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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Five Poddlers' met in Ripon in a brilliant parking spot opposite the Rugger pitch.  It was raining and the skies looked bruised. A Fast lady and Two gentlemen were, so they said, going fourteen miles...I certainly felt it was wishful thinking and any way involving  Studley would end up in Carlisle or up Tan Hill and so the Poddlers' would miss their lunch. 

So instead we hot wheeled it to Boroughbridge via Bishop Monkton and Roecliffe, lovely coffees and one scone were quickly downed at the brilliant Bean cafe and we continued hot wheeling back to Ripon via Newby Hall....Much to our surprise we arrived back at Spa Gardens cafe early (even though we had chatted non stop all the way round and were first in to grab a very pleasant table for a very convivial lunch with the car up the road to painlessly transport us and bikes home. What a good way to spend the day. Thank you all organisers, Caroline G.


Wanderers’ Ride

On a rather grey day thirteen Wanderers set off from Hornbeam, of which six were bound for the Spa Gardens café Christmas lunch. The weather brightened up by the time we reached Scarah Bank…from the west not the east. As Fountains Abbey was reached just after eleven, the Christmas lunchers decided to loiter over a coffee so as not get to Spa Gardens too soon. Here Dave was judged to have the best festive bike and had to firmly secure his Rudolf so that it couldn’t escape and join the other deer as we went through Studley Park. 

Having exchanged seasonal greetings the seven left Fountains for Ripon, Littlethorpe and Bishop Monkton. Just after Littlethorpe we met Jo and Geraldine in their finery, bound for the Spa Gardens on their Bromptons, combining a little ride with the luxury of the Number 36 bus for the return leg. There didn’t seem to be many takers for the coffee stop at Grass Roots. Just the two Mikes; perhaps it’s a name thing! Back via Markington, Ripley and the green way. 32 rather dirty miles. So its’s off to clean my bike. Mike S




Long Ride

Four riders met on an unusually warm morning at Hornbeam Park.  Despite the good weather and for whatever reason everyone opted for a short ride. We made our way through the queueing traffic and eventually reached the relative calm of Boroughbridge. At this point Martin D took the direct route to Ripon so that he could call in on his parents.  The remaining three then headed for Dishforth, Marton-Le-Moor and across to the A61.  We agreed to go straight down to Ripon, except PCJ had a senior moment and turned right to Hutton Conyers much to consternation of the following riders.  On the way to Fountains Visitor Centre we passed some WE riders on their way to the Christmas Dinner. Martin D was late in joining us as he sustained a puncture in the Deer Park.  The return journey was uneventful taking the normal Fountains, Watergate Road, and back into Harrogate on the Greenway.




EGs’ Ride

We had seven riders at Low Bridge.

Dave Preston, Dave Peatfield, Dave Rowson, Eric, Marvin, Nick and Norman plus Dave Watson in civvies being unable to attend the lunch, his wife being in hospital but he presented us with a bottle of excellent red wine which was used to drink the health of Dave and Pamela at our lunch.

It was decided to have a coffee stop at the Farm Shop in Langthorpe,after which Nick and Dave Rowson returned home, the route was then north to Kirkby Hill then on to Marton le Moor however Dave Peatfield and Norman chose to go via Skelton on Ure, normally this would not have been a problem but t’other Dave P had our wine in his rucksac so it was up the fast guys to get it sorted, Eric headed for Wetherspoons t’other Dave P and wine and Marvin to the cafe to get us some seats and Dave Preston did his best, but not to far behind perhaps due to some alcoholic kick start from a hip flask.

Once again the cafe was packed with Wheel Easy, old and new in a great atmosphere, our table had Roy’s nice Austrian white wine, Dave Watson`s excellent red, and a non alcoholic (yes you heard right) Chardonnay from the farm shop.

Caroline arrived at our table with a very nice Raaaaaspberry Gin which help the pain and upped speed on our return better than the sloooow Gin.

Dave Peatfield, Eric and Marvin returned via Studley Park our return team consisted of Bridget, Dave Preston, Ian Newall, Martin and Norman.

Ian brought back memories for DP with tales of Audaxes and the Benthams.

A good steady pace brought us back to the bright lights of Harrogate , mostly caused by the LEDs on the traffic, though we didn’t do to bad ourselves. Dave P





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