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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 594

Medium Plus Ride

After a pretty wet few days, six of us placed our faith in the weather forecast - overcast, but mild, and rain only arriving mid-afternoon.  Our reward was spectacular.  On paper, it was a familiar ride to Masham.  In practice, there were some wrinkles that long-standing members didn't know, particularly on the way to Laverton and then after Kirkby Malzeard.  And only Colin knew about a short detour to Well - recently revealed to him by John Russell - which is very highly recommended.  What's more, at Masham we arrived to find the Sheep Show in full swing, all very jolly - but still, mercifully, plenty of room at Johnny Baghdad's.  At times visibility was poor, and rain seemed inevitable, but more often we had spectacular views across to Rosebery Topping and the line of the Cleveland Hills. Thanks to everyone for one of those days that is all the better for being so unexpectedly great, as we move into autumn.  Well done to Helen for managing her first proper Medium Plus with ease.  And no rain.  Perfect.  54 miles.  Justin K.




Medium Plus Faster Ride

A very small group of riders were gathered at Hornbeam today. Yes, it had been raining until a few minutes beforehand. Yes, it was grey and gloomy. However, the forecast was positive and we were all somewhat surprised that so many were staying in bed. Keith Tate was down to lead the slower medium plus group, but was unable to do so due to illness. Gia offered to lead a small gaggle of slower medium plus riders, leaving me to lead the faster group consisting of....me. Fortunately, Andy Clarkson turned up and doubled the size of the faster group. Andy and I tagged along the Greenway with Gia's group and then headed off on our own from Ripley. We rolled along through the road spray with steamed-up glasses and acquired a steadily thickening coating of muddy road crud. We rolled into Masham to find ourselves in the middle of Masham Sheep Fair, but fortunately managed to squeeze into Johnny Baghdad's Cafe. After beans on toast and bacon roll (and some useful pearls of wisdom from Andy about Garmin devices...to buy or not to buy a device with onboard mapping...that is the question...) we added another layer of crud to our legs en route through Wath, Hutton Conyers, Ripon and a speedy run home via Markington. The weather forecast was spot on: no rain, mild temperatures, slight winds and some nearly-sunshine around Masham. After 52 miles I arrived home with a distinct tide mark around my ankles and enough crud up my back to plant crops in. As I write this, I am trying to summon up enough energy to face cleaning my bike...must remember mudguards next time...     Michael




Medium Ride

Drizzle at 9am and a so-so weather forecast probably accounted for the low numbers at Hornbeam today. Six stalwarts (two Daves, Michael, Tim, Max, Sally) joined Geraldine and me for the medium ride, which wasn’t quite the one on the website. We had already decided to do that route back to front, to ensure we went down Jewitt Lane rather than up it, and the lack of a café stop on our planned route resulted in a detour. Showground (where there was a comic event on), Rudding, Follifoot, Spofforth and thence to Kirk Deighton and into Wetherby. Michael suggested Thorp Arch as a café stop, which was welcomed by all, and he led us there on the cycle path by the racecourse. In order to regain something of the original route, Michael again let us through Thorp Arch village, where a photo was taken and Geraldine broke her mirror.Then Boston Spa, Clifford and Bramham, at which point we were roughly back on the right route, albeit having done a few more miles than planned. Eastwards on the Roman road towards East Keswick and then North along the small quiet road with the piggies’ houses, down Jewitt Lane and into Collingham. Across the A58 and along Station Lane to Linton Bridge and past some very posh houses in Linton to Sicklinghall, where it threatened to rain but not significantly. Kirby Overblow, where Max went left along Walton Head Lane and the rest of us went North to the ring road, right down to Rudding and back via the Showground Hill. Thanks to Michael for helping us to find a good route.    About 39 miles        CPS



Short Ride

It was grey and raining....but Max was wearing shorts.....possibly for the first time this year...Ernesto was still in his study.....Max's not Ernesto's,as bikes don't normally have studies.....conditions were going to be confusing.  At Hornbeam there were not too many people and obviously lots of excuse notes.   Monica and I decided the short ride with many escape routes was for us and set off on the somewhat retro route to Almscliff Menwith, Sophie's and the Green way home.  Apart from the usual sorting out world problems, films, antibiotics, life in general....we saw  Lizzie Deignan(Armstead) who jollily wished us a good morning and we raced her up to Almscliff and gave her a bit of cycling advice......eat your heart out George D.???  We also saw and chatted with Steve  Neeta s husband and had a pleasant coffee in Sophie's and returned home via the Greenway..25 pleasant miles,11,568 paces and strangely 67 floors without getting too wet.        CG


Long Ride

Five riders were up for the hilly long ride today.  Although the Thursday weather forecast looked grim, today's actual weather turned out ok - no sun but that's nothing new!  There were 3 main climbs: Norwood Edge went well by Phil had to check his frame at the top after hearing a loud crack. Nothing was found but, shortly after, Phil abandoned to be on the safe side.  Later, he found it was a mudguard problem.  With a nice tailwind, we then went down to the community cafe at Darley - very good too. Malcolm M turned up just as we were leaving; good to see him as always.
The second climb was Hartwith Bank, which was a bit sharp but quite short.  At the Brimham crossroads, Dave turned right heading for home while Richard, Justin and myself went down to Pateley and on to Wath.
The third climb was Wath Lane and the dreaded drainage channels.  For a change, there was no traffic and the climb went smoothly.  At the top though, there was no sign of Richard or Justin so, after 10 minutes, I headed back down.... Fortunately they appeared just before I started on the main descent - they'd stopped to admire the view from the bench on the right. At the top, Justin left us, Richard and I going to Fountains and on to home.
So, a good day out, with about 60 miles, 3 main climbs and around 1700m of climb.  John Hackett
Thanks,           John

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