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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Wednesday Ride

With a poor forecast of rain and winds there was a smaller number of riders than usual gathered at Hornbeam for todays ride.

However, James was decisive in organising the groups and dispatching them- but when everyone had gone only me and James were left for the ride to Askham Grange!

Undeterred we set off via Knaresborough and along Abbey Road where we met Richard and Lesley who were on their way to join up with the EG's. After a quick chat they decided to join us and forgo the joys of  Morrisons cafe (We were sure they would head there!)

With the wind changing direction we had a steady ride to Askham Grange with section of head wind and others getting pushed along by a tailwind- but most importantly no rain.

We arrived at the cafe and first impressions were good with everything looking new and sparkling and plenty of space and inviting food.

James had bought the discount voucher so the prices were good and the coffee and service were also good. For those who haven’t been its worth a visit.

After the coffee break we set off back via Wighill and Thorp Arch onto the cycle path and into Wetherby. We were still dry, despite a threatening sky, as we headed for Kirk Deighton and Little Ribston.

James, Lesley and Richard headed for Knaresborough but with perfect timing the Wanderers ride arrived and were heading back to Harrogate so I joined them and avoided a solo ride.

By now there was some rain in the air but it looked like we would make it home dry -until we were in sight of Hornbeam when the heavy rain began and, ironically, most people would have got wet on their way home.

However, it was a small price to pay for an unexpected rain free ride and the testing of a new cafe.

Thanks to James for the route and Lesley and Richard for their company and to the Wanderers for letting me join them for the last leg home.

40 miles with only 1 in rain. Result!


Poddlers Ride

The morning Radio 4 weather forecast was foul, Accuweather foretold doom, gloom, tempests and flooding, the BBC on the computer foresaw all this but backwards,  the view from the windows  suggested wind and a bit of brightness.  Again, this Wednesday, the wet windy outlook prompted a perfection of poddlers ' and as we were meeting poddler 5,  at a precise time at the end of the Green Way we set off speedily. ...hopefully not too rudely, to meet our deadline.  At precisely 10.05 we met poddler 5 and decided on a quick spin up to Holly Bank and down to Hampsthwaite, back up to Killingholme and home.  This plan was  carried out and we were home before any of the dreaded atmospheric predictions overtook us. Loads of other things had, but not predictions.    No coffee stop was forthcoming as I did not want to be stranded in the Harrogate hinterland in the middle of a deluge. We all returned home feeling a little bit smug and not entirely over worked. A few miles, ridiculously 47 floors climbed and  a lot of world problems solved.CG


Wednesday Wanderers Ride

Wind and rain forecast.

10 Wanderers set off on Route 32.

Maris, Alison, 2 × Liz, Peter,  2 × Steve, 2 × Mike.

Burn Bridge, Kirkby Overblow,  Sicklinghall, then small detour through Stocked Park, to Spofforth cycle track to Wetherby. At Wetherby Steve left us for Knaresborough.  We carried on to cycle track past Race Course. We then too cycle track to Thorp Arch for coffee break. Cycle track looking quite colourful with fresh fallen leaves.

After the break we rode out to Tockwith village then over Cattal bridge to Hunsingore and to Walsh ford Bridge for photo shoot.

Next stop Little Ribston where we parted company with Mike who cycled with James to Knaresborough. Whilst Mike left us we had the welcome company of Kevin for the ride back to Harrogate.

It was quite windy on way to Spofforth but kept the rain off! Some great company, who all integrated with one another. Thanks to all.

If anyone rides with Liz F and needs puncture repair - she's your 'man' ! We'll done Liz.

Mike Wills



EG's Ride

The weather forecast was not good on the BBC website with two little raindrops falling out of the hourly clouds.

Whilst making a quick stop at Hornbeam carpark I was asked which Morrisons cafe we were visiting today ?.

We had six riders (50% Daves) at Low Bridge, and the weather forecast and wind direction said it had to be Morrisions at Boroughbridge and then see how the weather developed.

Dave Watson offered to lead a round about route to Boroughbridge, I drew the short straw, I had to write the report, and remember where we went (remember Ha !).

Listen carefully I vill say zeece only wunce.

Abbey Road to Grimbald Bridge to Scriven to Lingerfields to Farnham to Occaney (wonderwheels again, but a PB for DP) to Staveley to Moor End to Arkendale south to Coneythorpe sharp left North to Clareton to Arkendale (again) North to Grafton Grange to Grafton to Glebelands Farm left towards Minskip but then in to Morrisions Cafe to meet up with Bill and Norman who had seen the light and escaped.

The food was good and very prompt and we tended to linger a while. We had done around 15/16 miles from Low Bridge to Boroughbridge.

Bill and Norman then escaped again and headed for home, Dave P, Dave W, Dave S and Peter B (75% Daves) headed to Boroughbridge city centre to Aldborough to Lower Dunsforth to Grafton Lodge to Grafton to Marton (this was like ascending the Alps) the raindrops now started to leave the clouds. to Arkendale, oh no! not again, b..... it on to Knaresborough, Harrogate and home.

A bit late but a photo was taken, all the good looking ones had got home sorry readers.

An excellent ride good tactics for wind and weather, nice one Dave Watson.

Hard to believe but Harlow Hill to Boroughbridge and back to Harlow Hill 44 miles, yes no fiddling of mileometer ?.       Dave P




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