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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Pouring rain, four Poddlers brave enough to play out, about ten other hopeful but bedraggled cyclists  looking forward to the day.  This was the start and by the end it had not got any better, other than we had chatted to each other and to the two Long Riders who had escaped their group at Fountains to return home via the Greenway before they froze. 

We had done a very quick soggy 16 miles to Beckwithshaw, Hampsthwaite, an hour coffee stop in Cafe Keogan (thank you) at Killinghall and a quick swash home along the Greenway....and we were all feeling ridiculously smug. Caroline G



Wanderers’ Ride

Given the dismal weather forecast it was not surprising that there were few riders gathered at Hornbeam today. A core group of Liz, Alison, Mike, Steven and myself set out towards Wetherby with Glyn making occasional guest appearances along the way. 

We chose the Burn Bridge/Kirby Overblow route rather than the listed route of Spofforth and the cycle track which we expected to be unpleasantly claggy today. The ride to Wetherby proved to be very pleasant, even some watery sunshine and a rainbow ahead of us. It didn’t take us long to agree to continue on to Thorpe Arch for coffee. 

Mike said that he knew an alternative route through Wetherby so we followed him along a maze of suburban roads to emerge onto the Deighton Road. It seemed a bit longer than the “standard” route but had the worthwhile advantage of avoiding the Wetherby traffic. Thanks for leading us through Mike, it was unknown to me and as I can’t remember it, will remain so. 

We stayed dry to Thorpe Arch but whilst enjoying our refreshments at The Bistro café the sound of rain on the conservatory roof gave us a warning of what was to come. We managed to set off again in the dry but it was not long before we were getting wet and agreeing to skip the Tockwith loop and to return via Cowthorpe, being the shortest route. Steven left us at North Deighton to continue to Knaresborough whilst the remaining four of us turned off towards Spofforth. The rain eased off as we cycled towards Follifoot and we completed the ride in the dry. It was very much a ride of two halves but overall, enjoyable, companionable and as is often the case, not half as wet as forecast. 33 miles. Dave G


Wednesday Ride

With a poor forecast for rain and wind there were only three takers for todays ride( James.Paul and Kevin)- and all of those were on a short timescale due to other commitments (and also an eye to weather).

So with thought of the three wise men riding off in search of a warm stable we set off following our star(well James really) towards Wetherby to find a warm manger (well cafe really).

A direct route was taken via the Showground, Spofforth and Wetherby but we then went on to the cycle path and circled our destination before getting to our cafe of choice. We gave our order and presented our gifts of gold, silver and plastic to the proprietor and enjoyed our fayre

There was a festive feel as Kevin had his first mince pie of the season and then after getting a message from the angel(well the BBC Weather app actually) not to return by the same route we set off back via North Deigthon where Kevin split off to reverse the original route and Paul and James headed for Knaresborough and home.

On my way back the weather got worse and the rain and wind ensured that I arrived home wet and cold.

27 miles which seemed about right given the weather and other commitments. Thanks to James and Paul for the company and chat. Kevin D


EGs’ Ride

Once again the weather forecast was not good ie little black cloud with two rain drops, but at least no ten foot snow rifts and Polar Bears on Harlow Hill.

Despite the forecast it looked a reasonable turn out at the car park but only five takers at Low Bridge 40% Daves 40% Peters and 20% Eric (doing his best to look like Bill Whale). However the optimists amongst us thought they could detect tiny patches of blue amongst the black clouds.

Desire was expressed for a good Bacon sandwich and a full English, Eric`s desire was a farm shop cafe so that was Tancred or Boroughbridge but that was where t’other Peter had just come from, so Tancred it was.

On the way caught up with some Wheel Easy Wednesday-ites before Paul Tindale hung a right to Wetherby and more dark clouds however when we turned left to head North our fortunes changed and it was in to the Tancred farm shop in blue skies and sunshine to consume our calories in cosy warmth and comfort (see photos).

Excellent grub, beans quality high on the Siswick scale and on portion size, a first for some of us, seeing Dave S not being able to clear all the beans off his plate.

Despite being the festive season our good luck was not to continue and we came out to black cloud with perhaps even three raindrop and some wind. The driving on that part of the B6265 can sometimes make the Indy 500 look slow so it was off a.s.a.p at Thorpe Underwood. At Great Ouseburn there was initially some thought of continuing to Boroughbridge however common sense and the very cold wet windy weather prevailed and it was home via Arkendale, Lingerfield and Scriven.

Dave P was told this was not as bad as the Easingwold venture, but despite Dave P making it to Harlow Hill in sun and blue sky he failed the Eric (being nithered) test being unable to remove helmet clip due to frozen hands.

A good challenging ride, but think positive it will wash some of the clart off the roads. More positive thoughts despite the Met Office threatening us with all sorts of snow see photo on how Wheel-Easy riders respond to snow. Dave P





All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.