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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Wheel Easy Ride Report 607


Medium Plus Ride

I had changed with James to do this Sunday's ride to Ripon via Boroughbridge. A few WE cyclists had decided to brave the cold icy morning. John said that there was no official rides and it was up to those gathered if they wanted to do a ride. Ten cyclists plus me decided to attempt the Medium Plus ride and alter the route if the conditions were too dangerous to carry on. Eleven of us set off and we stuck to the main roads as the side roads were treacherous. At the Wetherby traffic lights we got mixed in with the Cappuccino's but they turned left, as I went straight on. I checked that my ten were still with me and had not turned left. The roads were wet but not too bad as the group cycled to Farnham, where a decision was made to go via Minskip rather than the Copthorne bridlepath. Unfortunately Mike and Paul had drifted behind and did not see the group turn to Staveley and they carried on via Copthorne. Despite this we all managed to reach Boroughbridge with no incidents and the cafe had enough seats for all of us. Another group of cyclists followed us in and the orders got mixed up and some of us were missing our drinks and teacakes, but we were soon all fed and watered. Two Chris's and Paul headed back the same way we had come and eight of us decide to go to Ripon and home that way. Leaving Boroughbridge we arrived on Kirbyhill and turned down a road towards Marton le Moor. Unbeknown to us, the complete road was black ice and a loud crash as Brian hit the road. A very kind woman dashed from a nearby house offered assistance and a cup of tea. Brian said he was okay, shaken and bruised but hopefully not badly damaged. The group decided to get back to the main road as safely as possible, while waiting for Brian to recover before moving on, a very kind elderly gentleman chatted to us and told the tale that the road was lethal and never got salted. Cars were still speeding up and down it as we inched our way off it. The gentleman inched his way carefully along with us chatting about how he once was a cyclist and wished he could still cycle, I was worried that he might fall on the ice also. Kirbyhill residents seem to be friendly, helpful and very chatty thank you. Keeping an eye on Brian the group cycled back to Boroughbridge and Minskip, at the junction, deciding it was too risky to go down the one way road to Knaresborough we carried on to the Farnham turning. Mike said he would take Brian back home and would turn to Knaresborough at Farnham, with three others. Myself with Tim and Chris would go back via Ripley and the Greenway. Tim carried on to Ripley directly and Chris and I turned towards Nidd and back to Ripley that way. Chris was learning the ropes for leading, I don't know if I was a good role model of leadership!!! Reaching the Greenway it was slightly icy on parts of the path, it was very busy with lots of families, dogs and cyclists, we had to weave through the people trying to keep away from the icy parts, as we made our way back home. An eventful cycle ride, despite this there was plenty of sunshine though bitterly cold. Many thanks to all for looking after Brian and to Mike for seeing him all the way home safely.   Liz F.



Reports to follow

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