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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Wednesday Rides

EGs Ride

It seemed that Wheel Easy numbers were down at both Hornbeam Park and Low Bridge this morning, due, in no small measure, to the less than delightful weather forecast, and also, in the case of the EGs, to a significant number of holiday commitments.  The pre-departure discussions were on our destination for the day, bearing in mind the forecast showers and wind, and so 8 EGs left Low Bridge (including a guest appearance by David R) making our way via Cowthorpe, Tockwith and Long Marston to Askham Richard.  The weather not only affected our numbers, but also our dress (covered knees outnumber naked knees by 14 to 2 - both mine) and our choice of bikes (mudguarded wheels outnumber naked wheels by 12 to 4).
Our mission was to sample the delights of the new coffee shop: 'The Grange', which is associated with HMP/YOI Askham Grange.  Shame that EG Roy wasn't with us today, we are sure he would have enjoyed paying a visit to an institution where he spent some time in his past - all, of course, on the right side of the law!  The EGs were well pleased with the coffee shop, and they serve a good range of hot and cold snacks, very suitable for coffee and lunch stops.  We duly received our 20% Wheel Easy discount on production of the voucher that came out in the Wheel Easy newsletter this morning.
After our early lunch stop, 5 made their way back home, whilst Dave W, Geoff and Eric were happy to chance their luck with the weather and extended the route via Rufforth, Hessay and Poppleton to Beningborough for a brief tea stop, and then back home.  At Sandy Bank, 2 continued on to Knaresborough, whilst I added more miles returning via Nidd, Ripley and the Greenway.  Home by 4.30.  61 miles for this Harlow Hillbilly, and pleasantly surprised that although we had a number of showers and a strong wind, it was far better than we expected.  Eric


EG’s Ride 2

The weather forecast was not that good, and it did seem accurate.

The first stop was Hookstone Car Park to put a deposit on a Christmas Lunch and to experience an unusual way of communication between riders of bicycles.

Where a female (definitely not a lady) descended into the car park, on a sit up and beg bike (with no helmet and iffy brakes ???) shouting “get out of my way”.

Then down to Low Bridge where we had eight riders.

The weather plus the forecast asked the question where would be our first coffee stop ?, the answer looked like Wetherby or Boroughbridge, however Eric had a piece of paper in his hand, this tends to indicate someone in authority or someone who has a cunning plan.

This promised a large discount and being native or adoptive Yorkshiremen who could resist this.

This came from the Wheel Easy newsletter which informed us of a cafe in Askham Richard, Bill Whale thought it was in that well known establishment for “Ladies” and was worried about his bikes security, no worries Bill it was in the plant nursery area.

Dave Watson led us there at a steady pace and it was into the said cafe with nice toilets and nice caffeine and calories. (see photo).

It was mentioned that one of our riders was the “Boss Man” at the establishment across the road and we were told that this was noted on a plaque ?, which resulted in silly jokes about blue plaques.

We believe that Eric then negotiated with cafe management regarding future discount (see long ride report).

The short riders (not in inches), Dave P, Dave R, Nick and Norman headed back the way we came Dave Watson took the other three somewhere (Eric to write report ?).

A good mileage in somewhat wet conditions.       Dave P



Wednesday Wanderers Ride

On a cloudy morning with a poor forecast, 4 brave people set off from Hornbeam. Liz p. Dave. 2 x Mike's. On the way to the Greenway we picked up another Dave. So now a small group of 5. Our route Ripley Markington Bishop Monkton Roecliffe Boroughbridge  Minskip Staveley Farnham Knaresborough, Home. Cycling through with wind behind us and some dry roads, pleasurable. When we reached  the stone arrows we decided  to have photo session. Back on our bicycles proceeded on to Bean Vintage for refreshments. Set off back home into slight head wind. Every one in good spirits. At Farnham 2 x Daves and Mike said thanks.Then rode home. While Liz went for eggs - but none left! Thanks for good company, and the weather. 30 ish miles.Thanks to all. Enjoyed ride.

Mike W.




Poddlers Ride

The forecast varied from source to source, but the concensus was wettish off and on and a tad blowy.  Amazingly there seemed to be more Poddlers' than any other group...what is going on  ...do they like cycling in the wet?...or were they just as confused as ever.   Anyway only one absense note....and that  was a cycling excuse.  Five surprisingly keen ladies set off to find Anne who was meeting Jean at the wrong time and place, and Jane who was meeting all of us at the right time and place, only we were very late.  Every group had passed us and Jane and Anne, but eventually,  by  Ripley cats were herded and we were on track for Nidd in a fine fog of mizzle.  The initial plan for a normal 25 to 30 mile ride had evaporated  into the same mists as we were cycling through and all thoughts were on how quickly we could get round Lord Mountgarrett's garden before we dissolved.  We were quickly back to Ripley to discover the chief church coffee maker was on her hols, but as ever the Castle Cafe was open and remarkably  we experienced a really helpful reception, some good beverages but sadly an extremely  below par cheese scone that was quickly ànd jollily removed by a really helpful waitress. We spent a long time in serious discussion ànd thought provoking gossip before we set off for home along the Green Way.   Anne's sudden puncture sparked more moral and philosophical debate regarding our ability to fix the front schalbieless tyre versus Jane's more pragmatic approach of 'walk home with me and I'll put it on the car and drive you to your house'....which thankfully she insisted on and did...as the mizzle had deteriorated to drizzle and by that point real rain.  Well done everyone, we were out, and thank you back markers, side makers, front markers....  18 quite quick miles, 1,478 calories burnt according to my bit of technology, not to many paces and fewer floors.CG 



Long Ride

Seven riders turned out on Wednesday in anticipation of at least a morning’s worth of dry-ish riding in the direction of Cawood/ Selby and York, with a first stop at Lotherton Hall’s tea room.  It wasn’t long before light drizzle turned into heavy showers and persistent rain, telling us that play time was much shorter than expected.  What might have been a pleasant village-hop of a ride, avoiding Bramham crossroads, turned into a dash for Lotherton.  The group arrived damp and rather downcast and bagged a table next to a radiator in the hope of drying off a little.  Despite this, spirits soon rose once hot tea, coffee, scones and pasties (!) were eaten.  The Selby leg was amputated in favour of an honourable retreat via Tadcaster, Wetherby Racecourse and Spofforth to conclude a curtailed soggy day out after c 50 miles.  One of the group had suggested a ride on Thursday instead.  As it turned out they were spot on, as Thursday gave us a day of autumn sun.  We keep trying and hoping.

Terry Smith

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