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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Having retrieved my lost, stolen or strayed life in the form of my orange dry bag which contained all cards, all keys, money and my phone, from the safe at Fodders, five Poddlers collected me, and despite thinking a cafe stop would be pleasant we set off to Low Bridge where a chortle of EGs were about to take off, but not before admiring Jen’s new bianchi blue Mercier bike (talk about film star status.... selfies all round…. the bike not Jen).

After being over taken at Farnham by Malcolm searching for Gia, we had another photo (modelling) opportunity at the turn off to Boroughbridge and continued our tour of new built giant non-affordable houses in villages of the area. Sue and David (who was testing us) left us to get home for an important engagement and for a bridge game.  By this time Sandra was pining for something to eat and luckily we were just entering Boroughbridge and nearing the Vintage Bean and its cheese scones.   Sandra prepared to eat by discarding her hat, several layers and her shoes, and settled down to pumpkin soup.  As Jen was blowing out her birthday candle, Jane was waiting patiently to get her order and I was debating the necessities of stealing part of someone's over large portion of cream cheese, James turned up needing another toasted tea cake, after losing all the Wednesday riders at Fountain Abbey. 

By this time it seemed the sun was nearly setting and time was spinning on, so an alternative route was formulated and we sped through Roecliff, Cowthorpe, Burton Leonard, carried the bikes over the stream and bridge to Lord Mountgarrett's garden and back to Ripley, where Jane left us and Glyn joined us, to lead us back along the Greenway to Harrogate, before total darkness.  38 miles, 23,150 paces, 107 floors.  An enormous unpatronising well done to Jane and Sandra, and a much smaller well done to Jen and Caroline.  What a lovely day out.



Birthday cheese scone bought by fellow Poddlers at Bean cafe for my birthday which was yesterday. Jen Appleyard 

Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

Seventeen Wanderers in total but only 16 at once as, when Steve P left us at Ripley, we were joined by new rider Alan and we hope he will join us again. We headed down to Birstwith, over the Hartwith toll bridge, up Stripe Lane and on past Brimham where we regrouped in a layby. Paul B had already left us by now and from here Dave G and Dennis headed back the quick way. With thoughts of food the rest headed down to Risplith via Sawley Moor Lane. The cafe was nearly empty though we were told that other WE riders had recently left. There was a bit of confusion over orders but we were all served fairly quickly and it was good to get out of the cold. The discussion on our return route took place and Mike S volunteered to take a group the direct way back via Sawley, Low Moor Lane and Watergate Lane. That left 9 of us who headed down and up to High Grantley then did Dallowgill backwards. Coming out at Fellbeck, we heading back up to Brimham Rocks Road and then the wonderful downhill ride back to Ripley via Rabbit Hill Farm and Raventofts Hall. Many thanks to Alison who helped out with leading the 2nd group and Mike S for taking a group back. About 44 miles on a windless day with lots of sunshine and fantastic views - we had to make the most of it before winter sets in! Liz P




Wednesday Ride Group 1

A trip to Ripon to dispense with a pocketful of deposits for the Wednesday Christmas lunch and coffee at Oliver’s Pantry was a great proposition.

Malcolm met us at Oliver’s Pantry and we rode back together through the Deer Park and along the Greenway where big groups of ramblers were enjoying an extraordinary November day and alerted to the thought that NYCC have earmarked the Greenway as one of their considered routes for a “Harrogate Relief Road” The groups who had come from Leeds did not think much of that idea!

Lovely ride, job, done and excellent service, coffee and scones. Gia, Malcolm and Paul.




Wednesday Ride Group 2

Wednesday Dallowgill Ride - when the sun shines, in Colin’s words, “it would be rude not to ride up to Dallowgill.”  So, Colin, Kevin, Sarah, and Martin, set off in the lovely bright sunshine and chill morning to get to the top of them thar hills.  Out via the Greenway we climbed up to the Drovers and onwards through the big dip to Sawley, and of course for a coffee stop at GTs.  Refreshed we climbed again to Grantley and on up to the moors.  Stopping for a photo at the top we admired the stunning views and wound our way up through the steep lanes to Greygarth. We missed out the monument in case we clagged up our shoes and cleats, so Colin took us to another viewpoint.  Dropping down to Kirby Malzeard we decided to try the Grewelthorpe Community cafe.  It was very good and to be recommended.  It is open every day including Sunday from 12 to 4.00.  Then we zoomed down to Ripon and headed home via Littlethorpe, Bishop Monkton, and Knaresborough.  48 miles in magnificent Autumn sunshine.  Martin W.


Wednesday Long Ride

Nine riders departed on a cool but bright morning from Hornbeam Park.  With Terry S looking at sites with a view to carrying out some maintenance work we were leaderless again.  Indecision once again reigned, west to How Stean or east to Easingwold were the options, eventually we set off for How Stean.  Despite some objections we started out on the route used by last Sunday’s Long Ride i.e. Beckwithshaw, Little Almscliffe, across the A59 and then alongside Menwith Hill.  We now headed into Nidderdale via Thornthwaite and Dacre.  At Dacre it was a steady climb heading for Yorke’s Folly and Pateley Bridge.  On arriving at How Stean Gorge it looked as if the café was closed, causing a momentary panic attack, but it turned out that the café was undergoing major refurbishment but the café was still in operation.  As part of the building works a glass floor has been installed that overhangs the gorge beneath.  After returning to Pateley it was decided to go back to Harrogate via Bewerley, Glasshouses, Summerbridge, Burn Yates and the Green Way.






EGs’ Ride Part 1

We had fourteen riders at Low Bridge.  Including Peter S from Boroughbridge (welcome Peter nice to have you with us, please ride with us again just to make sure we are as daft as we make out).

The day showed great promise for cycling weather and ideas abounded, but democracy has no place in today’s world so Dave`s P &W said Morrisons cafe Wetherby and we will take it from there.

The number of cyclists present made sure Morrisons profits were up but their catering is still good and reasonably priced.

We were joined for a time by Fair Helen of Wetherby whose other half Keith was having his eyes tested, this is not needed by the EG`s who can still just read the menu.

Soon we were back on the road and heading for Collingham, Dave W took the big group on to Thorner, Bob (with Ohm`s, Amp`s and Volt`s under his seat) Dave P and Norman headed up hill to Bramham where Bob headed for Thorner, DP and Norman carried on to Stutton and in to Taddy via the A162 and in to a crowded Lemon Tree Cafe, Dave W`s main party joining us 15 minutes later (that is actually good planning for time and required distance).

Then it was back via Walton and the cycle path to Wetherby and the B6164 to Knaresborough, on the way back we managed to lose (amongst others) Eric and Rob, however Rob was seen again on Harlow Hill.

It was a good ride with better cycling weather than most of the summer days. For the Harlow Hillbillies Dave P was on mid-forties and Eric on mid-fifties? mileage.

(see what Dave W has to say).

EGs’ Ride Part 2

Approaching North Rigton from Little Ribston the vision of a raptor (Thought to be a Buzzard) perched on a nearby fence reminded us how lucky we are to live in North Yorkshire as 14 EGs headed for our first "fuel" stop in Wetherby, joining numerous other lucky cyclists, (with plenty of mid-week time on their hands,) at Morrisons.
Following our break, Dave S & Marvin left us to return home early to meet alternative obligations, whilst the remaining twelve aimed for their ultimate goal of Tadcaster.
Crossing the newly rebuilt  Linton bridge the group split on reaching Collingham.
Four members pointed their wheels directly across the A58 to climb up towards Lady Wood to then turn to Bramham . The peloton, comprising eight riders, turned right to take in East Keswick and to climb up the rise through East Rigton.
The 1 in 5 hill (Mr Garmin says 18% reports Eric) proved slightly more of a challenge than anticipated as, from a standing start at the traffic lights, it rears up immediately catching out those who found themselves on the wrong ring.
Pausing at the summit (waving to Bob travelling in the opposite direction heading for " an early bath" so to speak,) to allow everyone to catch up, we marvelled at the wonderful views to our left accompanying the brilliant sunshine on this early November day as we travelled the ridge, eventually turning south past Compton, all the while trying to ignore the muddy surface helpfully supplied by the local farmers.
As we continued we took in Thorner, to then changed course for Bramham. A short diversion saw us sweep down to Stutton, but swinging left at the cross roads down the hill, catching out those who assumed our usual tack.
As we entered the Lemon Tree cafe in Tadcaster, Dave P & Norman were seen to be tucking into their "baked beans" etc. having arrived 15 mins. earlier. The cafe seemed overflowing with customers with a definite risk that we could not be accommodated. However our host made considerable effort to squeeze us all in when a table in the window became unexpectedly vacant.
Our return journey followed the usual route at a steady pace but on reaching nearby Thorp Arch, Peter, a new member from Boroughbridge (Welcome Peter,) turned south to pass by Tockwith  cross roads on his way home.
 By now Dave P's knee was causing a little concern, so we followed the local cycle path to Wetherby to miss out any hills.
It was at Wetherby the so far successful ride went all wrong as some members decided to peel off the back to adopt an alternative way home. Four other riders lost sight of the main group, at this late stage being paced by none other than Norman! The same four swung left at North Deighton, thinking Dave P. might have taken this route, only to find, perhaps he'd " disappeared into the mist" but actually he'd continued straight on.
Only five riders returned to Knaresborough, must be a record losing so many? We had, however, completed a more than satisfying ride in unexpectedly good weather for November completing 42 miles albeit for those from the upper reaches of Harrogate in the region of 46 miles.  Dave Watson.




All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.