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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Monica and I needed to get in some serious miles today as we will be attempting the Acorn ride on Saturday. We set off to Beckwithshaw, with Jean in tow. After swooping down to the army college, we by-passed Hampsthwaite, and headed towards Killinghall. Here we picked up Jane, whilst Jean decided to go back down the Greenway.

The three of us then sped through Scotton, Farnham, and made our way up Knaresborough hill. I had booked a table at the well-known café on Christchurch Oval for12.30, and sure enough we arrived dead on time. Jean had beaten us there, and was busy eating and drinking, whilst Max sorted out his caravan, and Caroline, with injured hand and wrist (don’t ask!) attended to our needs in the refreshment department.

Jean departed for home, Jane cycled off to see a friend, and I bullied Monica into doing more miles. We cycled along Bilton Lane, down Beryl Burton, and then retraced our tracks, cycling to Scotton, Ripley and down the Greenway. It was a lovely day for cycling, with plenty of conversation, and an excellent café stop. 42 miles cycled  Jen A



Wanderers’ Ride

On a pleasant morning 21 cyclists set off from Hornbeam. Bit of an "international" group - Liz F returned from New Zealand and Mike's daughter from Australia. 
Three groups of seven - Hornbeam, Sicklinghall, two people left on Sicklinghall Road for Wetherby. Rest of us turned right down to Linton, right to Collingham, up Jewitt Lane where we all met up at the top, had a chat and a drink, then on to Compton Top, right to East Right on,  left turn and cruised down to Bramham. On through Clifford to Boston Spa High Street, and on to Coffee Shop (Wise Old Owl). Two more left for home before entering the Coffee Shop - lovely coffee, good service and very reasonably priced.
Back on to bikes, onwards up to Thorp Arch village,  right to Dowkell Lane to join cycle path just before Prison, across Walton Road and back on to cycle track to Wetherby, continuing on to Spofforth, road to Follifoot, Rudding Park and home.
Thanks to Alison N  for back-marking and Mike S for leading out a group, and all you guys & girls for an enjoyable ride.
It was good we could all meet up as one group and finish together. 35 miles. Michael W.

Wednesday Ride

Six at Hornbeam met six more at Ripley for an outing to Masham. The long ride were heading that way too and we met up with them at Johnny Baghdad in the square.
Martin, Yvonne and Stuart had an early coffee at Fountains, Colin, Jeannie and James added an extra loop over the moor while the rest of us stuck to the advertised route which has the added bonus of bringing us down in to Masham past Swinton Park.
Our experience at the cafe was much better than the long ride who grumbled at the service or lack of it. Maybe they arrived at the same time as members of a coach party from Pudsey.
Martin and Yvonne arrived for a late lunch and a return via Snape while the rest of us returned to Wathersmarke and along a glorious lane up to Nutwith Common. We enjoyed the beautiful surfaced road in to Kirkby Malzeard and the fine Tour decorations along the way, especially in Grewelthorpe.
Angela had enlightened us with some great Garmin expertise which meant that the route we had done on April 8th was on the screen for us to follow. Amazing. Only had the Garmin five years and never knew that!
Home via Galphay, the deer park, Drovers and the Greenway. A great spring ride, 52 miles. Thanks everyone for the good company. Gia M




Long Ride  

Where shall we go today? After discussing rides to all four points of the compass Masham was the destination of choice.  Five riders left Hornbeam heading to Chez Dowling to retrieve Martin’s helmet.  Then followed a circuitous route to Masham involving Beckwithshaw, Hampsthwaite, Bishop Thornton, and on to Fountains.  At Fountains we came across the Wednesday ride in a huddled mass by the side of the road.  With a cheery wave we were off on the usual route to Masham.  At Johnny Bagdad’s the service seemed a bit hit and miss that resulted in the Great Tea for Two Debacle.   The ride then set off for home via Ellingstring, Thirn, Thornton Watlass, Wath, using the Short Route, and ending up at Spa Gardens Tea Room.  Here Martin D set off before the rest of us with the intention that we would catch him up, but after a rest and a can of coke inside him we never saw Martin again.  PCJ




EGs’ Ride

The run of good weather seemed to be easing off but it was still very good for a days cycling, some riders had constraints on time/distance to be out so  it was on to Morrisions at Boroughbridge (where else) for our first coffee stop. As the bikes seem to know their own way there we tried to confuse them by going via Marton cum Grafton.

The “A” team was already tucking when the “B” team composed of Bill, Dave P, Nick and Peter B arrived, however just before dismounting it was pointed out to DP that his rear wheel was buckled, a quick look established that a spoke was “broken”, so put an end to a long ride for DP.

Morrisions cafe had been refurbished with new furniture, new uniforms for the staff, and a new position for the coffee and tea machines, which of course confused a few EG`s. Over coffee Dave S gave some experienced advice on replacing spokes in Mavic Ksyrium wheels.

After caffeine, calories and lots of chat further examination of the wheel (by Dave S) revealed that the spoke had not broken, but its anchor point in the aluminium section of the hub had sheared away.

This meant that the hub and hence the wheel was not a viable proposition for repair, this diagnosis was summed up in one word which was very apt and well understood. So it was now home for Dave P in low gear and no rear brake (who needs one) accompanied by Bill, Bob and Nick.

Nick was off to pack for a holiday in Turkey (have a good one Nick).

Bill, Bob and Dave P took the minor road from Calcutt to Woodlands corner, this was around 1pm, one would think not peak time motoring when perhaps motoring standards lapse somewhat, however the standard of motoring with awareness to bicycles was appalling, with cars overtaking then cutting in to force us on to the pavement (where possible).

It would seem that 90% of the motorists that passed us needed to go on a cyclist awareness course with the big mat under their front wheels.

At Woodlands Corner, Bob was brought down by a car causing a cut knee and grazes and bruises under his clothing. The three of us paused while Bob was fit to continue, then it was steady away, fortunately Bob was able to call in to his daughters nearby for a cuppa and a damage assessment.

From the EGs best wishes Bob, hoping it is nothing serious. Dave P




All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.