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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday Rides

Plucky Poddlers' Play Out.
Of course.
TODAY HAD BEEN FORECAST AS WARMER AND LESS DAMP THAN ANY OTHER DAY THIS WEEK.  Well that was wrong for a start...accu weather showed hours of rain with a 40 minute gap sometime round elevenses time and that is usually a good guide despite what the rest of its forecast promises you. However three Poddlers' were all ready and keen to ride.  I had a plan which involved killing several birds with a couple of stones. I wanted to get a bird feeder which would be useless to squirrels and keep the 6 that use our garden as a 4 star restaurant....OUT, I wanted the smugness factor from venturing out, the gossipppppiness of being out and the exercise. All of these objectives were met plus a visit to the best cafe in Killinghall by cycling through a continuous cold shower to Beckwithshaw, Skipton Road, the animal food etc suppliers to Killinghall and finally after excellent coffee, home using both Crawford's Couloir  and Max's Wiggle. Thank you for playing out so nicely Monica and Geraldine and Keogans. But perhaps the whole exercise would have been easier by car....do you think James and Gia!!!!!!???  A few miles,not many paces and 42 floors.CG

Wednesday Wanderers Ride

On a wet, dismal January morning, 9 hardy Wanderers were ready to stick to that New Year resolution. The  suggested plan had been to go to Fountains. So, we decided to set off and adapt if necessary. In the event, all 9 sped along to keep warm until the top of Scarah Bank. Some of us, in positive mode, agreed both the sky and the rain were  lighter,  However, 3 Wanderers were not convinced and set off to return by Markington.  The rest of us kept going through puddles and avoiding potholes where possible. Half way along Watergate Lane, it really was improving. In no time at all we were at Fountains ready for a well deserved coffee. This turned out to be a very cheerful interlude as Mike regaled us with several stories. Just at the top of Studley Royal, Liz commented that she hadn't seen any deer for ages. We dutifully scanned around. Suddenly we spotted a group on the right with more coming to join. They ran parallel to the road, before suddenly wheeling round and leaping gracefully across in front of us. By this time the sun was nearly shining and , thanks to all the chat, we were soon going up Knaresborough hill, where we went our separate ways/ Everyone agreed they'd really enjoyed the ride- memories of the soggy start had faded. Thanks to all for your good company and support. Alison N.

EG's Ride

A rather “damp” start to the day, however there was a good turn out of Wheel Easy at Hornbeam Park and Low Bridge.

At Low Bridge it was not quite quite singing in the rain but Happy New Year wishes with handshakes and hugs, thank goodness there were ladies present for receiving hugs, the day the EG`s start hugging one another is the day they should take up Football/Soccer and they are to old for playing, though they could still make offensive comment to the players and spectators. 

We can be indecisive ref our destination today seemed worse. this was blamed on the rain, however the bikes knew were they were going and it was Morrisons cafe in Wetherby, this is because the bikes like being under cover, otherwise they complain. 

The conversations were long and “thoughtful” ?? , but we had leave the warmth, the “A” team headed for Otley and Dave P and Bill headed for home, and Dave P took some silly photos (see attached), the rumour going round is that we have to ask the cafe staff to cut our food up for us or, it has to be baby food.        Dave P





Wednesday Ride

Wednesday Ride - in brief 4 of us went for a ride in the rain.  We had a good chat. Route was Knaresborough (chatted to EGs), Farnham, Bishop Monkton (stop for Jill to warm freezing fingers), Markington, Shaw Mills (stopped raining here).  At Sophie’s the promised meeting with a group of walkers did not materialise as we were late.  Then home via Knox in relatively dry weather.  Lastly bumped into some of the Wanderers on the Stray.  It felt a lot more than 30 miles! Martin W.


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