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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

It was not a perfect day for cycling.   Chez Graham there were two opposing weather forecasts...I had sun and cloud every hour whereas someone else had grey clouds with rain blobs every hour. Mrs Optimistic prepared for a glorious ride in full sun and a side wind. Humph.  I will say no more than five ladies and one gentleman completed the course of 22 plus miles from Hornbeam, Kirkby Overblow, Wetherby, to Knaresborough and back to base without incident.  At Knaresborough the gentleman sensibly followed the bypass home, and the five ladies who could have sat for two or three hours gossiping in Barker and Stonehouse Furniture Emporium Cafe had an hours coffeeing.  We met Glyn, who had been for a coffee and scone in Sophie's with a collapsed group of Wanderers and a bunch of Wednesday Riders.    He was now combing the area for Jen.   

Exercise completed, chatting with jolly company done and what a satisfyingly bracing morning we had had. Job done. 23 miles 15,356 paces and 93 floors. C.G.





Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

Winter has certainly started to appear as the 'North wind doth blow and we shall have snow‘ was decidedly in the air. After a quick debate whether we should attempt Otley or not it was decided to go for it and alter plans according to the weather situation. Ten set off up Leadhall Lane, pass the Squinting Cat up to Beckwithshaw. It was bitterly cold and the wind was increasing as we turned on the road towards Little Almscliffe. The first five stopped to see the next five turn onto the road and five plus Glyn set off in the teeth of the gale towards the car park where I was going to have a debate on what the group wanted to do. Six of us stopped waiting for the rest to appear after a short wait and now getting chilled we realised they had disappeared or returned home. Peter decided to turn back and did not want to continue and would tell the others that we had abandoned the Otley route and was heading for Sophie’s at Hampsthwaite, Glynn also said he would go back to the others, tell them where we were going and join us at Hampsthwaite as he was not going to miss out on his date and walnut scone, be it at Otley or Sophie's!! Unbeknown to us disaster had struck and Liz P had a puncture, but (Mike W Superhero and Charlie fixed it double quick). Peter appeared with his message and the group decided to go a quicker way to Hampsthwaite. As the weather worsened, Liz P decided it was best to go to her house for refreshments as it was nearer.  Many thanks to Liz P for providing refuge and drinks, lucky she had done some baking so the group had delicious cake to eat!! The other four wanderers carried on down past the Sun Inn onto Menwith Hill Road and on to Hampsthwaite. It was blowing a gale and the rain started 10minutes from Sophie's, it was a welcome relief to get inside Sophie’s cafe for a respite. Thanks to Mike who had led most of the way he forego the cafe and decided to carry on home, David, Liz and Steve headed inside. Gia and other Wednesday riders were warmly ensconced in the corner as we parked ourselves on the sofa's, but no fire to warm us. Glyn appeared, had not seen the others, did a quick tour of Yorkshire before arriving five minutes after we had. Glynn had his date and walnut scone. The four Wanderers left Sophie’s a quick warm up as we climbed up Clint Bank, through Hollybank Wood, Ripley the Greenway and home. The rain had stopped the wind was still blowing and we felt all of the 25 miles we had managed to achieve despite the wild wintry weather. Liz F. Note: No photos too cold!

Wednesday Ride

A small group including two members who were keen to keep the wheels turning after weeks of moving boxes set off towards the Greenway. Biting winds and threats of rain led to a unanimous decision to cut and run, where else but to Sophie’s via Shaw Mills. There we warmed up, enthused about the latest Paddington film (don’t forget to look out for the Nidd viaduct) and how to improve your Wi-Fi around the house.

With the wind behind us we swept home, glad to have got out and cycled about 23 miles. Apparently, it’s going to be much “warmer” at the weekend. Gia



Wednesday Long Ride

Although the turn-out of long ride regulars was reduced today, we still mustered 7 at Hornbeam and set off eastwards with the aim of elevenses at the cafe at HMP Askham Richard.  This had received such favourable comments in recent weeks that it had turned into a “must try” venue (for me at least).  Despite weather warnings the roads were free of ice with the main hazards being tractor mud and leaves.  Sun and clear distant views lifted spirits nicely despite the biting cold – little did we fully realise that the tailwind conditions would be paid for later in the day.  The HMP cafe proved a hit with all in the party, who sampled most parts of the menu – scones, cakes, jackets and bacon butties.  Warmth and conviviality created a bubble that burst very soon after leaving Askham Richard bound for Tadcaster.  Into the wind the cold’s bite could be felt which when coupled with a lengthy shower prompted a cancellation of the Tadcaster leg in favour of a direct route to Wetherby.  Here the peel-offs began as Richard S and Brian headed in the Knaresborough direction and Peter J opted not to take in another stop at Morrison’s cafe.  Although an impulse decision, hot drinks revived the remaining four for the final leg through Sicklinghall and Kirkby O.  In the final act, two pairs completed the ride – Andrew and Ian headed off at their own pace, followed by newcomer David and Terry taking a steadier pace, allowing views across to sunlit territory beyond Menwith to be sampled.  Despite the truncated mileage (c 42)  the conditions were enough to give everyone the feeling that a good workout had been enjoyed.  Thanks to all.  Terry S





EGs’ Ride

The weather forecast was not good, one dark cloud with two raindrops it said on the screen.

Despite this we saw some blue sky and some sun shone on our eleven riders, however it was definitely not cricketing weather.

Destination Easingwold was suggested as our first stop, but prudence was with us (his mother always wanted a girl) and the first stop was Morrison`s Cafe in Boroughbridge to sit in the warmth and look at the sky.  The men`s downhill challenge to Occaney was a little different today due to the northerly wind which meant pedalling downhill.

The wind and rain/sleet in our faces made that hot drink all the more welcome.  As always, all good things have to end and a two hour coffee break is too much even for an EG, so the “A” team headed for Easingwold, and the “B” got off the bench (with difficulty) the named reserves being Bob, Dave P, Nick and Norman and headed for home via Lingerfield and Scriven.

Some EG`s could not ride with us today due to personal circumstances, so we wish them all the best, and best wishes also to any other rider or riders who cannot get out on their bike today.

No photos today just as well we looked like an advert for North Sea wet weather gear.

Dave P

All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.