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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday Rides

EG's Ride
The day was cold and damp (typical British understatement), but the turnout was not that bad.
The day soon brightened though by the arrival of the Poddlers, after the initial greetings they parked up a little further down stream.
At this time some work was being done on a building, the gentleman involved was displaying that magnificent feature of British Builders “The Builders B..”, wether this was noted by the ladies we know not, wether this spoilt or made their day we know not, but it should be noted that this lad would not have made “The Chippendales” first team.
The wind direction and the chilly damp made the first coffee stop at Morrison Cafe good caffeine ,calories and a chin wag, and the chin wagging of the EG`s is a sight or ramble to behold.
After which the “A” team headed for Easingwold, and the “B” team for Ripon.
At Ripon Dave P left the “B” team to head for Littlethorpe and Bishop Monkton and moor road to Markington and Ripley, this is a nice little route, mostly with little traffic as it was today.
The route back to Harrogate was via the Greenway, that great route that stands out as a tribute to Wheel Easy and other like minded people, which is becoming more and more helpful to people, especially cyclists as vehicle traffic in and out of Harrogate and Knaresborough increases.
A nice little ride, just under 40 miles door to door and back for 2-30pm.
Dave P
The "A" team sped on to Easingwold frequenting the customary watering hole, curiously.
Conversation at lunch once again centred around how we might best offer our services to World governments for problem solving. A more gentle return journey was only punctuated by a suggested punture, but a bit of topping up sufficed to get me back to Low Bridge.
This was another excellent day out, marred by the announcement that Nick (Morton) has been diagnosed with a serious illness. We all wholeheartedly wish you good luck in your fight Nick, and hope you might still be able to get out and join us now and again.   Dave S.

Wanderers Ride

On a chilly, damp, misty morning a ‘baker’s dozen’ (13) Wanderers left Hornbeam towards the Squinting Cat and Beckwithshaw, we had already been told it was very foggy, then on re-grouping past Little Alms Cliff. The mist was bad with heavy drizzle, no views today, but at least you could see the lights of the riders. Then it was down and up to Farnley, at least the mist had gone and drizzle stopped so a pleasant ride to Otley having the photo stop at the side of a very full river, then on to Stephen Smiths for coffee. The weather cleared up and the ride to Pool and Castley was pleasant apart from the puddles and road debris, lots of stones, washed from the fields, then to Dunkeswick and the A61. Just before Kirkby Overblow I did see a puddle and then realised it was a pot hole, the front wheel missed it, but the back one went in, a puncture, so a quick tube change! From the bypass the return to Harrogate was through Spacey Houses and Pannal, I took a wrong turning while chatting, but it did miss out the hill at Crimple and the Showground!   Thanks to the 2 Mikes for sharing the back marking. 30 miles.

Chris R.



Wednesday Ride

There were 13 hardy souls left Hornbeam in dribs and drabs on the Wednesday Ride which reduced to 10 at Ripley  as a result of the unseasonably cold damp weather which was even worse that the forecast and also time constraints. I don’t think it was anything Steve Smith said even though he was the only survivor of that little group. With the intention of heading for Ripon and Boroughbridge we moved quickly on from Ripley to the Drovers through the thickening mist/drizzle and  descended to Markington to say goodbye to Paul who was heading for Fountains (coffee!) and home as a result again of time issues. The remains 9 progressed to Bishop Monkton where a “democratic” decision was taken to give Ripon a miss and head straight to Boroughbridge and the warmth of the Bean  and the delights of its cheese scones. By this tactic we made it into the Bean before Caroline and her Poddler group, but there appeared to be enough scones for everyone who wanted them. We exited the Bean into slightly improved weather conditions and certainly refreshed and warmed up and headed towards the Dunsforths, taking the turning just before the Lower variety for a quick photo shoot alongside a handy cluster of daffodils. Then it was on to Marton cum Grafton via the steeper way in the village, Arkendale, Lingerfield, where Steve departed and into Knaresborough, where I handed home and the rest departed for Harrogate either up Knaresborough Hill or the Beryl Burton. Despite the poor weather a good ride was had by all with no exact mileage as I forgot to resent my monitor, but probably around 35/40 miles. Thanks to all for your usual good company.  James G



Poddlers Ride

Oh goody goody... it is grey and drizzly with a chilling East wind.  Perhaps a quick dash to the Bean Cafe Boroughbridge and not a mamouth tour of West Yorkshire and Otley.  We would see how we were going and then decide from the many possible routes. Whatever route we took it would be on or over the magic 30 miles.  So, like, for sure, we drizzled to Low bridge,  and mingled with the E G'S., then a quick gush to Farnham, Bishop Monkton noting very very sodden and puddled fields.  Here we made the decision to flow straight to Boroughbridge, hoping that the normal area of flooded road was not covered with the River Ure thus requiring  a turn back.  In Boroughbridge we poured into the cafe noting the Wednesday Riders had obviously beaten us to the cheese scones and luckily they had not all been devoured.  It was difficult to leave the pleasant surrounding of that cafe but saddling and unmooring our transport, we meandered through the murk and gloom back to Knaresborough casting Jane off onto her canal route home and fishing Glyn out of a back water of miles.  After a positive storm of a ride back to the green area formally known as the Stray now referred to as Lake Harrogate we divided and returned to our own island of dry and warmth.  SO, FOR SURE, A GOOD FEW HOURS PUNTING ROUND THE COUNTRYSIDE, LIKE. With apologies for using our least favourite unnecessary words of the day. All good fun. Thank you all involved.   30 miles in several very productive hours.



All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.