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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 587

Short Ride

David, Pam, Elizabeth and myself set off from Hornbeam for a fifteen mile ride along the lanes around Kirkby Overblow. It was a lovely morning with great views from Walton Head Lane and Kirkby Lane. It was the first time the group had cycled the lanes and they enjoyed it. Although it's only fifteen miles there are a few hills to stretch you. David was trying out cleats for the first time on a ride and it was certainly a learning experience for him. As always the conversation was good.  Elizabeth and myself reminisced about growing up in Sunderland and Pam excited us all about a future car scheme her husband is trying to set up. We ended the ride sitting out in the sun at Crimple Hall enjoying coffee and scones. Thanks everyone for a lovely morning. Paul T



Medium-slow Ride

There was no scheduled leader for today's ride so as I hurtled to Hornbeam, I thought I would volunteer a tried and tested route from my limited repertoire. Thankfully, this was not required as Jen and Jill (Jack) waved to me and said, "We're off to Beningbrough, how about it?" No second bidding there! 

We were joined by five others and set off to cross Hookstone Road into Rayleigh Road when disaster struck Jill. Her magnificent mean machine shed a pedal in the middle of the road. This was duly retrieved and motorists kindly remained at the lights. Jill decided she would push her bike to Specialised and having ascertained that she was alright, we continued to Marton cum Grafton where John and Judith left. Dennis and Brian turned off from great Ouseburn leaving three of us to forge onward to Beningbrough and coffee. However, Judith had warned that the queues there may be long given the beautiful weather. Graham knew that the pub at Linton Lock could be a better choice so we turned into a lovely location beside the lock. 

Unfortunately, we were too early for food and Graham was hungry so set off on a food hunt and Jen and I spent an hour+ drinking coffee and eating lemon drizzle cake in the sun - heaven! We decided to return from there rather than press on to Beningbrough and had a lovely run via Thorpe Underwood, Whixley, Hunsingore and Knaresborough and thence to Hornbeam.

An excellent 43 miles - thank you, Jen, and trust Graham found his Sunday lunch and that Jill's bike will soon be ready to roll. Sue D


Medium Ride

The clockwise one. 

Seven of us made up this group and at Low Bridge we were joined by Darren, not seen for several years.  So then we were eight and we headed to Copgrove to follow the bridleway eventually bringing us to Roecliffe, and Boroughbridge. 

Bean Vintage looked after our need for sustenance, and well provided for Darren left us to return after a short ride.  The rest crossed the river bridge taking the turning for Milby and we followed through to Thornton Bridge, Brafferton, and then cycled along the quiet lanes to Myton-on-Swale. 

After passing the country estate of the late Sir Ken Morrison we paused for a break and snack at the Myton-on-Swale Bridge.  This was the scene of a famous battle in 1319 when marauding Scots Armies slaughtered a disorganized rabble of Englishmen.  Now we numbered a Scotsman, a woman claiming half English and half Scots, two Welshmen, and three English cyclists.  The potential for a re-run and English retribution was only averted by the Leader demanding a return to the bikes, so we all escaped mostly unscathed. 

A short stop at Aldwark Church to admire the arts and crafts style architecture was the highlight of the return.  It was then back homeward after 42 sunny miles. Martin W



Anticlockwise  version!

There were too many of us for one group and so we split into two with Martin very kindly taking the clockwise route to Borougbridge first and then on to Myton and Aldwalk, whilst seven of us took to other way round and set off by the usual route to High Bridge. 

Having extracted ourselves form the Medium Slow group at Woodlands Corner we made uneventful progress on what was turning out to be a beautiful sunny day through Knaresborough and Arkendale to Great Ouseburn where we had a photo shoot before Paul B departed to buy milk and if he could carry it, Bathroom cleaner(!), before heading for home. 

The remaining six fought our way over Aldwark Bridge with the traffic and were joined for a short while by Steve and Neeta Wilson who were enjoying a quiet trip to Easingwold. We took a short snack and drink break on the way into Myton and then had a look at the bridge and the description of the White Battle. After admiring Julie’s new(ish) bike we made rapid progress to Helperby, Broughbridge and into Bean Vintage for caffeine and sustenance, managing to get six of us around a table for two! 

The return was via the usual route of Minskip, Staveley and Knaresborough, where, having hopefully persuaded my companions to consider becoming ride leaders for the Medium Group, I then set a very bad example by abandoning them to their own devices. Thanks to Helen, Julie, Caroline, Neil, Dave and Paul for your company today on a vey enjoyable 40+ mile route with little in the way of hills but plenty of warm sunshine and a minimum of a breeze. James G




Medium-plus Ride

Well the sunshine really brought out the riders today. There were 20+ takers for the medium plus ride, being led by Gia and 'first time leader' Debbie H. Fortunately Gia had been given a pass out by her visiting family and her school teacher skills were certainly in evident trying to organise such a large group. Justin (the fast one) was sent off with a group leaving fourteen. We were treated to a real send off as we cycled past Gia's house and her waving family - Malcolm with camera in hand-Lovely! 

Onward we travelled up to Little Almscliff with Colin pointing out landmarks in the distance. There were absolutely loads of motor cyclists out enjoying the fine weather as we slogged up Duck Street. Fortunately there wasn't much wind and we met the fast group at the junction. 

Onto Stump Cross cafe who do a sterling job with the large number of cyclists descending upon them at the same time. The cherry and almond scones were delicious. Justin (the fast one) and his group decided to explore Littondale as it was such a lovely day. Down the steep hill through Skyreholme we went - only stopping for a photo with a decent view. Onward to Barden Bridge over undulating terrain to the Cavandish Pavillion where lots more folk were out and about. At £8 per car I was glad I was on my bike, enjoying the views for free. 

We negotiated the busy A59 successfully, heading for Ilkley. At this point it was decided to deviate from the planned route in order to cycle up Askwith Bank and enjoy the heather and take a different route back via Fewston for an ice cream. Excellent idea Gia although I'm not sure that Dan thought that as he collapsed at the top of Askwith bank. 

Anyway we 'swooped' down into Fewston/Swinsty and the ice cream didn't disappoint. It certainly hit the spot. Justin (not the fast one) did a great job back marking although he seemed to be slowly getting rid of members of the group - Liz F and Alison headed for Pennypot Lane the rest of us going back the way we came. Well done Dan as this was his longest ride by a significant margin and also well done Alison as she really dug deep. Plus well done to Debbie on her first ride leading.

So stats from my Garmin: 52.64 miles at an average speed of 11.00 mph (that includes my 'Blast' on the bottom road out of Ilkley where I was draughting a very nice pair of tanned legs) 4,461.9 feet of climbing and 2,569 calories burned. Mmmmm that must be worth an extra glass of wine on this fine evening. Thank you all for a great ride. Janet G

Medium Plus plus a bit extra.
With it being a perfect cool but sunny day it seemed a shame to rush home to gardening and chores so we (Peter, Catherine, Steve, David, Declan and myself) decided to extend the ride after Stump Cross Cafe and take in beautiful Littondale. The first pub stop was at the Falcon in Arncliff but that was just to replenish water bottles before mosying past Bridge End Cottage where Charles Kingsley part wrote his Water Babies fairy tale and then pressing on for a pint of real ale at the Queens Arms at Litton. 
The return down stream route through Hawkswick was a breeze until we reached Skyeholme and were faced with the long steep climb up to Greenhow. At My Love Lane Catherine gave an excellent exhibition of how Pilates can be used to ease aching joints and then we glided the last twelve miles of the seventy mile ride back to Harrogate. Justin L


Long Ride

I don’t know whether it was the good weather or the promise of a steady paced ride that brought out so many people; there were fifteen for the long ride to Northallerton, the most we’ve seen for some time. It was good to see some new and returning faces. We split into two groups for the first section before joining up again shortly before Sessay. 

Four members of the group John, Richard L, Dan and Rob decided to add some extra miles and climbing and left the main group after Felixkirk to head for Boltby Bank. Richard P left at Upsall to go directly to Thirsk while the remaining ten rode on to our, new to us, lunch destination just outside Northallerton, the Peg 53 café on the Parklands Caravan Park. This seemed to meet with general approval, good food and service, plus very reasonable prices. 

The miles seemed to pass very quickly on our return route through Newby Wiske, Thirsk, Dalton, Topcliffe and Cundall. At Boroughbridge some of us stopped for tea and cake while others headed straight home. Thanks to everyone for good company on a ride of approximately 80 miles (for those that didn’t go up Boltby Bank) – ridden slightly faster than the planned steady pace! Jill F


As the instigator, I thought I should add a few words about our diversion from the route. As we passed near Thirsk, my thoughts turned to Boltby Bank (the next road up Sutton Bank to the north of S Bank road).  The long ride route was very close to Boltby village so it would have been rude to ride by without doing B Bank. There were three other takers and we headed off gently because of what awaited us. The first two ramps went well, but the third ramp loomed. Our gentle approach paid dividends because it left us with enough energy for this last ramp.  It was hard at 24% but we all managed it with something to spare. Then it was back down the Bank, back onto the route, and on to the well-earned cafe stop at Northallerton where all-day breakfasts awaited.  Thanks to Dan, Richard and Rob for a good diversion!  John H


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