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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wednesday Rides

EGs’ Ride

Today became a lesson for an individual (old enough to know better) not just to read the weather forecast but make his own assessment based on his many years outside (not being allowed inside). Recorded temperature a few degrees above freezing so its Ok but forgetting about the wet wind chill factor.

Felt chilly heading for Low Bridge and Hornbeam Carpark looked empty; warning signs? We had four riders at Low Bridge Dave P, Eric, Nick and t’other Peter from Boroughbridge, the ones with sophisticated gadgetry and who had read the forecast better, estimated the feel factor to be 3/4 degrees below freezing.

The original intention was to head for Ripon and perhaps Wetherspoons but the chill won. Was it cold? It so and so was, as cold as the frog in an ice bound pool (that’s enough of that), heading North into a North wind, fingers noses and toe is taking the brunt of it, lucky for DP, Eric had some spare inner gloves in his bag.

The fingers decided the new destination would be Boroughbridge and Morrisons cafe and for a while some of us wondered if the mountain rescue team would be needed to get us there. Peter being on his own patch very sensibly decided to go home.

The next test was to see if fingers could get our helmets off and put locks on bikes, just made it. Warm cafe Aaaah, and two cups of hot chocolate for Eric.

Return via Roecliffe and a stop at the Devil’s Arrows for Nick who claimed he had never seen them (well he is a fast rider). If these are the Devil’s Arrows then he must have had a helluva size Bow.

Then it was back via Bishop Monkton, Markington and the Greenway, good to have the wind on your back, the sun was now out and the temperature seemed to rise and fall rapidly.

A good ride to clear the Christmas calories or if the calories had gone to blubber thankful for the insulation it provided. Also washed bikes left out to long tended to freeze. Dave P


All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.