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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

9.10am and the heavens open just as you are about to set off for Hornbeam. What do you do? You know that some will already be on their way and others in the same situation so you are in two minds. Thanks to the wonders of electronic communication you are able to assess that people have retired to M and S for an early coffee to see how the weather pans out.

About ten to twelve hardy souls sit sipping their lattes and flat whites as two more torrential downpours hit the streets and gradually people start to abandon and drift home other than the more local people who still hang on.

At about 11am the sky starts to clear and Paul indicates we need a decision on what we plan to do. A quick look around shows we are up for a short ride and a few texts later seven riders are ready for the off.

A decision to head for Wetherby is taken as the skies are still grey – but no rain. The roads are wet but the traffic is taking care and so we make steady progress through Kirkby Overblow and Sicklinghall and then into Wetherby where we stop for (more) coffee. The weather has improved and we are able to sit outside and discuss peoples love /hate relationship with Marmite!

With the sun breaking through we ride back through Kirk Deighton and James drops off to head home for Knaresborough and the remainder of us head back to Harrogate via Spofforth and the Showground.

A short ride after a longish wait but we were pleased we were able to get get a few miles under our belt. Thanks to all those who had the patience to wait (or was it you couldnt make your mind up about whether to go or stay like me!) and enjoy what was, in the end, a very enjoyable ride. Kevin D



Wanderers’ Ride

I set off from my Bilton home with light drops of rain falling and by time I got to the Stray the heavens opened and thunderous rain started, after a short, useless shelter under the trees I cycled on in the rain to Hornbeam not suspecting anyone would turn up. The usual intrepid or ‘insane’ take your pick was there: Mike W, Jill, three Pauls, Mike from Knaresborough, Robert cycled all the way from Leeds and was cycling back no matter what the weather. James appeared, Sarah drove in and said she was going straight back, but would join us for coffee. Mike took the photo of the shortest WE ride it started and ended at the same time under the trees. Lightning flashes and very loud thunder claps above, no it was not the EG’s full of beans, this was torrential rain with dramatic lightning. James proposed we all try to make our way to Marks for a coffee, where we arrived slightly damp and Kevin joined us. The lightening had put the cash tills out of action and we had to have our drinks on tick until they were repaired. The rain continued at full pelt and we were reluctant to go out and cycle home, but eventually it relented enough for us to venture out and back to our various homes. Liz F (I am thinking of changing my name to Noah! Or Jonah as every ride I lead the weather gets worse!)


After riding over to Hornbeam from Leeds I was determined to “do” a ride so after we had finished our coffee at Marks & Spencer I was very kindly lent a front & back light and set off riding. I went through Beckwithshaw, along the road and turned off past the Army College and carried on along that road. I turned left at the end and rode up the hill near Little Snowden, down Askwith Bank and along the river to Ilkley. By now it had stopped raining too....Yippee! Through Ilkley then and up Ilkley Moor, past the Cow’n’Calf  and carried on along the road until the left turn to Menston, I progressed then past Harry Ramsdens (Wetherby Whaler...old names die hard with me), along the A65 through Guiseley,Rawdon up the hill to the Airport  and  home through Bramhope (the sun came out too). Total miles = 45.27.

Thanks again for the loan of the lights, greatly appreciated. I am now going to wash the road muck off my bike. Cheers “Leeds Robert”



EGs’ Ride

Just a stalwart quartet assembled at Low Bridge this morning; no appetites for anything more exciting than Wetherby, but hey, that's more exciting than staying at home and having to do jobs.

Unprecedented lakes "bottom bracket deep" were encountered en-route to North Deighton, and we presented a soggy bunch at the usual watering hole.

I'm not sure why it took us well over an hour to have a cup of tea, but several important World problems were explored before we ventured out into drying weather.

The cycle path to Thorp Arch also posed navigational problems, but we made it, arriving yet again wet through.

Sustenance was taken on, and return through Rudgate and Cowthorpe made up a 30M ride.

Thanks to Terry W (good to see you mate), Norman, and Nick for an enjoyable ride inthe rain. Dave S.


All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.