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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

It is not going to rain said the ride leader the clouds are too high. Just how wrong can someone be?  We started with five people to Poddler and picked up Jane at the end of the Greenway.  So with Joe and Geraldine just back from a six week holiday of slothery and holiday luxury feeling they would not be able to cycle.....Jean full of beans from lots of hills....Monica recovering from a nasty experience revolving round Cut Throat Lane and Ripon....Caroline having used a grandchild as a landing cushion during a bank holiday cycle outing and Jane getting over a trip to Leeds, we set off to ride a gentle ride backwards from Ripley to Lord Mountgarret's garden to Burton Leonard to Bishop Monkton and its enormous chicken family, to Boroughbridge to partake in the beautiful Bean cheese scones (WHICH ACTUALLY TASTE OF CHEESE) back to Knaresborough and home. 
Exciting stand out moments include noticing that Joe and Geraldinw were certainly not sluggish and over indulged, zooming ahead and back easily; it was a very downhill ride this way round;  everywhere looked gloriously different; the chickens of Bishop Monkton are brilliant; there was something big happening towards Boroughbridge round lunch time with one ambulance, one fire engine, two police vans and five police cars speeding down Knaresborough hill; and the ride leader's ridiculous prediction of no rain was proved wrong along with weather forecasts from all phones. 
Glad to be out 33 pleasant miles in very pleasant company. Caroline G

Wanderers’ Ride

Neither the cold of the morning, the threat of rain, nor the rigours of the advertised route were sufficient to deter sixteen riders from participating in the ride to Brimham via Hartwith.  Doubtless the inclusion of a potential G&T stop was sufficient enticement the encourage enthusiastic participation.  A disciplined departure took place after reiteration of the rules regarding safe separation on route.   

The ride which had all the hall-marks of being uneventful made good progress through Ripley, Birstwith, crossing the toll bridge and up to Hartwith. The Met office forecast proved to be most accurate with rain starting precisely at 11am, though fortunately not in the volume predicted. Having donned waterproofs a short downpour was endured and having now passed our high point of  Brimham Rocks four satisfied riders headed home on the shorter route via Warsill.  

Initially accompanying the early leavers Liz, Mike and Steve decided to extend their mileage and hill climbing experience by taking the beautiful Hebden wood route.  This left the remaining nine riders to sample the delights and excellent service of G&T cafe, such that before the last of the advance party had been served our three intrepid friends were reunited with the company.  

Leaving the sociability and warmth of the cafe was not easy given the re-established rainfall and creeping chill which seemed to have enveloped the now soaked bikes and some very wet helmets. This is the sort of situation all leaders fear but luckily the rain was again short-lived, never-the-less a worse experience was yet to come.  The road out of Sawley - Low Gate is also a narrow gate, too narrow to accommodate the passage of twelve cyclists past two over-large oncoming SUV's.  Some cyclists were able to slip past the first vehicle but a road block ensued as Steve the leading rider found no space to move past the second vehicle. Having nowhere else to go his bike with himself still on board toppled into the nettle infested verge.  Fortunately injures, whilst not to be belittled, were mainly to  pride and stings in tender saddle regions.  Liz whose saddle bag accommodates a veritable pharmacy had some magic white cream.  It was made crystal clear by all the Florence Nightingales present that in view of the location of the said wounds the patient would need to self-medicate.  

With the exception of  some difficult encounters with very large agricultural machines the route past Fountains to Ripley and home was uneventful, dry and exhilarating.  34miles, and 2313 feet of ascent. David A.




EGs’ Ride

Perhaps for the first time ever, a WheelEasy-affiliated ride without a Dave on board! No doubt due to the almost-record low turnout at Low Bridge, none of us could manage a V in their name; without a guiding light at the helm, and with wind assailing from the north and rain threatening from ahead and above, we settled on a proposed Ripon-via-Boroughbridge route proposed by Substitute Dave 1 (Colin). 

Geoff (Dave 2) and Dan (Dave 3) too took turns on the front yet none of us were terribly enthusiastic, the wind, dull light, complete cloud cover, temperature, and spots of rain all taking its toll on our spirits. A brief charge was indulged in from Minskip to Morrisons as the Heavens finally opened, before we set in for the long haul - another record; a full hour in the Cafe! Daves 4 (Norman) and 5 (Roy) arrived soon after, and we watched other cyclists appear and not depart, as the weather staunchly refused to improve.

Dave 1 was the first to spur us into action, leading the push to Ripon and home; Daves 4 and 5 headed back whence they had come. The rain did fade and fail; by the time we reached Farnham and the three became two (with the loss of Dave 1), then one (as Dave 2 returned to Knaresborough), we’d covered perhaps 30-35 miles. There may have been yet poorer tallies and yet-shorter rides - but not every ride has to be a record to be worthwhile. Those who venture out when conditions are inclement end up fitter, keener, and all the more able to enjoy the ride in kinder times. When Dave gets back he’ll be up against some strong competition. Daniel H (whose father is a David)

All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.