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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wheel Easy Ride Report 626

Short Ride

Thanks to Peter for taking us to Lingerfield where 9 of us opted for a slightly longer route home.

We went to Farnham, Copgrove, Bishop Monkton, Markington, Ripley and back via the Greenway stopping for a cafe break at Ripley.

Around 30 miles at a nice pace.  Jean

Medium Ride

We didn’t have a Leader for this morning so this was mostly a self-led ride with a few prompts from me. This was one of our regular routes but done the other way around from usual, which by the end, gave it a completely different character. The clouds were dark and ominous at first but the weather brightened pleasingly as ten of us made our way out of Harrogate towards Follifoot and Spofforth where we picked up an eleventh.  On through Ribston and Wetherby to the Cafe at Thorpe Arch where we had elevenses next to the pool containing huge child-eating carp.
On through Boston Spa and Bramham, where we turned and headed back towards Harrogate via the climb up to Jewett Lane and descent to Collingham. Here, we split into a faster and slower groups. The faster one pushed on through Sicklinghall, Kirby Overblow and Burn Bridge to get back before 2pm. I hope the slower group found their way home without mishap. 
35 miles in good company. Al D



Medium Plus Ride

By the time the steady group, led by James, got to Farnham it had grown so that we had to split into two. Dave P, Andrew, Mike P, Mike W and 2 x Liz formed another group designated to remain at a short distance behind James’s group. However, that was the last we saw of them for a long time!  We kept to the route of Staveley, Boroughbridge, Thornton Bridge, Essay, Dalton, Sowerby and Thirsk. Fortunately, I had a copy of the route and Dave P knew the way. At Thirsk the fast group were just leaving Cafe Arabica so we took over their tables and were very well looked after by the staff. The return route was back to Dalton then Topcliffe, Asenby, Cundall and Norton-le-Clay. It was great that I and perhaps some of the others cycled the road between Cundall and Norton-le-Clay for the 1st time. Approaching Boroughbridge, we met up with James’s group and mixed to cycle our various ways home. About 58 miles, sunshine, lovely views and a grand day out. Also, we had a very respectable (to quote Dave P) average speed of well over 12mph. Thanks to Dave for leading and Mike W for back marking. Liz P



Medium Plus Brisk Ride

I think it was the use of the word “Brisk” that attracted no less than eleven eager riders this morning, and as soon as the Fast Boys had cleared Hornbeam, we too were off.

Neither the hint of a shower, nor the slight headwind daunted the group, and a cracking pace was maintained right to Thirsk, which was reached in under two hours. 

All ride members present and correct.

Arabica was our restaurant of choice, and space had been saved for us by the advance group, who by the look of it, had only just got their feet under their tables.

The café was pretty much filled with Wheel Easy members with about twenty of us waiting for our  snacks. You could not imagine the noise level. 

Beans on toast did not disappoint (five bean standard), and service was bright and speedy.

As we were leaving, the third medium plus group were just arriving under James’ care.

The pace home was marginally easier, perhaps because of the tail wind.

Everyone got up Knaresborough Hill  without drama, and farewells were offered round before the group dispersed to the various parts of Harrogate, some to the Pub.

It was Ratty, in The Wind in the Willows, who said that “there was nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”.

Well I have news for you Ratty. Get a bike!!

Thanks to Helen, Janet, Zoe, Justin, Bob, Declan, Alan, Dave W., Dennis and Colin for excellent company; another triumph.   Dave S.



Medium Plus - not quite so brisk group

Thanks to some forward planning by Dave S. we assembled at Hornbeam having decided whether we were “fast’, “brisk” or “something less than brisk” which made the organisation much better so that we were away to Thirsk in good order, with yours truly leading the not so brisk section. We started off with 11 which was a good group provided we adhered to the discipline of smaller groups on the main road, but by Farnham we had collected some waifs and stays to make us too large a group of 15 and so we split into two which fluctuated slightly as we headed for Thirsk. At the split the first section decided to leave the leader behind, but with a bit of judicious use of “Turbo” power order was restored by Boroughbridge and I mangled to get to the front but not for very long as Jill and Monica lead us at a very brisk pace across  the flat lands to Thornton Bridge, Pilmoor and into the outskirts of Dalton where a chain mechanically for Tim meant we could to pause for breath. As Kevin remarked the only problem with flat rides is that you don’t stop very often!  However it was then Kevin and Jill who took up the challenge and pushed a hard pace on to Sowerby and Thirsk and into York Tea House for a well earned rest, recuperation and calorie intake. Having seen the fast boys on the way out of Thirsk, the Tea House was not too busy but there was no sign of our second group, which it subsequently transpired had refuelled further down the Market Place and returned to Boroughbridge a few minutes behind.After the photo shoot in the Market Place we returned to Dalton and then turned for Topcliffe, Asenby, Cundall and Boroughbridge, again at a fairly brisk pace and having met once again with our other group headed home through Knaresborough. At slightly over the predicted distance of 54 miles we had a lovely day, avoided any showers that were circling around and enjoyed the usual good company.  James G


Long Ride

Only three riders decided to participate in today’s Long Ride.  After a brief discussion it was decided to go to the Gliding Club at Sutton Bank.  Leaving Harrogate, we were caught by one group on the Medium Plus ride but putting on a spurt we left them behind.  We were then caught by a second group on the Medium Plus ride who left us standing.  White Horse Bank was still as challenging as always.  From the Gliding Club it was down the main road to Wass Bank. The return journey was Coxwold, Ouslston, Crake, Easingwold, Great Ouseburn and home.  PCJ

All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.