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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Five regulars set off with two nice friends of Angela... Collette and Julia.  We did a bit of down, up and up to Stainburn and lost Collette and Julia who had headed towards Sophie's.  When they found us, we did 5 yards of mud bathing, lost Collette and Julia again as they decided this was not the route for them. Then we did some along a bit more up, a bit of gate opening for a large lorry and a lot of down into the Pool farm shop, where we all downed a drink and a scarce cheese and garlic scone.  We witnessed statesman like diplomacy as Monica and Sue decided to share the last cheese and garlic scone and a cottage cheese one...thus allowing the rest of us to have the whole particularly good garlic and cheese scone. More along, along the main road to Weeton, some gentle up and down to Dunkeswick a bit more along and some upper up to Kirby Overblow.  

We did a bit more up and down and some more along and back home to watch the Terantino Adriatica and discover that yet again Mark Cav had fallen off his bike. This time he went down a pot hole. OOOOPS. The roads must have been as bad as Harrogate's. Goodness it was so pleasant to be out on a bike and I hope Angela s friends weren't t too put off by the mud. 26 miles, 16,889 paces and 95 steps. CG



Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

I call this my favourite ride because of the views, the climbs (not TOO challenging) and the classic glides downhill. It was a perfect day for it too – dry, not too cold and very little wind. Even a bit of sun once in a while. Perfect.

We started with 13 and managed not to lose anyone by mistake along the way. Although I did end up on my own at Hornbeam.

First the Greenway. Then the climb and descent from Hampsthwaite to Kettlesing followed by the climb and delightful descent into Darley – newly resurfaced. 

Thankfully 3 peeled off before we got to Darley Post Office for coffee. They can only take 10 inside the café section. Prompt service this time.

Then over the toll bridge, a nice climb up Stripe Lane (including some practice for the 2022 winter olympics - see photo), past Brimham Rocks followed by everybody’s favourite downhill past Warsill and down to Careless House Farm. We finished with the fast downhill at Scarah Bank and home.

From the quotes I had, which I’m too modest to include, I think it’s now a few other people’s favourite ride too.

Almost 34 miles with a bit more climb than promised – 738 metres (2420 ft) Steve Wright




Wednesday Ride



Wednesday Long Ride

With the feint rustle of Spring a fortnight ago having been stamped on by the Beast from the East, the Long Ride staged a second post hibernation run.  Seven set out for Ripon and a route conference, taking the flatter road option out through Farnham and Bishop Monkton.  The post hibernation pace was fairly brisk, as was the discussion in Ripon about “where next”.  We were having one stop and that would be in Masham!  Out through Azerley, where David Rowson peeled off towards Kirkby M, we by-passed the attractions of Grewelthorpe’s community café arriving in Masham at 11.30 for late elevenses or early lunch, reflected in our choices which covered most points of the menu, from teacake through beans-on-toast to a tasty special from the blackboard.  Beans were judged to be of Siswick standard.  Back to the bikes, we performed the curious ceremony of wheel dipping in the remaining snow mound in the market place (see picture).  Elsewhere the snow was clearly in retreat (topped up as I write!) leaving a Dutch landscape in the fields and mucky ponds on many roads.  Mercifully, most drivers did slow to avoid giving us a soaking.  Snape showed off a fine display of snowdrops and winter aconites, with some early daffs beginning to emerge.  Returning to Ripon via Wath, our figure-of-eight route took us up the Deer Park climb and on to How Hill, culminating in the crest of Watergate Road before the welcome drop down to Ripley and the Greenway.  On the way down from How Hill there was a bird conference going on in a tree, with much chatter – hardly a Murmuration.  Perhaps they were musing on the question of where is Spring, just like us.  How can winds from the SW be so cold?  Other questions debated today included Martin’s next boat delivery and Wiggo’s asthma attacks.  A full ride of c 60 miles for most concluded at Bilton Lane car park with accord that we’d had a good day out.  Terry Smith



EGs’ Ride

Twelve EGs set off from Low Bridge and all duly arrived at Wetherby for coffee, having split into groups of varying speeds on the way. After coffee, 3 (i.e. Norman, DP1 and DP2 - yes, the Daves were back in force today) opted for a return to Harrogate.  The remaining 9, with the day's adrenalin rush having been duly satisfied, proceeded at a more reasonable pace to Bramham, Tadcaster, Bolton Percy, Copmanthorpe and to The Grange coffee shop operated by HM Prison at Askham Richard.  As on previous occasions the lunch was good, the welcome and smiles were excellent, but sadly the service was very slow resulting in some having finished their meals before others had been served.  This resulted in the first sitting of 5 (DW2, Geoff, Ian, Peter and Nick) departing 15 minutes or so ahead of the second sitting of 4 (Colin, Marvin, Dan and Eric).  Arrived home at 4.30. The Harlow Hillbillies (Dan and Eric) had covered 55 miles, others probably a little less.  Great to have dry roads, no ice, no snow, no wind chill, and a very strange feeling of the warmth of Spring. At times there was an even stranger feeling that we might even have been overdressed by a layer or two.  No photos today as we couldn't find any snow to keep up with the photo theme of the day. Eric

Wheel Easy Abroad

NZ Cycling Coast to Coast 3000km Cape Reinga to Bluff
Hello from New Zealand if visiting to cycle they have an epic Coast to Coast of 3000km! Website www.nzcycletrail.com
This is Liz at the start, Cape Reinga the Top of the North Island where the Pacific Ocean merges with the Tasman Sea. See signpost pointing towards Bluff the end of the South Island ignore the kilometres, that is as the crow flies, the cycling route is 3000 kilometres.  The next photo with me, next to the post it is where the cycle route finishes and you collect your gong from the cafe at Bluff. Pete and I have travelled end to end, not on cycles but by car to the South Island, next landfall after this it is Antarctica. Having a great time not done any cycling yet. Liz





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