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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Wheel Easy Ride Report 610


Alternative Longish Ride

As the weather forecast predicted less rain to the east of Harrogate three of us decided to head initially to Great Ouseburn. As the rain had eased by the time we got there we decided to continue on to Easingwold. After a leisurely coffee at the Curious Table it was back out heading into the now fairly strong wind. Working together we made steady progress back through Raskelf & Boroughbridge albeit with slightly less chat than on the outward trip! Thanks to Dave & Mike for the company on a good ride of around 45 miles.   Jill



Medium Minus Ride

Four of us set off behind Monica’s group with no intention of battling over Askwith and as we steered our way up to Stainburn were in no doubt. Dave P left us in Beckwithshaw to do some laps, Paul, James and I battled on to the comfort of the wind behind as we cycled along Pennypot after the Sun Inn. Then the bikes know only one way which is across the A59 through Kettlesing, Clapham Green to Sophie’s. Here in a packed cafe we met Martin who had come from helping with the Junior Park Run and we sneaked in to our favourite corner. Bob Shears arrived having found no friends at Low Bridge this morning and then when Malcolm arrived they compared notes on their electric bikes. Jon P was with a crowd of walking friends so Wheel Easy was well represented. James Paul and Martin headed back up Hollins Lane and Malcolm and I came back via the Greenway.

25 miles in ridiculous weather but not cold and some might describe it as a lovely day for a ride. Thanks to everyone who turned out. Gia


Medium Ride

It was certainly a wet and windy morning . 5 riders left Hornbeam,
Alison, Sally, Paul B and 2 x Liz. Paul left the ladies at Knaresborough
but they were honoured to be joined there by 2 EGs Bill and Geoff. We
pressed on through Farnham, Bishop Monkton and Littlethorpe into Ripon
and every time we paused Alison made us go on within  few seconds. I
think a lot of us had been suffering from 'Cabin Fever' in recent weeks!
We did have the wind behind us but this changed as we headed up Studley
Park. It seemed hard getting up the hill but those at the back were
rewarded by the sight of 2 deer crossing the road in front of us. At
Fountains cafe we all realised how wet we were as we peeled off (a small
amount of) clothing. Worse was to come - the 2 EGs discovered that the
National Trust didn't serve beans on toast! Geoff had been looking
forward to his 2nd breakfast since Knaresborough and had to make do with
a scone! The return route was into a headwind but was a fairly fast
downhill ride back to Ripley, apart from the 2 hills. 32ish wet miles. Liz P




Long Ride

Back just before the "long" 43miles to Tancred rather than Stean. (RP)


Medium Plus Ride

Only 5 riders wanted to join me for the official Medium Plus route on this rather dismal morning. We discussed the weather conditions – particularly the wind and agreed to head towards Fewston and make a decision whether to continue on to Asquith and Pool. It was fairly hard going climbing up to Almscliffe in the wind and rain and strong gusts on the descent made us feel a bit unstable on our bikes. At the Fewston car park a group decision was made to ride up Timble hill and then descend on the main road and go to the village hall for coffee. Arriving rather wet and bedraggled the delicious array of assorted cakes and hot drinks soon revived us. It was uncomfortable donning wet gear again, but we pedalled quickly towards Pennypot Lane. The wind was behind us then and we sped towards Harrogate with thoughts of a warm home and a hot shower.   About 22 miles   Monica




Medium Plus Faster Group

It was a miserable morning and there were only 4 takers for the Medium Plus Faster group. Others must have heard a weather forecast which didn't predict rain to clear early. Still, off we set and once warmed up, progress was good, despite the strong headwind and persistent fine rain. Paul suggested taking the Low Snowden route to avoid potential strong winds on the exposed main road, which we did, and with the wind in our faces and stinging rain, no speed records were broken down Askwith Hill.

Arriving at Cockpit just after opening time we had the pick of the tables, a radiator to warm up our sodden togs and quick friendly service . Reluctantly dragging ourselves out again, it was a downhill blast to Otley, where we bade farewell to Glynn (on his second bike after last week's debacle) and sped along with a now following wind to Pool and on to Dunkeswick, Kirby Overblow and the ever-awful Showground Hill. All agreed that the first hilly ride of the year had been a hard but necessary workout after a lean period for cycling over the last month or so.    About 35 miles    David 



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