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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 591

Short Ride

Seven riders opted for a shorter ride today with no new riders, so we rode through Hornbeam Park and along the bridleway, crossing Leeds Road through the Firs and Mallinsons and left onto Leadhall Lane. A right turn into Rossett Drive and left to Green Lane past Ashville College joining Whinney Lane, where we picked up Sue who was pleased to try our shorter loop today. So, 8 riders rode past the Squinting Cat, along Howhill Road to Otley Road, through Beckwithshaw village and up Norwood Lane to Stainburn Plantation. At this point, Caroline offered to take a slower group on a shorter route, so just five riders pressed on, past the Sun Inn, turning right into Pennypot Lane then left crossing the A59 and into Kettlesing. Tang Road took us a quiet route to the Birstwith road and drop down to Hampsthwaite, where 3 riders opted for coffee. Dennis and I then returned home via Clint Bank, Ripley and the Greenway. Mostly dry with mod west wind, 25miles and back by 12.30. Peter B. 

Medium Ride

I volunteered to lead this ride towards Leeds as I was going that way and gratifyingly the group of 10 agreed to follow me. The ride chosen was quite a hilly prospect but everyone accepted and completed the Ascents of Drury Lane and Weardley Bank and the short hassle of the A61 to be rewarded with some fine quiet riding around Eccup reservoir. Surprisingly this was a first ride in that area for some, so they got much amusement from the hideous architectural carbuncles on Wigton Lane. 

At the Dexter pub three of us proceeded to Leeds to ride the Open Streets event organised by British Cycling. Clearly popular, there were a lot of families making the most of the host of activities. A great event to encourage cycling. 

The rest of our group had set off for Wetherby from the Dexter so on our return from Leeds we cycled back through Wigton again hoping not to find a group of wandering lost cyclists. We didn’t so must assume they made it back to base.  We made it too, via a refreshment stop in Follifoot.  

We were luckier than forecast with the weather and even without my leadership that group would have had a good ride. As usual with WE - a nice bunch of riders.  Peter Lawley







Medium Plus Ride

Report 1

Mark led 10 riders on a slight detour through Lingerfield missing out Low Bridge, however managed to lose Richard and Michael who took a slightly more direct route and got to the cafe ahead of the main group. After refreshments, the 10 riders set off into the head wind towards Walshford and Little Ribston arriving back in Harrogate ahead of the rain. A good steady ride and better weather than expected! 

45 miles. 15.1 mph Julie E 

Report 2

A slightly autumnal feel to the start of the day, saw ten riders start off from Hornbeam for an advertised short medium ride of 40 miles.
A slight alteration to the route was prescribed by the ride leader was somewhat "lost in translation" (good film) and Michael and Richard were lost on the turning to Lingerfield, despite retracing part of the way back by our so-called leader (me!) He was unable to find them. Again, a slight deviation from the route took us through Dunsforth to just add a few miles and onward across Aldwark Bridge to Beningborough, where we found Richard and Michael.
All together now and suitably refreshed we retraced our route back to Aldwark Bridge and onto Whixley and Walshford. The group split as Martin, Andy and Paul headed for Knaresborough and the remainder set off into quite a strong headwind towards Spofforth.
Rain was in the air and a few spots of rain fell but nothing much, Richard left us as we approached Rudding and the rest of us took on the last lump of the day through the showground.
Back at a nice time 1.30, and good company as always, plus nice to see Julie out with us again. Good steady pace, not to fast,15mph average with 1700 feet of climbing.
6/10 for the leader. Generous I know Mark T 

Medium Plus Easy Group
Having seen the faster boys and girls depart the remaining group looked a bit more manageable and so ten of us left for High Bridge in good order leaving appropriate gaps for the traffic and took the usual route from Knaresborough, round the duck pond by pass for an easier crossing of the main road in Ferensby and across the Great Ouseburn. Church End Lane out of Ouseburn kept us off the main road for a short while and after an encounter with a horse who according to its rider was rather skittish, but appeared to us to be quite well behaved in the circumstance, we crossed a rather busy Aldwark Bridge and progressed into Beningborough. With little option but to sit outside, the sun came out and shone on the righteous and despite the attentions of the local wasp population caffeine and food was taken on, in some cases of larger proportions than anticipated. The return was into the increasing wind back over Aldwark Bridge and through Thorpe Underwood, Cattal and Hunsingore to Little Ribston. I then abandoned to return direct to Knaresborough and the remaining nine headed for Spofforth and home. Despite a couple of very short light showers we avoided the heavier forecast rain and clocked up about 45 miles at around 12 mph. Thanks to all for your good company and particularly to Mike for his assistance and Monica for back marking.    James G.



Medium Plus Ride (Lite)

A small but perfectly formed group of us this morning did not fancy Beningborough Hall Farm Shop café, and what with the weather forecast and all that, decided to simply short circuit the mid-part of the ride and carry straight on from Ouseburn to Thorpe Underwood and finish the ride as laid down in Calendar.

We were looking like an EGs offshoot, with two Daves and a Peter, but lacking an Eric, when lo and behold, another Eric turned up; welcome Eric 2.

We thought we could jump onto the tails of the fast lads, but having blinked, they were already out of sight. I thought that was our good fortune really, and expected perhaps a “kinder” ride.


We were soon up to speed, cracking on, on a mainly down wind route. Arriving at Walshford accordingly, well before 1100, and bearing in mind the preponderance of EGs on this ride, the draw of Morrys in Wetherby proved irresistible. Before we knew it we were enjoying the customary elevenses of toasted current teacakes, or sausage sandwiches in Dave W’s case.

When the time comes to hang up the old track mitts, and shuffle off to the seemingly inevitable retirement establishment (I can’t bring myself to use the word home), remember these halcyon days.

The decision was made to now extend our route back to Harrogate to include Sicklinghall and Kirby Overblow, a joy denied to Eric(2) when a text from home was received, asking him where he was, and didn’t he know he should be back by twelve (it was five to!).

The climbs back exposed our “café legs”, and the two Daves were happy to let Peter set the pace (well…he is the youngest of us).

We all parted company at the back door to the showground, and it was just starting to rain as I returned to Hornbeam.

Another excellent day out, even if it was a bit on the short side. thanks to all.            

Estimated mileage 45.                                  

You may wonder what my second photograph is trying to show; well, it is my back tyre photographed when I reached home today. It is a testament to Vittoria Zaffira tyres, and a warning to others perhaps, to check the tyres now and then. Do as I say, not as I do.        Dave S.




Wheel Easy Abroad – Alpine Ride

Highlights:  Heavy overnight rain had turned to snow at altitude and, boy, was it cold as 14 riders' and bikes were loaded onto 2 vans. We started the day's ride at Moutier and headed along the very good bike path for the start of the Cornet de Roseland climb at 20kms long.
It was a good steady climb, up to 12%, with a cold headwind for the last 2km.
At the top, it was jackets on for the fast descent to Beaufort. It was absolutely freezing and hands were numb. The cafe stop at the village helped warm us up but not fully.
It was then a 47km undulating run back to the vans for the run back to the chalet.
So, 100km and 6200ft of climb. A great day out!  John Hackett


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