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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Wheel Easy Ride Report 627

Anniversary Rides  

Short Ride

11.30...how lovely...what a glorious lie in....4 people met at the Team Slow car...and organised Jill gave us instructions.  We reached Boroughbridge without the detouring Paul, a little late for a coffee stop and reached the Spa Gardens as instructed before 2o'clock......as the band set up on the Band stand.  Goodness it was quite hot so the coffee and refreshments which our Team Car driver was dispensing, were extremely welcome.  After some chatting, some listening to some perfectly played tunes, some refreshment, a photo or two, and few quick words, we set off home leaving route organiser Blackham to catch us up of the route home.   Over taken by a W.E group of mamils who could not say hello (I put it down to exhaustion), a group of jolly mixed fast people happy to chat, and finally Joe and co we headed for Lord Mountgarrett's garden and home.   What a lovely day out.  Thank you to all who made it such fun...39 miles and now I'm ready for a sleep. CG

Medium Ride

When I arrived at Hornbeam this morning at 10.20am I thought there must have been some mistake. Jill Jackson was there being very organised, but not dressed to cycle, and there were only a few people who were in cycling gear. There were 3 medium rides on offer, but with only a total of 9 of us, they would have been rather sparsely populated, so it was agreed we would do one of the three. Geraldine was injured (sprained ankle and on crutches), so Dave kindly agreed to be back marker rather than the leader he had volunteered to be, so we set off for Knaresborough and Boroughbridge. At Low Bridge, Jeannie was waiting for us, so it was 10 from there to Farnham and Copgrove then right up the hill and on to the bridle path towards Roecliffe. The weather was initially a bit dull and hazy, but no wind and it promised to warm up later. 7 of us reached the proper road to Roecliffe at the end of the bridle way, but we had somehow lost 3. Having waited about five minutes I went back along the bridle path for some distance, suspecting a puncture or technical problem, but it was simply bad leadership on my part, as they had taken a wrong turn along bridle path and had to retrace their steps to find us. Suitably reunited, we cycled sedately through Roecliffe to Boroughbridge, where Michael had suggested Chez Nous (The Court/Stone yard). Coffee and refreshments, including a reportedly delicious chocolate orange cake were taken, before we proceeded towards Ripon via Skelton along quiet roads lined with trees and bushes in full leaf. Michael guided us through Ripon to the Spa Gardens and the assembled Wheel Easy! masses, where Jill had prepared a fine spread with tea and coffee.

Several different groups agreed to return through Littlethorpe, Bishop Monkton and the Mountgarret Estate and through Ripley and the Greenway. We arrived back in Harrogate around 4.30pm About 40 miles Joe


Medium Plus Ride

Gia’s Group

Twelve joined me for an amended version of a ride to Spa Gardens for the anniversary tea. By Low Bridge we were down to 9 and at a nice pace rode out to Goldsborough and Arkendale enjoying the absence of traffic on the closed road.
At Great Ouseburn we had a debate about where to go next to fill up time and have lunch. Riding along the Dunsforths a couple stopped to look at the new cafe, but Listers got the vote. We met lots of families on the Boroughbridge family bike ride.
At Listers it was full but we sat outside and although service was a bit slow we were well looked after and enjoyed our lunch.
Now the sun came out after a chilly start and riding along to Ripon via Skelton on Ure was a pleasure and we arrived at Spa Gardens in good time. 
We enjoyed a leisurely time there before all the groups wandered back to Harrogate by varying routes. A great ride, 47 miles. Gia


PCJ’s Group

After dividing the riders into three groups it fell to me to lead the “not so fast” group.  The weather was surprisingly cool as we set off from Hornbeam Park.  The number of riders involved seemed to increase for eight on leaving Hornbeam to 12 or 13 by the time we reached Woodlands traffic lights. We made steady progress via Low Bridge and out towards Great Ouseburn.  After crossing Aldwark Bridge we now took a loop through Huby and started heading for Easingwold.  After two and half hours of riding without a break some riders were in need of an injection of caffeine.  After topping up with tea, coffee, toast, scones etc. it was now on to Ripon.  By now the sun was coming out and the temperature was on the rise, so it was time to take off a few layers.  With superb timing we arrived at Spa Gardens at 14:00.  Thanks to Richard L for back marking during the ride.  PCJ

Michael’s Group

Today was the anniversary ride to Spa Gardens to indulge in cake. Careful coordination was needed to ensure all groups converged at Spa Gardens for 1400. The planned medium plus slightly-longer route looked a bit on the short side (47 miles) based on experience from last year where we had to extend the cafe stop in Easingwold to ensure we didn't hit Ripon too early. So, I proposed a modified route today for the medium plus faster group (8 riders today) to stop in Ampleforth instead of Easingwold. With some other suggested alterations en route from the group (many thanks to Bob) we bypassed Easingwold and got to Ampleforth after 37 miles via Crayke, Brandsby, Yearsley and Gilling, where we arrived at the Ampleforth College cafe 5 mins before it opened at 1200. Knowing we had cake to come at Spa Gardens led to self-imposed restraint on our consumption (apart from Tony and his sausage sandwich). We set off to Ripon with an hour to spare heading via Wass, Coxwold, Carlton Husthwaite, Thornton Bridge, Kirby Hill, Bridge Hewick and arriving at Spa Gardens only 15mins late after 67 miles of riding, much of it at 19ish mph. Paul and Grant couldn't stop at Spa so the remaining six of us consumed their cake portions and then some. A fast sugar-fuelled run back to Harrogate led to a total ride of about 78 miles and about 3300ft of climbing. Thanks to all for maintaining a good continuous group pace and for being up for extending the route. Michael I

Anniversary Rides and Tea at Spa Gardens.
Many thanks to Jill Jackson who masterminded the anniversary rides and teas at Spa Gardens. For the third year in a row she had organised a fine warm sunny afternoon, music from the White Rose Band (including some Wheel Easy members and spouses) and excellent cakes provided by Caroline Bentham.
It is a really nice annual event where members from the different rides can meet and relax. Thank you to everyone at Wheel Easy who came along today and to all the ride leaders. Gia and Malcolm.








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