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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wednesday Rides

EG's Ride

We had eleven riders at Low Bridge and Dave Watson suggest Spa Gardens Cafe in Ripon and then on to somewhere around Masham.

This sounded good, well to some the Cafe bit did, this would be the “B” team.

Away went the “A” led by Dave Watson, the “B” team consisting of Bob (on his mean electric machine) Dave P (on his bad leg), Norman and Roy.

The was the way Bob went up the hills on his machine that left Dave P living in electric dreams !.

On arriving at Spa Gardens Cafe the “A” team was found sitting outside (and it is the !st of November) that`s hard men for you.

The “B” being made of less sterner stuff went indoors, where the “her” saw to our needs, soon to be joined by Rob, who did not see to our needs..

The Halloween cake was the vilest looking piece of confectionary on view, and demanded to be eaten (see photo).

It reminded you of a piece of cake your Grandad might might have taken with his tea to the potting shed or greenhouse and had forgotten to eat it and it had laid there for a few years.

The “A” team then headed north,like the Legion of the 1X th, (The Hispana ? , that`s topical) but they are sure to return, look forward to your report Dave W.  

The “B” team returned via Bishop Monkton, Markington, Ripley and the Greenway, on the Greenway we picked up some more Wheel Easy including Mike who joined us at the front.

We also saw a butterfly on the Greenway, and this is November the 1st, he must have missed the last flight to sunnier climes, perhaps he choose Monarch ?.

A nice little ride and not to demanding for the bad leg brigade.    Dave P.


The EGs split into two groups after "elevenses". Dave P., nursing a suspect kneecap injury, led a small breakaway group back home via Boroughbridge whilst Dave W. cont'd further north, heading for Masham, accompanied by four enthusiastic riders taking advantage of the dry & mild conditions, perhaps even a little sunshine.
Heading towards Grewelthorpe an unexpected diversion was taken as we veered off to the right taking in Mickley via Musterfield  and Carr House Farm.
Now faced by the 1:5 Mickley Bank we all successfully made it to the top being grateful for the newly surfaced upper section removing the dangerous potholes often being dodged on the usual downward direction.
A short pause to catch our breath, a brief drink & off we went again, yes, upwards. This time passing through Grewelthorpe we took the narrow track towards Warthermaske attempting to avoid the selfish motorists sweeping down in the opposite direction.
Cresting the top of the climb we were met by a strong unexpected wind and was grateful for the long fast descent past Swindon, away from the wind to our lunchtime break in "Jonny Bagdads "
The baked beans came up to the usual (on Dave Siswick scale) standard as we all replenished our energy resources.
Colin reluctantly had to leave us at Masham to head off home directly through Fountains, reducing our ranks to four.
As if we hadn't had enough hills we continued from Masham towards High Burton turning right to take in the steep climb back towards the main "B" road.
Marvin reminded our leader that the days were now shortening and it was likely to get dark somewhat earlier then perhaps expected. Assurances were given that the intent was to get back at least by 4.00pm as we swooped  down to Snape.
At the left turn junction a confusing road closed sign was spotted followed shortly by an " End of Diversion" sign. We chose to ignore these, trusting in our instincts that clear passage would be found ahead.
Several miles passed before an obstruction was spotted as "Linemen" were seen working from a "Cherrypicker" behind which was clearly a lorry blocking the road.
A quick holler from Geoff soon persuaded the driver to close his door so we could guide ourselves past only to be faced with dangling cable ready to garrotte us all as we made careful passage, followed by two more "Highways" vehicles spanning across the carriageway.
Squeezing between the two we gathered speed as we turned south towards Wath.
Departing Crow Wood before reaching Nosterfield we were aghast to be met by the sight of yet another vehicle partially blocking our way and alongside seemingly a farmer carrying what looked like a dead sheep on his shoulder.
Enquirers were met by a brief " it's not dead, it keeps escaping " as it was observed to be released and clamber off on it's own!
Passing through Ripon, Dave S diverted us through Littlethorpe as we made our journey homeward.
At the top off Sandybank the time had reached 3.46pm so definitely we were on track to meet our deadline.
We were all pleased that the ride, had been accompanied by unexpectedly good weather for the 1st November the bonus being that we had being able to complete 55miles (albeit Marvin probably completed more like 60 plus miles.     Dave Watson.






Long Ride

Eight riders left Hornbeam with a loose plan to arrive in Masham for lunch by an unspecified route.  That route turned out to be via Ripley, Bedlam, Shaw Mills, Sawley, Grantley, Kirkby Malzeard (where three deadlines bailed out), Grewelthorpe and Nutwith Common.  Lunch arrived somewhat piecemeal at Johnny Baghdad's, after which we headed home via Nosterfield, Hutton Conyers, Ripon, Littlethorpe, Farnham Xroads and Knaresborough.  Richard Leake.


Poddlers Ride

After a busy night on our broomsticks, four Poddlers' set off to revisit a regular route, which had been out of use for several years due to bridge collapse after a flood.  So in grey damp conditions we pedalled off to Knaresborough, Low Bridge where we saw a gathering of E.G.s, onwards to Little Ribston where we bumped into all the Wednesday riders who were heading towards Askam Richard Prison Cafe, at Wetherby we all decided to continue up to Boston Spa and eventually to Bramham.  Now really by this time it was too late to turn back and we all turned towards the ridge above Collingham.. After  glorious ride down to Collingham and a quick photo opportunity near a bridge, a bit of up and down we reached  Wetherby and a coffee shop where we very quickly had three of the best cheese scones sampled recently and a very fruity toasted teacake, three americanos and a çup of tea.  Aware of timing we hurried back onto our bikes and tried to whiz home.  Sadly the whizzing  was not quite so whizzy as anticipated after our break, so we arrived back in Harrogate apparently a little late. We had had a lovely ride at a gentle pace, having put the world to rights yet again and a very pleasant time..  Thank you all. 35 miles, 15,467 paces,  73 floors and a mega blob of good fun. CG



Wednesday Ride

oday was billed as a flat ride with 12 of us heading out through the Showground, and on south to Follifoot and Spofforth.  The grey skies only showed occasional glimpses of blue peeping through as we pedalled along at a good pace through the Vale of York to Tockwith and Long Marston eventually arriving at the Askham Grange cafe at Askham Richard to be served cafe and hearty snacks. After being initially overwhelmed by a gang of hungry cyclists the staff recovered well and we were served cheerfully.  The cafe is definitely to be recommended and we will go again.  Afterwards we chatted our way through the lanes to Wighill, and then to Wetherby.  At this point we split up with 5 of us going the quick way back via Little Ribston and everyone else opting for a longer return via Sicklinghall.  The shorter route covered 44 miles.  Martin W.



All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.