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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Budget Day....stay at home and watch/listen to it or go for a bike ride in gale force wind and rain.  Well no competition really.   So, lots of Wanderers wandered off, lots of Wednesday riders were ready for a coffee, two long riders were already nearly at Carlisle and two lonely Poddlers' had a plan. Little Almscliff and Birstwith.  But how quickly a plan can be changed by a few gusts of wind coming the wrong way.  So, we turned right at Beckwithshaw and headed, pushed by a following wind, to Hampsthwaite via Penny pot and Rowden Lane.  Strangely we popped into Sophie s and enjoyed a very convivial hour mingling with the big girls and boys.  

As we continued home, we again had a vaguely following wind and we're helped up the nice hill out of Hampsthwaite to Killinghall....only to be slapped in the face on the Greenway by a wind that did not know which direction it was coming from. What a lovely morning out....back in time for pre-service bike cleaning, lunch, the budget sum up, and an afternoon sogging about doing reading.  Thank you, Kevin D and Martin, for your 100 best stations recommendation, lovely to chat Gia and Malcolm and have a calm smooth move to both James and Paul...and thanks for the amazing back, front and side markering Jen. 11,096 paces, 78 floors, and not too many miles. CG 

Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

Well, we've had a string of beautiful Wednesdays and Sundays, so a change was inevitable. The forecast was dire, heavy showers and gusts of 40mph. However, 10 intrepid Wanderers were raring to go, we agreed to modify the route, so set off for Roecliffe and Boroughbridge at quite a pace. I think we were all keen to get going before the forecast rain. Max accompanied us to Farnham before making his way towards Harrogate by his own personalised route. The remaining 9 'cracked' on to Boroughbridge and straight to Vintage Bean. At this point, Steve, Maris and Dave G decided to go straight back. Did they have a premonition? Just as we were parking up, a voice shouted, 'We're absolutely full, not one spare chair!'  So, it was back to 'Plenty' (Tasty Snacks revamped).  The service was efficient and food fine. After some lively chat over coffee, the consensus was to go back by Staveley. We finally hit the gusts!  However, we battled on, grateful for high hedges and bends. We decided to go back by Lingerfield and Liz F led us out from Occaney. However, at Lingerfield, Liz was still flying straight on, followed by Tony. We guessed they were going by Ripley, maybe to avoid Knaresborough hill? The remaining 4 of us tackled the hill from Knaresborough and then went our separate ways. Despite a dismal forecast, we had a great morning- it's the company that makes it!  Thanks to Mike W for keeping an eye on all of us. Alison N



Wednesday Ride

Adventurous, foolish? exhilarating, worthwhile, all describe our ride today. Mild but gusty conditions meant we opted for the protection of the cycle paths so that if we were blown anywhere it would be reasonably safe.

Great choice, good ride, good company and nice to chat with our renowned Poddlers and for Paul and James to share the joys of moving house in the next two days. If it wasn’t for Wheel Easy it is unlikely that any of us would have got out today. We felt brave enough to let the wind take us up Clint Bank and Cut Throat Lane, Drovers and Home along the Greenway. A grand day out! Gia



Wednesday Long Ride

Only two of us were daft enough to attempt “the long ride” today. As it turned out, it wasn’t very long at 34 miles but I imagine these were the sort of conditions which inspired the invention of the turbo trainer. As Richard said as we slogged back to Harrogate into a block headwind “at least we didn’t get wet”. We started with a magical mystery tour of the backstreets leading to the greenway where we pootled along until we were overtaken by another cyclist. We then picked up the pace between gusting sidewinds and intermittent headwinds in the direction of Boroughbridge via Nidd, Scotton and Staveley. With a tailwind to Minskip we got a decent lick on and reached the busy cafe at Boroughbridge in plenty of time to grab a table before a group of dubious looking individuals popped in before going elsewhere (sorry Wanderers). The cafe was advertising an event next week involving a mystic. Presumably your order will be waiting for you on arrival. Despite being fuelled by cake, the return leg was challenging. The wind blew and we did our best to keep moving forward. It was a relief to cut up the Beryl Burton Way from Mother Shipton’s Cave as it provided some shelter. Although can feel rather smug for going out it was a pretty tough ride.  John S

EGs’ Ride

We had ten riders at Low Bridge, (including Richard) it was unseasonably warm, very windy and threats of heavy rain.  Considering the wind direction, it was decided to head for Morrisions Cafe in Wetherby, this won Dave Siswick £10 in a bet with his wife where we would finish up.

Chris joined us in Morrisions, not sure if he cycled in. (see photo)

After the usual reliable repast it was North trying to keep the wind on our flanks. The cycle path on the old A1 was in good condition, however the old A1 sheltered from the wind was better, Chris shouted only three of you on the path now, so Dave P hit the road but could not catch the front group, he saw them at the Walshford flyover then lost them and continued his solitary way to Cowthorpe and Cattal.

However, he was then caught up by the main group who had been a bit indecisive about northerly.

On to Whixley and Thorpe Underwood and Great Ouseburn where Dave P and Peter B stopped for a hot drink and for PB a superb Pork Pie.  The remainder headed for Boroughbridge.

Dave P and Peter B headed for Marton, Arkendale and home in the 2-00pm dusk.

The tactics for handling the wind had again worked not a bad little ride for the conditions.  Dave P


All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.