’s ride of 48 miles with a few hills and decent weather and good company.

Thanks to Stuart, John R, Jill, Malcolm and Gia for the company and route guidance. Colin would have been proud of me finding my way to the Monument without him!  Kevin



Wednesday Long Ride

5 opted for the long ride but with no destination in mind, we quickly decided to go with Gia’s suggestion of the Greygarth monument, once we had remembered how to get there! We collected John, who was just arriving as we left. Sweltering sunshine at Hornbeam was soon replaced by the usual chill of the Greenway but we warmed up again on the climbs first to Drovers and then to Brimham. A swoosh down to the right turn at Fellbeck had me and Terry wobbling in the middle of the road as we waited for a group of 20 or so cyclists hurtling down the hill from the Pateley direction. On to Kirby Malzeard Moor where John decided to head for home and we finally got out of the headwind and enjoyed a lovely long descent to the Dallowgill turning. We ignored the road closed sign and pressed on to the monument for the photo (the monument is just behind Peter’s head – we couldn’t be bothered to walk over to it!).

There was a very big hole in the road, but as usual cyclists could get by and by now lunch was calling so we sped to Masham via Kirby Malzeard and Grewelthorpe.

Johnny Baghdad’s provided good food all round but they still seem to have issues on the tea front! A pot of tea for two had only 1.5 small cups each in it.  A top up was provided but the tea was then extremely weak. By the time we set off again we had already decided to go to Spa Gardens for more tea and cake. Back via Snape, Carthorpe, Wath and Hutton Conyers. Tea at Spa did not disappoint. Nor did St Wilfred’s pie (freshly baked Apple pie with Wensleydale cheese on the base). Richard L was equally happy with his gluten-free chocolate pudding with soya custard. The group divided at Bishop Monkton with 3 heading back via Drovers and 2 going home to Knaresborough.

A grand day out, 66 miles, 3900 feet of ascent and most importantly, in view of the cakes, 1900 calories used.  Lesley S



EGs’ Ride

It had been planned for the EG`s to ride to Northallerton and this did take place, but this is one man`s tale of woe, though not all that bad as a ride was done.

Dave P had a new rear wheel on his summer bike, Tuesday night was spent up and down Beckwith Road going through all the gears, from big at front too little at the back too little at the front to big at the back and many combinations, all changed as sweet as a nut.

Wednesday morning on Beckwith Road a rear jockey wheel came off and things came to an abrupt stop, unable to find bits, wheel bike back home, text Dave S and jump on Dawes Galaxy HGV tour and head for Boroughbridge and Morrisons cafe, leaving said cafe met Nick and Roy out for a short one, then solo on to Thirsk to the “Bean” cafe.

Text to Dave S and party who were in Northallerton and also text from Eric.

To quote an old tobacco advert, yes they did advertise tobacco at one time “you are never alone with a ...... mobile phone”.

Then back to Harrogate and Spa Cycles and a very helpful guy who solved the problem of the jockey wheel and pin.

Excellent cycling weather and a good ride even though solo, but pushing the Dawes HGV from Knaresborough up to Harlow Hill and the effort needed is something I had forgotten.  Dave P


EG Long Ride

We had planned to get some miles in today, taking advantage of the weather and the long days. In the event we were only five, but set off at a fair lick. You might think that Northallerton is too big to miss, but we did struggle to find it, in the event taking our lives in our hands to make the very dangerous crossing of the A19 at Borrowby, having missed the Knayton flyover.

Our county town seems to have a dearth of cyclist’s type cafes and we ended up in Barkers, which has a pleasing café, but no beans. Oh dear; what to have.

In the event all I had was a scone and a pot of tea, and this turned out to be not enough.

Read on.

We returned via Thirsk still cracking in, showing average speed of 15.3, and yours truly took his departure from the group in Boroughbridge, happy in the knowledge that it was curry for tea.

Thanks Dave W, Geoff, Peter and Colin for excellent company and great riding. 84 good fast miles.

The trouble started after tea, when suddenly the lounge seemed to be rotating violently, and I became very nauseous.

Now I know you’ll think it was my curry, but others had partaken of it the day before with only high praise.

I was on my own, Jan being away for the night, and in trouble. Couldn’t stand up to get to my phone, and had to crawl to the kitchen to get it.

999 brought not one but two ambulances, and a great feeling of relief for me, and off to Harrogate Hospital for the best care in the World. Money could not buy it.

Every time I have come into contact with this establishment it has been nothing but 110% satisfaction, and last night was no exception.

Vertigo, brought on by dehydration and shortage of food was diagnosed and treated, and I was tucked up back in my own bed by 0300.

I feel fine this morning.

Take note everyone. Look after your bodies. This was a learning experience.              Dave S.



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