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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday Rides


Wednesday Ride

As it had snowed just before I left home I wasn't sure if there would be a ride, so it was a pleasant surprise to find so many hopeful cyclists at Hornbeam. We formed a group of 10 which included 3 Wanderers who couldn't face the Blubberhouses hills. The route was Boroughbridge via Goldsborough, Flaxby, Arkendale and Marton cum Grafton. There were a lot of puddles to negotiate but we were rewarded by wonderful views and sunshine all the way. Everyone was glad to reach Bean in Boroughbridge to get warm and enjoy coffee, scones and other goodies plus a bit of chat as well! Martin left us at Boroughbridge while the rest of us headed back via Minskip, Staveley and Knaresborough against a strong headwind. Paul had gone so 8 went into Jacob Smith Park for the team photo taken by James. A retake was necessary  to remove Jill's face from the shade and there were a few moans about mud in the cleats! Thanks to everyone for a great ride. About 33 miles. Liz P




EG’s Ride

The weather forecast was not good, every hour the clouds had two or three raindrops coming out of them, however this was to prove incorrect thank goodness.

The magnificent eight riders (consisting of  37.5% Daves for folk who like that sort of thing) were well kitted out for bad weather as a few snow flurries had been seen.

Destination had already been decided as Boroughbridge, due to the bright sun and wind direction.

The Men's downhill to Occaney was too close to count, well the writer of this report could'nt count, well that's not unusual.

Morrison`s cafe again opened its arms to us, and we embraced its warm! what a load of rubbish, the caffeine and calories were still good.

Then it was out towards Aldborough, the right turn Glebelands Farm, Grafton, missing the climb to Marton, to Dave S's relief, taking the right to Grafton Grange, Arkendale and Ferrensby and back to Low Bridge via Waterside.

Not a drop of rain was seen, so yaah to the forecasters, but the wind was most inconsiderate.

Have a good hols Dave S, take care we need you back to put some common sense and laughs on our rides.     Dave P.




Wednesday Wanderers Ride

Last day of January and the wind was blowing strongly, dark clouds in the skies would anyone follow Liz into ‘them thar hills’ or follow Plan C and stay under the duvet! Five men fell to my charms of cycling to Fewston and then we would decide from there, depending on the weather, which route to follow after a coffee break. Steve, Toni, Peter, Mike and Chris charged after Liz who was determined to head for the hills no matter that it was into the teeth of a gale force wind. After a blustery start cycling on we headed through Beckwithshaw and up to Little Almscliff Crag. Gathering the group at the top, it was decided to head straight for Fewston Farm shop, as some had not been out cycling for a few weeks, due to the weather. Feeling the gale force head wind taking’s its toll making it very hard going as we cycled on. A few scattered snow flakes fluttered down as we headed towards the café. After delicious refreshments we all headed under the duvet near the hot stove, the lady of the kitchen took the photo much to the customer’s amusements. Though it was nice and cosy it was time to head back out, the sun had come out, though it was still very windy. Toni, Peter and Steve headed back to Harrogate via Pennypot Lane. The intrepid three, Liz, Mike and Chris decided to continue on route over Fewston reservoir, up to Timble where the wind had slightly eased, the views were spectacular as the sun danced on the far hills and Thruscross reservoir came into view. A flock of Redwings took off in the field next to the road that was quite a sight and more lovely birds floated in the wind around us and the Red Kites mewed above us. Up the long steep hill, Liz touched tarmac as the boys ascended the steep slopes!! My bike had gathered so much muck the gears jammed and the brakes became dodgy, Mike the Gallant, attempted to sort it. This was a glorious day as the stunning views opened up before us and we stopped to admire them. After a dodgy downhill at Blubberhouses, Liz’s brakes did not hold and she managed to stop against the stone wall. Mike was worried I had damaged the ancient wall, no, no only my ancient pride!! Across the A59 and a climb up to Padside and then along Thornwaite Lane, thanks to Mike and Chris, for nudging me along as the brakes were definitely dodgy and did not hold on the downhills. Therefore we change the route rather than drop down steeply to Darley, staying high on the ridges soon reaching Birstwith, then Hampswaite up Clint Bank along Hollybank Wood to Ripley and then the Greenway home around 35 very hilly miles but great fun!! Thanks to Mike and Chris for a brilliant hilly ride it certainly was a work out!! Liz F. 




Poddlers Ride

New weather control system....

ignore it and it will start behaving.....as it did today. 

Three Poddlers' felt the need to get out on their bikes and get their lungs working....and that is what we did. We did a retro ride backwards...an El Butler special...Ripley; Scarah Bank; Markington; Wormald Green; Burton Leonard; Mount Garret's garden; Ripley; coffee in a calm quiet cafe; feed a precious pet....a ferel cat at Keogan s cafe; meet a gentleman in an orange jacket cycling up the drive looking full of nourishhent; back home along the nearly empty  Greenway.  All done in the sun.....snow....hail...tempest that was today's weather offering.CG





All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.