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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Wheel Easy Ride Report 618

Short Ride 

Hands up those who followed and completed the planned Short Ride! 

Result 0/16

Leadership points 0

Sixteen riders registered for today's ride to Killinghall via Pot Bank, Hampsthwaite Rd and then to the Greenway. We subsequently split into three groups of varying size. Having reached the turning into Hampsthwaite Road, concern was raised about the non-arrival of 12 people. Just on the point of sending a  search party to ensure that everyone had safely descended Pot Bank, the Pell - aton of Neil and Caroline arrived to say that Geography Graham  had led the remaining riders somewhere. I could only think that my reference to seeing the Paris Roubaix stage today had  been misunderstood! 

Decisions were then made to increase the length of the route and thus we hurtled along Penny Pot Lane to Kettlesing, Hampsthwaite, Clint Bank and Ripley via Holly Bank. Leadership was essentially form the back as I watched the ease and cadence of tri-athlete Kate's ascent of the hilly bits. Noone requested a coffee stop so we continued to hurtle along the Greenway and onto the Paris Roubaix and anything else that suits the demands of a Sunday afternoon.

24 miles - thank you to all who participated wherever ye may be!

PS Justin, at this point, I am tendering my resignation..     Sue D




Medium Plus Ride (Rearranged)

Sometimes when you are down as ride leader and you look at the route you think ‘WHAT?” then you look again and look at the map and rearrange the route.
No criticism of the route on site just possibly a wheel too far this early in the season with so few miles in our legs.
My plan was to go to Masham in a more direct way, via Aldfield and with help and suggestions from James and Paul and a very fair voting system we achieved our goal to arrive at Johnny Baghdad where there was just enough room for us all to have our lunch. We saw off the fast group, met up with a slightly less fast group who had enough baked beans on their plates to feed Dave Siswick for a month.
Our route took us via Ripley, Drovers, Markington, Fountains and Aldfield. From there we took turns left and right and straight and lefts and rights through Low Grantley, Laverton, Kirkby Malzeard, skirting round Grewelthorpe. Here we took the steady climb with the Himalayan Gardens to our left and then the legendary Colin Thomson fairground ride down through Warthermaske and Swinton in to Masham. This was a wonderful route not often ridden this way round, great views, mostly quiet roads and today very considerate drivers.
We ate well in Masham, met up with Terry who joined us and plotted our route back. We decided there were plenty of daffodils around and eschewed Snape in favour of a return via Nutwith Common, Grewelthorpe, Galphay, Fountains, Drovers and the Greenway.
50 mile ride, lots of climbs, a great spring ride and thanks to everyone, Sue, James, Paul, Zoe, Terry, Charlie, and Debby  for making it such a lovely day out.   Gia





Medium Plus Ride

We set off to Knaresborough Low Bridge where we lost 4 faster riders,
collected Jeannie and  on to Farnham where we collected Colin. Then a
group of 8 headed up to Bishop Monkton, through Ripon and on to Wath
with many daffodils on display on the roadsides.  At Wath Keith said we
were taking the 2nd rather than the 1st left turn and going through
Kirklington which we dutifully did. Our next job was just before Snape
where we had to round up a lamb so that Colin could put it back in the
field. Once in Snape a photo was posed for, then we all headed for Thorp
Perrow where we were all served really quickly and sat outside. This
gave Kevin and I a chance to show off photos of our respective brand new
grandsons! Soon we were heading up the hill and down the other side into
Masham and out again on Swinton Lane. Next was the long hill to 
Warthermarske where we were encouraged to turn round and look at the
view. We could see Roseberry Topping and also the smoke from the
Teesside factory. Unfortunately they are difficult to spot on the photo!
At lunch Colin said he was going back 'over the top' and we unanimously
agreed to follow him. Most of us hadn't a clue where we were but we did
pass through Kirby Malzeard and Laverton and did see Greystoke monument
and Dallowgill over to the right. It was a bit worrying when we saw
signs to Pateley Bridge! Needless to say the route included lots of big
hills. Eventually we passed Grantley and thankfully turned into G and Ts
at Risplith. Hot drinks, ice creams and cakes were soon consumed. Our
route was then Sawley, Low Lane, Watergate Lane and down to Ripley and
the Greenway. About 61 miles, nearly 3,700 feet, no rain and little
wind. Thanks to everyone for a great day and many thanks to Justin for
his usual excellent back marking. Liz P


Long Ride 

Gliding Club

14 riders opted for the long ride on what promised to be a nice spring day, with a slightly chilly start. Dave S was sporting a very shiny new bike which provoked some commentary due to the number he already has. He could not quite remember what the key unique point on this one was other than the Jaguar red metallic paint !

Due to the number of riders we largely kept in two groups to allow cars to overtake more easily. The groups changed during the day, but there was nominally a faster group and a steady group as advertised.

Normal route out via Knaresborough, Occaney and Boroughbridge.  Onto Hutton Sessay, Kilburn and up through the woods to the Gliding Club. The climb was as tough as normal and the many riders including the leader was pleased not to have stressed the legs to much on the ride out.

After a great pit stop where we were well looked after we sped along the Helmsley  road for three miles averaging 20 MPH+ before dropping down to Ampleforth and the grind up to Yeardsley bank. We soon reached Easingwold and took the familiar route back to Harrogate via Aldwark Bridge.

A great ride of around 66 mile, over 1000M climbing and one very tired ride leader.   Martin




Medium Plus Faster Ride
8 riders set off on probably the warmest wheeleasy day this year and  probably  the longest ride for most of us.
The ride was fairly uneventful although the D roads and  A* scenery north of Ripon made the ride particularly pleasant. Johny Baghdads in Masham provided a welcome refuelling stop although Tonys beans on toast had been hastily microwaved and didn't quite hit the spot. We cycled on past Swinton Park, rumoured to be the finishing school for that educational programme entitled "Ladette to Lady", which a couple admitted to watching. The ensuing climbs were rewarded with beautiful views across the Dales and the North Yorks Moors and the sun even put in an appearance. 
We returned via Ripon and Bishop Monkton then crossed the A61 to Markington,passing it's Hall which was the family home of William Wilberforce of ban- the -slave -trade fame , and remained in the family until it's sale in 2011. It is now a wedding venue and offers gypsy caravan holidays .
My legs were feeling the distance for our final climb to the Drovers , but the long  descent followed by the lovely Greenway back to Harrogate was almost  relaxing.
A great ride, good  company as always and excellent bacon sarnies. 
64 miles. 3200 feet , 14 mph. Julie E  


Medium Ride

As we assembled at Hornbeam, it felt almost Spring-like. Just the day for a circuit towards Otley. There were just 9, so we made a quick exit from Hornbeam. So much so, that Paul Blackham, on look-out, didn't see us flying down Church Lane towards his house. Happily, he managed to rendez-vous and we were up to 10. Having crossed the bypass, it was a lovely ride through Kirkby Overblow and down to the A61. Once we'd negotiated this road, we were back on rural routes through Dunkeswick and Weeton. Just before the drop down to Castley we stopped to view the whole circuit from Kirkby Overblow to Almscliff Crag. At Pool the A658 was busy, so it took time to get across to head towards Leathley. We moved into West Yorkshire at this point . Here the number of cars and cyclists seemed to proliferate. However, we all arrived safely at the café by the park. Then it was time to retrace our route towards Leathley. Here, Steve Wright departed to his car, having done the last part of the route to get to Hornbeam. Back in North Yorkshire, the road was much quieter. There was such a variety of flowers, primroses, celandines, scilla and several varieties of daffodils, including some wild ones. However, on the 'Cote de Stainburn', everyone was focussed on getting to the top while avoiding loose gravel and potholes.  Once up at Almscliffe Crag it was a straightforward ride home, with the odd little 'bump', before the glide down Brackenthwaite and on up to Hornbeam. We all agreed it was a lovely ride, despite the profusion of hills. Alison N



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