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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

Poddlers were scarce this morning, only Jean and me. We decided on a flat ride, and headed off through the Showground, past sainsburys  and on to Knaresborough, where we caught up with the EG peloton. After leaving them, we turned left at Farnham, and zoomed on to Scotton, Brearton and finally arrived at the church in Ripley for our coffee stop. The trip down the Greenway was chilly but speedy. The highlight was the sight of a stream of toddlers zooming on their balance bikes - the next generation of 'Wheeleasiers'! Jean headed for home at Bilton, and I made my way back to Hornbeam 22 miles.  Jen A


Wanderers’ Ride

A bit of autumnal chill in the air on the way to Hornbeam, but not a bad forecast. More than twenty riders for today’s Wanderers, so Dave G kindly offered to take a separate group from Geraldine’s and mine. Geraldine delivered the usual pep talk on riding responsibly in groups to allow safe overtaking.  

Through town and down the ASDA cycle path, Dragon Bridge and the Greenway (where Nicky joined us) to Ripley.  Dave G’s group had re-grouped there and set off again. Through Hollybank Wood and then up and down to Birstwith and along the Nidd to Hartwith Mill bridge and its vicious speed bumps. 

Briefly on the Pateley Bridge road, which was very quiet, and then right up Stripe Lane, which is definitely uphill, but benignly so. We re-grouped at a spot near the top of Stripe Lane and some of us picked and ate some very good blackberries. Dennis left us at this point, and Glyn had gone on ahead. 

On to Brimham Rocks and then right to Warsill and down towards the Drovers, re-grouping at the house at the junction with Watergate Lane where good eggs are available. By this time coffee and cake were calling, and there was no appetite for a detour via Foutains, so we sped down towards Ripley, showing good discipline with our grouping (confirmed by our back marker). 

Dave G’s group was already in Ripley Church when we got there, and we were provided with good refreshments sold in a good cause by the ladies (and one large gentleman who admired my Fat Lad At the Back gilet). Some discussions of diaereses and diphthongs took place, but Paul B was unusually reticent in these matters, whilst Bridget shone! Back along the Greenway. About 26 miles, Joe S


Wednesday Ride

James suggested a ride to Golden Acre Park and Otley which was a new ride for some of the group. We had a lively start with Kevin picking up two punctures before arriving at Hornbeam but ever lightning quick he had them sorted in time to meet us at Rossett Park Road for Angela to collect a helmet from Malcolm. So on our way through Kirkby Overblow and up the steep bank at Weardley we arrived at Golden Acre Park cafe for our first stop of the day. The park if you have never been is well worth a visit and a very good cafe with lots of seating inside and out.
Back on the road to Bramhope with Angela leading us through her home patch. We stopped briefly at The Knoll memorial which is a play area made out of the spoils of the railway tunnel which cost two million pounds to build in 1849!!! Our next viewing point was on the Chevin where we looked down over Otley and views of Great Whernside.
The downhill bit was much enjoyed as was the run along to Pool Pantry for our second leisurely stop of the day. Home via Almscliffe Crag and Stainburn for more gorgeous views and a mini air show from the model flying club.
36 miles, great company lots of hills and a great mix of cycling and two cafe stops. Gia M





Long Ride

With nine riders and an agreed plan, it could be said that the long ride had its act together today.  After a brief “constitutional” at Ripley we set a brisk pace to Fountains and beyond.  

Front runners Andy and David were briefed on the first stop for elevenses, which was to be the café in Grewelthorpe.  They duly arrived to find that the cafe was not opening ‘til 12.00.  However, some sweet words were found and the sole volunteer took us in for drinks at least.  In the end all went well as drinks and toasted teacakes were liberally dispensed as help was summoned from the village.  

Using Ilton as a bypass for Masham got legs and lungs ready for the main climb of the day up to Jordan Moss.  Past a very low Leighton Reservoir, we could see anglers a long way from the top of the bank.  We had been warned that a recent coat of tar and chippings had been applied to Trapping Hill; fortunately it caused little bother on the way up but we wondered about the steep descent to Lofthouse, which began soon after the summit photo (see picture).  

Caution was the watchword on the way down the hill; nobody tried anything heroic and all made it safely to Lofthouse.  But it was noticeable that on the very steep sections the surface dressing had already been stripped off by tyre tracks, after only a couple of weeks.  

After the usual blast to Pateley we took a late lunch in Teacups, along with a couple on the Way of the Roses who said that they had done it three times already.  Lunch was more than usually entertaining, not least for the menu choices of two (see photos).  In awe we watched Trefor demolish a sort of chicken burger and thought about clubbing together to get him a sweet similar to Richard L’s meringue-fest (picture), with the intention of slowing him down on the last leg of the ride.  But, neither happened.  I’m told that North Korea was “sorted” during lunch – I must have been still getting my order!  Brexit was touched on briefly but passions soon warmed up, so we headed for Ripley, there being no takers for Yorke’s Folly today.  

A brief pause at Ripley church revealed no serious takers for more tea and cake;  farewells were bid there and the day’s ride concluded in warm sun along the Greenway.  It had been a ride with challenging climbs (5300 ft in all) over a distance of 60 plus miles.  Thank you to all, especially Peter J who supplied the photos, and Lesley and Richard who gave us feedback on their recent ride down the Danube. Terry S


EGs’ Ride

We had a “round dozen” riders at Low Bridge, (some being a little rounder than others) and the weather being a little drier than last Wednesday when Harlow Hill flooded and Noah and an Ark were seen in the Pine Woods.
Dave Watson “volunteered” to be ride leader and it took all of his cat herding skills to get the lads on the road to Boroughbridge. Despite Dave`s ride route description the question “where are we going?” was frequently asked. This was Boroughbridge via Fanham, Ferensby,, Arkendale, Grafton Grange and Grafton.
Morning coffee was taken at the farm shop cafe near Kirkby Hill (see photos). After sustenance  Dave Watson took  the “A” team consisting of Dave Wilson, Dave S, Eric, Marvin, Nick and Phil and set off for Wath.
The “B” team consisting of Bob (the electric), Dave P, Ian, Norman and Bill (who caused some delay having lost the location of the toilets in the cafe)
Then it was on to Ripon via Skelton on Ure, at Ripon racecourse Dave P left the group to head for home, having a hot date for tonight.
Best wishes Bob for your forthcoming overhaul and service and we will see you as and when. Dave P

Despite the cool outlook and leadened skies, twelve EGs congregated at Lowbridge each sharing, one with the other recent reminiscences of adventures afar! Dave P reported that he could only join us for a short while and thus the "baton" was handed over to yours truly to take over leadership of today's ride.

Our initial aim was to head for Boroughbridge, but approaching from a different direction passing through Arkendale, Grafton and Aldborough and our first stop at Listers in Langthorpe. Our arrival revealed an empty cafe allowing the staff to attend to our needs with profound professionalism ensuring we were fed quickly.

Leaving Listers, Dave P. led three riders (Norman, Bill & Bob) towards home via Ripon, whilst the remaining seven pointed our wheels north towards our goal, Bedale.

Establishing a brisk pace Marvin pushed through the wind to maintain our course via Melmerby, Sutton Howgrave, Kirklington & Burneston. ( thanks Marvin, much appreciated).

Arriving approx. 1.20pm in Bedale we headed for the nearest eatery, The Hummingbird Cafe, where we enjoyed quality baked beans, albeit the sausage sandwiches, I am led to believe, did not come up to scratch!!

The usual " jibbing" and leg pulling accompanied our break whereupon we then headed off back home passing the local arboretum towards Snape, Thornborough & West Tanfield.

Time was, at this point running short, so the decision was made to continue directly to Ripon, straight down the main road picking up the pace as Eric took over the lead.(thanks Eric).

Reaching the Clock Tower, Eric & Marvin peeled off to partake of further refreshments at  the Sun Parlour in the Spa Gardens. The remaining five continued towards home at a steady and reduced pace returning to the top of Sandy Bank just before 4.20pm.

The general consensus agreed that our ride, covering upwards of 63 miles, had been completed at an approx. ave. speed of 14mph which for us "oldies" ain't bad!

Dave Wilson headed off via Scotton with the rest pushing on to Knaresborough where the deputy leader turned off for home. Dave W


All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.