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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 590

Short Ride

A small but perfectly formed group had a swoop down the showground hill on the way to Farnham and Arkendale, there to swing right to Coneythorpe and Flaxby.  The crossing of the A59 was problematical. Dennis gave up and headed back to Arkendale whilst two turned left to the newish roundabout. Yes, it was that desperate. The rest waited and, patience rewarded, got over to Goldsborough for the promised, intriguing sight.  Your correspondent had never seen the like before and felt that WE members would welcome a photo of a most unusual and useful object.  Picture to follow.

Thence to study the hydroelectric generator on the river near St James’ Park. It looks expensive yet forsaken.

About 22 miles at a modest pace.

Medium Ride

As there were 14 takers and 2 leaders for the Medium ride today, we were able to split into 2 groups. Our group of 7 followed the usual route down Claro Road, along the cycleway to Ripley and then through Hollybank Woods. Here we encountered Gill and Monica who were also making their way to Brimham, but by a 'less hilly route'. We sped down to Birstwith and along to Hartwith. Here the 'vicious' speed bumps reminded me that Joe had led us this way last Wednesday. Then it was up the 'benign' Strike Lane hill. On the hill, an eagle-eyed Bridget spotted a phone lying in the road. Being a responsible citizen, she picked it up. Once at the top, with some encouragement from the rest of the group, she pressed random buttons until Siri replied and was able to put her in touch with the owner. After some waiting around and another call, the owner finally caught up with us on the Brimham road. Another plus for Wheeleasy!  Our next stop was G&T's. As usual, we enjoyed lovely home baking and drinks. It was good to catch up with Neil’s group here.  We returned through Sawley and had just turned down the lane towards Fountains when we were aware of 'vrooming and roaring'. With just enough time to dismount, we were able to let a 'posse' of motorbikes speed past. With peace restored we made our way to How Hill and Watergate Lane. Sadly, there were no 'rocking horse' eggs to be had. A strong headwind didn't deter us speeding along to the Drovers and thence back to Ripley. Thanks to The Chief Inspector of Safe Cycling, Joe, for monitoring small group discipline from the back of the group. We were awarded a 'good' (i.e. room for improvement) with 'outstanding' for the last couple of miles. A cheery ride through beautiful country. Alison N 





Medium Slow Ride

What a great day.  Started off in some trepidation as leader but confident in the abilities and good sense of my companions.  The miles rolled by easily apart from the odd comfort break.  Caroline, the quartermaster, supplied all the food and fuel we needed to ascend Stripe Lane where a photo was taken at the summit.  At that point we were threatened by Yorkshire’s only Mafiosi sheep.  I am convinced the one in the middle said, “You looking at me...”.  Discretion being the better part of valour, we left.  Brimham Rocks passed by quickly and we were soon on the B6264, which was weird because that’s in Carlisle.  My trusty Satnav convinced me that we were truly on the B6265 so off we set to Sawley at a rapid pace.  I was surprised to see our faster colleagues at the G&T Cafe in Risplith, thought they would be long gone but it was a pleasure to see them.   At least was on the right track.   A good repast and we set off again through Sawley and Fountains Abbey.  Before we knew it we were in Ripley and virtually home.  One regret, no community singing.   After our resounding rendition of “The hills are alive”, on previous rides, I missed it.  Many thanks to all on the ride; it was a great pleasure...Neil Pell




Medium Plus Ride

Mike Wills volunteered to lead the ride from Hornbeam, Easingwold and back to Harrogate. Seven riders left Harrogate - 2 x Steve, Marvyn, Robert, Maris, and new rider Simon (welcome from us all) and myself.  Set off from Hornbeam and got into a good rhythm and made good time to Aldwark Bridge turn. 2 minutes comfort break. When ready to set off had to wait for peloton to go by!! (A block of 50/60 riders!) 

Proceeded over Aldwark Bridge with me saying to Robert "hope we can overtake then and get to cafe first”!! Cycled a couple of miles further and then saw they had stopped for a puncture on one bike, so we did overtake them!  Arrived cafe Easingwold and had refreshments then set off back with a strong head-wind. Group shared lead duties.  Had a good day. Thanks to all. We'll done Maris - personal best!  Mike 

Miles covered 56 at an average of 14mph



Medium Plus Breakaway

Thanks to Mike who stepped in to lead the official group and in order to reduce the pressure on his numbers a bit 7 of us opted to set off separately for Easingwold and then make further decisions there. In fact, we didn't make it that far before the group started to fracture, as having taken the alternative route through Goldsborough and the back road past the monstrous carbuncle that is the new recycling plant at Allerton Park into Arkendale and on to Great Ouseburn there was dissension in the ranks and Gia, Steve and Paul diverted for early coffee in Boroughbridge. However, Janet, Colin, Kevin and I pressed on and following a quick chat with Ravensthorpe Cycle Club at Aldwark Bridge were soon into the outskirts of Easingwold where Kevin saw the prospect of caffeine receding into the distance as he was outvoted on a decision to carry on to Coxwold and try the revamped cafe. This proved a good decision as the food and service, together with the reception from the newish owner was excellent and is certainly to be recommended for the future. The return was not quite into the wind and we made good progress across the flatlands towards Boroughbridge without incident except to be nearly swamped by the aforesaid Ravensthorpe riders who had now acquired at least two other club groups and were riding quickly in one large group without much organisation! Having escaped we arrived back into Knaresborough where I left the other three to head for home, although I gather Colin might be coming a Knaresborough “stopper” as well soon. I clocked 55.8 miles at an average of 12.60 mph and despite being a “flat” ride managed 616 metres of ascent. Thanks to everyone for the company and another good day out.  James G.



Medium Plus – Faster Ride
The faster medium plus group was today joined by Gavin, who used to ride with us before becoming a Cappuccino rider. We didn't have an official ride leader today, but somehow I was 'volunteered', although there isn't much leading required with this lot. Our group of eight cracked on straight to the cafe at Coxwold in 1hr 50mins, leaving Mark Townend en route at Easingwold to be collected and chauffeured home to walk the dogs. After leisurely consumption of beans, eggs, toast, cakes and coffee we set off. Well, blasted off was more how it seemed to me. My current lack of condition really showed as I struggled to hold on for the last 15miles. A hard ride (well, for me anyway!) and good company during our 55 miles. Michael I 

Long Ride

Five of us left Hornbeam following the prescribed route to Masham. We picked up two extra riders but shortly afterwards lost one due to a more important engagement. A good lunch was taken at Border House café. Lunchtime conversation discussed the vagaries of the ageing brain – not ours I hasten to add.  The return route was decided by the method of “let’s go with whoever has the strongest opinion”, so we duly set off on the shortest possible route between Masham and Harrogate.  We now faced a headwind but fortunately Martin had come armed with a special 50 foot invisible tow rope to drag us back home. An enjoyable ride of about 60 miles. Phil Stell


All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.