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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Well  assuming from a variey of backing off text messages that  no one would Poddle today due to vile cold rain at 7.30, 8.30, and 9.30...I did not venture down to Hornbeam until 10.30 when lo and behold the rain had stopped and even the sun tried to do sun like things.  The purpose of the ride was to see where the best place was to watch stage two of the Tour of Yorkshire..and specifically to see Jen's selfie friend Mark Cav on his return to racing....I wondered if he would have stablizers or not, Greg Avermat, Serge Pouels, Owain Doul and Mark Renshaw.
With the route finally worked out, I turned from Weeton towards Kirby Overblow and home..en route I saw the Katushka car minus bikes and van, the fdj car minus bikes, and the Rally team cycling very fast but politely saying hello and their support car. So the routes have been checked, happy viewing to you and it might be a bit warmer and sunny this weekend.CG

Wanderers’ Ride

Watching the weather up to 9am, I was convinced that a) There would be no one at Hornbeam and b) I would be back for a coffee at home by 9.45. I was wrong on both counts!

Four brave (foolhardy?) souls turned up and we quickly decided on a slightly shortened route to coffee to see how the weather developed. Ripley, Drovers cross-roads, Bishop Monkton and on to Vintage Bean in Boroughbridge. 

We picked up Mike Smith at Drovers  which made six for coffee. As the weather had improved significantly, blue skies etc, five of us decided to extend the ride with an eastern loop through Thornton Bridge, Helperby, Aldwark and then Knaresborough and home. 

Overall, a remarkably dry 46 mile ride with approx 1600ft elevation gain and great company. 




Wednesday Ride


EG’s Ride

There’s not a lot of shelter at Low bridge but I was doing my best to keep out of the rain, and wondering if I had sufficient grit to go on a ride by myself, when two nice things happened more or less at the same time. The rain showed signs of subsiding, and Richard turned up.

A ride was on; not too ambitious, but nonetheless a ride.

We fairly motored downwind to Taddy in about an hour, for a cup of tea and appraisal of the rest of the day. The flags round the back of the Lemon Tree were lethal, like an ice rink, so please beware if you do go there in the rain.

Askham Grange it was next for beans on brown for both (five stars), and some chat about pensions. (Well we are EG’s!).

Homeward bound and into fairly stiff opposition from the Westerly, but in improving weather conditions and drying roads. A slight extension through Greater Ouseburn added a few extra miles on to give us a total of around 45.

A very pleasant day out Richard, thank you; hope to see more out next week.   Dave S.



All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.