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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Just an ordinary Poddlers' jaunt today. Knaresborough...Wetherby......Boston Spa....Bramham.... Collingham....Wetherby......Spofforth...Rudding and Home.  

The normal sort of ride with the following high spots.....a red car nearly flattened Monica;  we got involved in a building site traffic jam with much trying to get us off then back on the road by some pleasant but bossy builders; an over taking mingling by the E.Gs; the loss of Jean and Anne;  a pleasant salad or sandwiches for lunch; the Harland Way blocked by an over clad ivy tree;  the traffic lights at the bottom of  Rudding Lane hill being on green;  a pale blue Longthorne lorry driver pushing me off the road and telling me in the filthiest language what he thought of me;  a Longthorne lorry and driver nearly knocking Jane off her bike; 34 joyous very ordinary miles in very normal non-descript weather. CG



Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

A number of regulars away on the rearranged Park Rash ride so only ten starters for this mornings wanderers ride. We took the Beryl Burton route to Knaresborough where we collected three strays at Low Bridge, Steve, Alan and Mike. Apparently they were too young to join the EGs.

After a circuitous route to Arkendale four riders decided to return home early. Zoe to try and calm exam fever and Max, Gordon and Dennis to complete a shorter circuit via Staveley. It was decided that it was too soon for coffee at Arkendale, so that left a manageable group of nine heading to Boroughbridge via Marton. After a leisurely coffee stop at Bean Vintage we headed towards Roecliffe, Copgrove, Burton Leonard and the Mountgarret Estate. Not surprisingly there were no takers for the ford crossing despite the low water level.

The three Knaresborough strays left at Brearton leaving a select group of Angela, Chris, two Daves, Mike and Keith to return via Nidd, Ripley and the Greenway.

An enjoyable 34 mile ride with no incidents to report. All home before matron noticed they were missing so maybe they’ll be allowed out again next week.

Thanks to Dave for back marking, Chris for ensuring no one took any wrong turns and Mike for the photos. Keith Mitford.



Wednesday Ride

The author was initially refused entry to today’s ride apparently due to an overuse of Lycra -  however, after several musings, the ‘only-shorts brigade’ relented and all was well.    After welcoming Mark to the Wednesday ride group, it was good see so many enthusiastic riders heading out via the Greenway, past Ripley castle and on to Brimham rocks via Clint Bank.   It was here that the cry went out “...where’s Colin??”  as we witnessed something like a buzzard with a rabbit (or similar) slung below...   Just before Burnt Yates we had our second brush with the natural world as a squirrel sprinted out in front of us, and just about kept pace with Peter and Mark, narrowly avoiding a ‘sandwiching opportunity’

The views were superb as usual, but tinged with grey, so we sped on to our first stop at the Visitors Centre at Fountains.   Those on basic pocket money sampled the cheese scones (with a free NT ‘cyclist’s tea’ – all for £1.75!)   Now minus Martin and Yvonne, the ride seemed to evolve with a strategic lack of planning, but the need for a second stop was quickly identified, so we resumed down through the deer park, across Ripon and on past the racecourse... the target:   a new coffee shop/restaurant just beyond Boroughbridge, called the “Hideaway Kitchen” at L Dunsforth.  It was well-appointed, though as the weather was by now improving to level often quoted as: ‘just bearable,’ we elected to enjoy an al fresco drink + snack.   Although the cuisine and service were good, the pricing was a bit of a shock to those who had just spent half their pocket money. 

Definitely on the way back now, we noted Marton cum Grafton before Peter peeled off at the Blue Bell, Arkendale, and later, James on the outskirts of Knaresborough.   The traffic was increasing noticeably as we dashed for the rail crossing at Starbeck and on to H Park, once more.  Those with devices were adamant that we had clocked up between 40-45 miles. Stewart



Wednesday Away Day Ride 

This was a repeat of May’s Buckden Away Day so we were warned that it might be a tough one. Nevertheless 11 intrepid cyclists set off from Buckden aiming to blast up Park Rash from Kettlewell. Even the professionals on the Tour de Yorkshire struggled with this one. Needless to say, the blast expired after about 50 yards. I’ve never pushed my bike so much as I did on this ride but some of the group managed the climb.

It was a grey but clear day and, when we were able to admire the views, they were truly wonderful.

We enjoyed the cruise down to West Witton and an early lunch at Berry’s farm shop at Swinithwaite where it took longer to pay than to eat the substantial meal.

The photo stop was at Aysgarth Falls.

The ride through Carperby and Askrigg to Hawes was lovely. Then we stopped in Hawes at the Bike café in the Station Yard where running repairs were done on Liz F’s bike. It was a great place to gather strength before the climb up Fleet Moss and more walking.

The sun came out in Hawes which made the final descent through Langstrothdale, Yockenthwite and Hubberholme even more beautiful than it always is.

Thanks to everyone for your company and patience. A very enjoyable day.

Thanks also to Kevin and Colin for planning another great Away Day.

We must have added an extra hill to Kevin’s ride because my Strava says we did 46 miles and 4630 feet!  Steve W



Wednesday Long Ride

How Stean

Four riders opted for this abridged long ride a result of the ride to the Gliding club last Sunday and a few of us with only ¾ day licences.

We rode out of Harrogate on the Greenway where unfortunately a rider new to Wheel Easy suffered an unrepairable puncture and returned to Harrogate. We progressed up to Brimham and then took the road via Fellbeck to Pateley.

Even with a slight Northerly wind we were soon at the café and very enjoyable it was. Main conversation topic was the folly of building a third Heathrow airport runway.

After a great pit stop we sped back to Pateley with a nice tail wind. A decision was made to return via Yorke’s Folly which was despatched with reasonable ease. This was a nice option having been some time which we had returned this way to Harrogate.

A great ride of around 50 mile, over 1000M climbing and an early finish for those that needed one. Martin D



EG's Ride

We had ten riders at Low Bridge in perhaps could be described as rather strange summer weather.

We had one guest rider, Colin, from the southern sunnier climes who had seen our Wheel Easy web site, so yes it pays to advertise.

Where to go to, so decision time again, how about we head south to Lotherton Hall, not been there for a while.  First coffee stop Lemon Tree cafe in Tadcaster.

Nick, Norman and Roy peeled off to head for Wetherby and tea/coffee, one can only guess where.

After Caffeine, Calories and Chat. Colin, Daves P &W, Geoff and Richard headed for Lotherton Hall.

Dave P and Peter B headed for Bolton Percy, Appleton Roebuck and Bishopthorpe to cross the A 64 to the College and on to Askham Richard and the nursery cafe for Caffeine, Cake and Sandwiches (like the cake enormous) see photo.

This all had to worked off, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

On completion we were then joined by Daves S & W. Geoff and Richard who had given Colin a tour of the flat lands of Yorkshire, they had been to Lotherton Hall and Cawood and other places ??

Dave P and Peter B headed back to Harrogate via the A 661 to see if less climbing was involved (this would not be advised during peak periods).

The grinding climb to Harlow Hill was made more bearable by cycling with Sue Couture for a while.

Mileage high 50`s. Dave P





EGs’ Ride (Longer Section).

Despite all our promises of pottering down to Taddy for once, we all new what was going to happen.

The pace got quicker and quicker until we were bouncing along at 20MPH, and the famous four reached the Lemon Tree within the hour.

Another hour was then spent "telling t'tale" before the decision was taken to go on to Lotherton Hall.

Our visitor Colin, from Fleet Cycling Club in Hampshire opted to join us and off we sped again. 

Homage was paid, as is customary for the EG's, to the fallen, at the Battle of Towton site, before arriving at L.H. only a matter of half an hour after we had left Taddy. Too soon to eat any more food, surely.

We had left our leader, Dave P and Peter B in the Lemon Tree, but they had mentioned the possibility of heading South through Cawood and up into York, with a possible lunch break at Cycle Heaven. in the event, we ended up in Bishopthorpe where we always go wrong, and today was no exception.

No worries though, as the cafe at Askham Richard was still open (closes at 1600 on Wednesdays).

So we hopped in there for four beans on toast, and a sandwich that would have lasted all week, as well as reuniting with our leader and bodyguard.

Beans were six bean quality on a scale that stops at five beans, on account of the massive quantity and excellent service.

Some legs were tiring by now, and we dropped the pace for the regular route home via Tockwith, not forgetting to introduce our Sothern guest to the Marston Moor memorial.

"Who won these battles anyway?" he was heard to ask.

If he comes up to see us again, we thought Stamford Bridge.......Well. we do know who won that one!

Thanks for excellent company from Jeff, Dave W, Phil and Colin from Fleet.     Dave S.


All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.