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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 603

Short Ride

Even though Christmas was nearly upon us, heralded by minced pies at Jill's after the ride, it was a warm October type of day.  A quick ride seemed appropriate...and that was what we did as there were no new riders to consider. 

Off to Ripley down the magnificent Greenway, we met Jane at Killinghall,merging in with the plus medium group,and as there was no opposition, we headed straight up Scarah Bank and onto Watergate Lane. At the iconic tree we posed for a photo shoot near a frog road sign and zoomed down to Markington with thoughts of a cosy coffee at Cafe Jackson spurring us on.  

Despite all the possible turnoffs leading to extra miles, no one followed them up and all returned to Ripley without incident. Three went for a coffee in Ripley and six decided that Cafe Jackson was a better bet. We met Diane W.,who could not be tempted from her task in leg....that was doing some more miles..well done...and we had a very pleasant hour or so at our new cafe stop (thank you Jill) trying to sort out Jen’s total confusion on which men were which. Sadly we did not know either, thus she is still confused. About 20 plus miles ..a bit more for Jane, 13,238 paces, 57 floors. Caroline G



Medium Ride

After the cold weather of the last few days, we were fortunate to have a relatively mild day for our ride. A rather overcast start but it brightened during the ride until the sun nearly came out!

So nine riders started out and we picked up and lost riders along the way. We took the usual route to Little Almscliffe, through Beckwithshaw, dropped down to Fewston then looped back via Timble. We enjoyed coffee and cake at the Washburn Valley Heritage Centre and then headed back down Pennypot Lane.

Until today, I didn’t know a good route back in to Harrogate without either a very steep hill (after Oak Beck) or a detour (to Hampsthwaite and Knox Mill). But today, at Marion’s suggestion, we went along the excellent cycle path through Queen Ethelburger’s Estate to Jennyfields and the centre of town.

Thanks to Dave P who back-marked, and Marion who led us through Queen Ethelburgers. About 23 miles in good company. Al D


Medium-plus Ride

Fast Group

Eleven riders left Hornbeam Park heading off to Askham Richard and its environs.  By the time we reached Rudding Park two riders had detached themselves from the peloton and joined Liz F’s group.  The peloton set a brisk pace out via Spofforth, Little Ribston, Cowthorpe et al.  The ladies at The Grange cafe sprang into action serving bacon and egg butties and beans on toast.  Those who requested cake were left wondering when they would get their due deserts, but they arrived after all the cooked orders.  While were still there Liz F’s group arrived and the cafe was overflowing with Wheel Easy riders.  The return journey to Harrogate was straight forward going via Bilbrough, Wighill, Wetherby, and Sicklinghall.  At Kirkby Overblow Dave W had to stop to recover from his exertions.  The remainder of the peloton headed for Harrogate and as usual it dispersed in all sorts of directions.  PCJ



Medium Group

Lots of men and not many ladies this morning for the Medium Plus ride. Peter took a faster group off first and the remainder was split into two groups, Liz took four others and James six. 

The weather forecast was certainly better than it has been for the last few rides. I set off with the four just men through the Showground and reaching the road Steve joined us, now we were six. Up to Rudding Park where Helen and Brian were waiting and this made it eight, my fame was spreading. 

After a fairly quick cycle we reached Spofforth and onto Little Ribston. I managed to keep the group together and we cycled on through Cowthorpe, Tockwith and onto Marston Moor Memorial where we stopped for a photo. Jill and a few others from James group arrived just as we were leaving, telling them we were stopping at HMP at Askham Richard. 

Arriving at the cafe, Peter's group were there plus a few other cyclists. The girls quickly cleared the table and we ensconced ourself and ordered drinks and cakes. It was fairly full and Jill's group decided to carry on though we had made room for James group to join us. Mike got hot due to having his wife's tights on as she was bigger than him, he told us they were right up to his chest!! I bet his wife was looking all over for her tights!! Then the cakes and scones arrived, Mike's cake was huge, it looked like the girl had sliced it and given him not the slice of cake but the rest of the cake. 

After our refreshments we cycled on to Bilborough, Healaugh, Wighill and into Wetherby. Mike led us through Wetherby and up to Sicklinghall and on to Kirby Overblow where Steve departed as he had left his car there. Seven cycled on, now I might have this name wrong, Robert turned left to return to Leeds at the bypass. Now we were six cyclists turning right heading down the Leeds Road to Rudding Park. At the lane entrance Mike and Helen carried on and four headed up towards the showground. Two went home via Sainsbury's and Fodder's. Chris and I did the famous showground hill, Chris went back to Hornbeam and I carried on to Bilton, where I met Peter returning home from his group. About 42 miles good company and good laughs, hope Mike did not ladder his wife's tights!! Liz F



Slow Group

There were seven of us in the last group to leave Hornbeam.  We had a very pleasant and uneventful ride, on a clear and windless day.  The only blip was that we were last to arrive at the cafe at Askham Richard, so we continued to The Gourmet in Wetherby.  

Home via Little Ribston and Knaresborough.  And that, as they say, was that.  Many thanks to James for leading.  Justin K



Lumpy Ride

Seven riders set off towards Ripley determined to satisfy the craving to climb some hills. So after the Greenway we headed up to the Drovers crossroads and then onwards towards Sawley.  The Big Dip approaching Sawley set the heart rates pounding but after Sawley Village it was a short run to GTs for recovery coffee and tea.  

Over coffee self-determination set in with four opting for a quicker return, meanwhile the remaining three set off for the hilltop villages of Grantley, Winksley and Galphay.  On one lane approaching Winksley we turned left on a road that astonishingly both Colin and Martin said they had no previous memory of riding - definitely a first!  

With magnificent views of the snow-covered Cleveland Hills we continued down to Ripon, Littlethorpe, and Bishop Monkton. From here Colin headed home to get “another coat of paint on” while Tim and Martin completed 38 miles by coming home via Ripley and the Greenway. Martin W



Long Ride

Six riders opted for today's long ride, which was a bit of a magical mystery tour of little-used back lanes.  A very up and down route to Pateley Bridge proved challenging for Eric, who was struggling with a cold, so he decided on Teacups and a gentle return home accompanied by Dave R.

The remaining four headed for Risplith, which means getting over the ridge to the east of Pateley by one strenuous road or another.  Today's chosen torture was Silver Hill, which seemed even more testing than usual in the cold.  G&T's provided lunch, then we went down Pheasant Alley from Sawley to Fountains Abbey and on to Markington.  

New recruit Richard P, with homework to do before work tomorrow, left for a direct route home and the remnants of the peloton headed for Boroughbridge, Grafton and Arkendale.  We then adopted a Knaresborough Hill avoidance strategy and returned via Chain Lane, Abbey Road and Calcutt.  This wasn't a good idea as the traffic on Forest Moor Road was bad.

We reached Hornbeam after 58 miles and with 50% of the starters - an improvement on my last effort when 22% made it to the end. Richard L

All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.