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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 599

Short Ride

On a grand, if not nippy day for cycling 14 of us chose this 20 miler (as ordained by the gods of WE), a flattish route eastwards. A swoop down the showground hill is always a good start but we managed to lose one in Knaresborough a bit later. First time I've managed to lose someone from the middle of the ride. Dave to the rescue, though.
Bits of the A59 challenged us briefly but otherwise it was a sedately run through the quiet villages of Goldsborough, Coneythorpe and Arkendale to the caff stop on Waterside.
Thanks to Joe for back marking and acting as Overtaking Gap Monitor.  Paul B



Medium Ride Group 1

There was a good turnout for the Medium Ride today on what proved to be a lovely crisp Autumn day and so we split into three manageable sized groups. I set off with 9 and landed back with 6, but am assured the others got home safely. We followed the advertised route to Spofforth but then diverted via Little Ribston and the cycle path alongside the A! to avoid the reportedly very muddy Harland Way. We also avoided the centre of Wetherby having linked up to the cycle track to Walton and sampled again the new section into the village. It was then a straight run against a rising wind along Rudgate to Cattal, Whixley and into Tancred Farm for well-earned caffeine and food. Somehow, we had overtaken Keith and Helen’s group and subsequently discovered they had diverted to view the restored viaduct at Newton Kyme. It meant however we got our order in second, behind the faster first group. Despite the slightly slow service we enjoyed a good selection of food and drink and all were impressed with Dave P’s chat up lines which secured him a table to himself and Bridget and first to be served. Also on the pretexted of getting a head start he set off with Bridget ahead of the rest, indicating we would catch them up but we never did!  However, after a bit of a struggle with the wind through Great Ouseburn we turned for the final run in home through Arkendale and Knaresborough, where I abandoned and the remainder went on to their own routes home. The highlight of the day was a helpful motorist who stopped to allow us to cross the By-Pass at Rudding, otherwise it was a good day out in good company for which many thanks to all who joined me. Also, grateful thanks to Kevin who did a sterling job of back marking and general shepherding. I recorded around 40 miles, and so well done to everyone.  James G.



Medium Ride Group 2

Today was a perfect Autumn day with only blue sky, sunshine and no wind.  We took one group of eight, comprising Jo, Liz, Steve, another Steve, Mike, Peter, Keith and Me.  A perfect size to divide seamlessly into two groups of four to avoid annoying other road users. It was good to see Steve out on his bike again after hip surgery and he seemed on excellent form and never faltered once, not even in the face of a bacon and black pudding sandwich at Tancred Farm. Jo accompanied us as far as Wetherby before returning home solo via a scenic route.  We then had to divide ourselves into two groups of three and a half to avoid annoying other road users. 

At Thorpe Arch a few of us followed Keith on foot through mud and nettles to have a look at the restored bridge over the River Wharfe that will eventually form part of the Wetherby – Newton-Kyme – Tadcaster cycle path.  It is looking good. We paused again at Tockwith to glance at some interesting cars, not so much racing round the track, as processing in a rather stately fashion for no apparent reason.  

It was lovely and warm in the sun but the minute you crossed on to the dark side of the moon the instant chill reminded us we are now in winter mode.  The cold makes you a bit peckish so the speed was surreptitiously upped en route to Whixley and Tancred Farm Cafe.  The service was mind-blowingly slow but, on balance, worth the wait and it was nice to have some jolly banter with the other medium riders who had beaten us to it.  

On exiting the cafe you had the distinct feeling the sun was fading but we only had about ten or twelve miles to do and it was a pleasant easy route back through Great Ouseburn, Marton, Arkendale, Farnham and Knaresborough which made our daily total 42 miles. 

Everyone behaved impeccably today. Nobody’s hand touched anybody’s knee and no bottoms were squeezed.  Quite dull really.  Except, I did notice that, whilst doing a bit of ad hoc back marking, Mike stood to one side, on two occasions, and said “after you” to one of our ladies – so the Authorities will have to be informed!  Helen T




Medium Plus Ride to Yeadon Tarn

The published medium plus ride to Yeadon Tarn had no ride leader so Sue C very kindly volunteered me- thanks Sue. Seven of us set of towards Burnbridge on a lovely crisp and bright Sunday morning-you couldn't wish for better weather in November. Paul T bid us a fond farewell just past Weeton in order to get back to his armchair to watch his football team Sunderland play away at ?? Sorry forgot who they were playing Paul but hope they won. The remaining six continued towards the A61 and safely negotiated the busy road through Dunkeswick and Castley. Through Pool and climbing Creskeld Lane we hit Bramhope. Although we cycled past the end of my street Yeadon Tarn was calling. The route said through East Carlton and straight on... argh I should have gone left down Cemetery Road. Thankfully Alan stopped me otherwise we would have ended up in Guiseley. We had a lovely picture taken with the Tarn in the background and it was 'about turn' for coffee at the Cheerful Chilli. Shame the lady who served me wasn't cheerful when I asked for a 'large' scone and tea. That's an inside joke. After the stop I set off home to Bramhope with the remaining five cycling down the East Chevin road towards Otley and ultimately Harrogate. Am hoping that you all arrived safely and agree with me that it was a good ride.  Janet G



Medium Plus Ride to Brimham

Martin offered a splendid ride to Ripon, Fountains, Sawley and Brimham which was enjoyed by a group of seven. We enjoyed the warm sunshine and outstanding views, a few climbs and most of all an excellent cafe stop at Oliver’s Pantry which was new to two of the group. One member proffered that a coffee was a coffee wherever you went and we assured him that this was not the case. Whether he could entice the EG’s there is another matter but he reckoned a select group could be tempted. The service was excellent, food excellent and loads of coffee.
Our return through the Deer Park and up the Sawley Moor Road “the wrong way round” was a delight as was the run to Brimham and Burnt Yates. We met Malcolm at Brimham, he was on his way to Oliver’s Pantry.
Home in good time, the sun still shining, an outstanding ride, great company, thank you Martin. 41 miles. Gia




Medium Plus Ride Faster Group

It was a lovely Autumn day for a cycle ride and seven of us set off from Hornbeam as the leaderless medium plus faster group. Once we had negotiated the ever-expanding Harrogate traffic light system, we made good progress to Kirby Overblow, enjoying clear views of York Minster and the Wolds from the top of Walton Head Lane, and onwards through Weeton and Castley. Turning left in Pool, we initially headed up Creskeld Lane, but two of our number - one of whom had earlier said that she intended to try and slow the pace down - decided this was not enough of a challenge and persuaded us all to continue to Black Hill, which certainly was!

Dodging the flashy motors in Bramhope, we headed on up Old Lane, but then, against the advice of Glynn, who knew the way to Yeadon Tarn, the leaders sprinted off down York Gate towards the Chevin and, by the time we reassembled, it was really too late to turn back.

After a rapid descent into Otley we stopped to say farewell to Glyn and discuss where to go for coffee. No one seemed to have any clear preferences so we ended up riding around until we found a modest establishment on what was probably the High Street, which met our requirements fairly well and seemed popular with other cyclists.

The same team who had taken us up Black Hill then decided that Norwood Edge would be a jolly jape, so onwards and upwards we duly slogged. As we neared home, the views of the reservoirs and the Moors beyond Harrogate were marvellous. By the time we got back, we had apparently climbed 3000 feet in 35 miles.  DW 






Long Ride

Eleven riders opted for today’s ride to Masham. It was cool and bright as we set off from Hornbeam with just a hint of the forecast North Westerly wind. We progressed out of Harrogate via Beckwithshaw, then heading towards Little Armscliffe and onto Menwith. Here we headed for the toll bridge and up Stripe Lane to Brimham. The full force of the wind was then felt, seaming much stronger than the forecast 10 MPH. The edge of the moors were reached after passing Felbeck and then it was onwards to the mid ride café stop in Masham. The return to Harrogate via the flatlands north of Ripon was inturupted by the need to re-tension and true the ride leaders rear wheel. Trevor providing the required kit. We passed through Ripon and onto Bishop Monkton where some peel off started.

Ride stats. 65 Miles, 1200M climbing and unlimited views of the beautifully area we are so lucky to live in. Martin D




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