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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Well with 3 notes from 3 poddlers' giving excuses from holidaying again to guests again to headaches and general malaise, you know who you are, there was only one poddler ready to be accompanied by the kind Bryan on a variation of a magical mystery tour. How far would the leader go before she gave up? 

The long way to Knaresborough was long and it was good meeting Mrs Grimshaw who was obviously delighted to hear James was alright when we last saw him zooming off into the distance, with a plan to cycle many miles.  However, by then I had realised that coming back from Boroughbridge would be wind in your face-ish, so felt that a quick jaunt to Lingerfield, Scotton, and home via the ladies of Ripley church would perhaps not kill anyone.  Delightfully Bryan agreed and that is what we did.  Their coffee cake looked exceptionally tempting and quarter cheese scone was glorious, talk about will power...  I found out lots of things about bike tracks, channel crossings and Brussels.   We had a speedy return via the ...... yes... Greenway with the wind still in our faces. Thank you, Bryan, for your patience.... tactfully noting what a two-month layoff from Wheel Easy can do to a woman, without complaint.  19.5 miles, 9,867 paces, 54 floors at about 2 km per hour......obviously the Col de Madèlaine calls or more likely stage 20 in the Vuelta with its 28% up at the finish.CG

Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

A slightly showery & blustery morning reduced numbers to 11 for the Wanderers ride. The original plan for Brimham Rocks was “adjusted (ditched)” to avoid being blown away!! The alternative route selected was through Ripley, up Scarah Bank and then a ride via Watergate Lane to Fountains Abbey. An early coffee stop was accepted with little dissension. After coffee, decent through the deer park into Ripon, out via Littlethorpe, Bishop Monkton to the Mountgarret Estate & back to Harrogate via the Greenway. Overall, an enjoyable ride in good company with surprisingly pleasant weather (Vet Mike did not even need to get his cape out!!). A total ride of 34 miles.  Steve

Wednesday Ride

The forecast played havoc with the numbers for the Wednesday ride, unlike the Wanderers who were as usual out in force and well organised.
The hardy five, James, Martin, Paul, Paul and Gia took a view that an early coffee was a good idea as well as a wind assisted return.
So we cycled to Sophie’s along the Greenway which was full of windswept debris and after coffee we chose the scenic route back via Birstwith Hall, Pennypot and Stainburn.
The forecast was far better than expected and we only had a short shower and plenty of sunshine and typical Yorkshire views. Gia


Wednesday Long Ride

There were no takers for a long ride today; in fact, there was complete email silence from the usual crew.  True, at least two are engaged in derring-do in the Alps and I guess the forecast of high winds will have proved decisive.  Hitching a ride and back marking with the Wanderers proved a very agreeable experience, as did the early stop at Fountains and the discussions of a past epic from Nicola and some tasters of the forthcoming tour to The Netherlands.  Not fancying Mountgarret’s gravel on my narrow tyres, I spun off the group past Bishop M and headed for Boroughbridge and a ponder.  Easingwold came to mind, especially Tee Hee’s which I’ve not visited before.  With a fierce tailwind, all today’s PBs on Strava segments should be taken with a generous pinch of salt.  En route to Easingwold it was good to see that the iron parapet at Thornton Bridge is now re-instated after a lengthy wait, and very fine it looks.  Tee Hee’s were very accommodating when I asked for some beans on toast, which proved to be a little low-brow and not on their menu; thank you to Tee Hee’s.  The return from Easingwold was into the wind, mainly, and proved quite a slog from Cattal onwards, giving some mildly jellied legs on the final climb through the Showground.  Not a drop of serious rain fell and that which did fall came during the cafe stop – perfect timing.  Clouds stayed mostly high and broken giving some really clear distant views to North York Moors and a gleaming White Horse.  Stats – for what they’re worth – 68 miles, 2600 ft. ascent on a good day out. My thanks again to the Wanderers for a convivial first half.  Terry Smith

EGs’ Ride

On Tuesday evening the weather forecast for Wednesday morning looked somewhat grim, which probably accounted for why we only had seven riders.  However, if it was good enough for Yul Brynner, it was good enough for us, and we also could perform in a magnificent manner.

The wind was from the west, so it was either north or south and last Wednesday it was south so Spa Gardens Cafe it was to relax and discuss where next.

We had the cafe all to ourselves and Caroline took our photo (there`s nice).

Although the weather was very good the majority did not want a long ride so it was on to Wath and a small diversion towards Middleton Quernhow then south to Melmerby and the Industrial Estate Cafe for Lunch??, this was two stops in 20 miles even by EG standards this was unusual, but Eric had not had the pleasure before (the cafe that is) so it had to be done.

The cafe is no frills good value with highly rated beans. Baked beans on toast was ordered by many, being health conscious all on brown toast, but Peter who had ordered first got his last, but he had ordered white toast, and he whinged, but when his order arrived the waitress said my hand slipped and he had difficulty finding his toast under a hill of beans (see photo).

“Hill of beans” what Hollywood classic was that from? (Casablanca)

One of the topics discussed on the wheel was Thermodynamics, we remembered words but what they meant we could not remember, so it must be back to politics and sex, we remember the latter as a word but little else.

Then on to Rainton where Eric and Peter took their leave to do a few more miles in the good weather, the famous five (not an Enid Blyton fan) then headed for Hutton Moor and Marton-le-Moor, surprisingly quite a climb, then Boroughbridge and home.

We had been fortunate with the weather, particularly the wind and got in a fair number of miles.

Best wishes and a good holiday to Dave Siswick and Nick (no they are not going together) and we look forwards to their tales of happiness or hell in two weeks’ time.  Dave P.




Wheel Easy Abroad

Alpine Tour Day 2

Well, quite a hard day with a 26km climb and gradients up to 12% up the Col de la Madeleine.  My highlights:
- no rain!
- eating Haribo from my back pocket.
- Pascale from LA trying to outsprint me in the last 500m. He went too early so I sat on his wheel, sprinted by and won by about 5 seconds!
- a fast and exciting descent, spoilt only by coming out of half an S bend at speed to find a car on my side of the road.... Rubber was left on the tarmac. Fortunately, he/she woke up and swerved on to the correct side of the road.  Phew!
- getting a front puncture just after the end of the descent. Timed it quite well really.  10 minutes earlier might not have been pleasant!  A great day of pain today and another Col tomorrow!  John Hackett

Alpine Tour Day 3: Col de la Petit St Bernard

Well, what can you say - a 19 mile climb at around 6% average. Long but steady. And rain, then very cold at about 4 miles to the top. Next was a short blizzard before the border into Italy and the welcome restaurant. Couldn't find my winter gloves so it was open mitts for the return trip, and had to stop after 4 miles for a finger-restoring break. Then it was full-blast at 40+mph all the way to the bottom, only interrupted by hail and more snow. A great day out in what seemed like winter.  John Hackett  

Alpine Tour Day 4: Alpe D'Huez

The day starts with an 8 mile 'gentle' ride at 22mph (!). Then off up the Alpe. A tough few ramps at up to 12% to start with, then down to a more manageable 8-9%. Overall, it's 9 miles at an average of 8%. It was one of those days when you are full of beans so the remaining of the 21 switchbacks ticked off steadily - in the nice cooling drizzle. At the top it was the usual chaos trying to find the official finish line, but there it was, and away we went for a well-earned coffee. Then back by the very quiet and fast balcony route to the valley, with only the last bit spoilt by dodgy gravel repairs. Dave Rang and I really went for it on the main descent, hitting 40+mph and had a great time!  John Hackett 

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