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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 604

Medium Ride

Not a promising start: 2C, raining.  Dire warnings of worse to come.  Imperial stormtroopers had taken all the tables at Sophie's.  Pterodactyls at Burnt Yates.  Ian N. said that there was bound to be ice at Brimham.  

Three of us - Chris, Helen and Justin - set off anyway.  We could always turn back.  In the event only Ian was right - ice for about a quarter of a mile near the entrance to the Rocks.  It was easy to see, on the verges, and we gingerly picked our way past it.  Many thanks to Ian for the warning.  Otherwise, the roads were fine, the rain eased off and then stopped, the temperature rose (a bit), and we sped round to Careless House Farm, and on to Ripley.  Excellent mince pies.  

We had avoided the Greenway on the way out, and were delighted to find that it had been swept.  Top marks to the council.  Or the stormtroopers, maybe.  A grand day out.  27 miles. Justin K



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