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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

No Caroline, Jen, Monica or other regular Poddlers today, and no identified leader, so it was a question of making it up on the spot. After a brief discussion, six of us (Brian, Amanda, Sue T and Marion plus Geraldine and me) decided to head towards the Kettlesings via The Squinting Cat and Otley Road. I don’t like the road from Beckwithshaw to the bottom of Penny Pot Lane, so we decided on Little Alms Cliff, especially given that there was a stiff-ish northerly wind which might help us up Norwood Lane. Sue T left us at the bottom of Norwood Lane, so the Famous Five proceeded at a leisurely pace to the Sun Inn and on to the top of Penny Pot Lane. Left down to the busy A59, across and then down into Kettlesing and Kettlesing Bottom. Lovely quiet roads and scenery (should do them more often). Brian had never been to Sophie’s, so we headed to Hampsthwaite for tea, coffee and flapjack. Back up Clint Bank Lane and then through Hollybank Woods to Ripley and the Greenway. About 22 miles. Joe S



Wanderers’ Ride

With a strong wind forecast from the north there were only six of us today and we set off with the intention of changing the route when necessary. The route was Little Almscliffe then avoiding Swinsty we used Wydra Lane to head for Fewston car park and, after a comfort stop, headed up to Timble. It is the 2nd Wednesday of the month and we had a great welcome from the ladies in the village hall. A vast amount of cake was consumed and hot drinks though we were unsure as to whether they were tea or coffee!  

At Blubberhouses we went straight across, tackling the steep hills and up to Thruscross reservoir. The route was straight on and round the reservoir, according to the website this is the less hilly route - we need a debate on that! The views were fabulous with the purple heather but there was a strong headwind and disappointingly nothing was actually seen of Thruscross reservoir as we continued up.

From the top we then had the wind behind us so we sped down to the Stonehouse Inn where we turned left then right on to the lovely route that goes through Thornthwaite (Why are many buildings called Hookstone in Thornthwaite?) and down to Darley where Angela left us for a more direct route home. 

On to Birstwith and using Hollybank Lane into Ripley where four of us headed to the church for more hot drinks (identifiable this time!) though no-one wanted any more cakes! Thanks to Angela for backmarking and Mike W for taking the photos. About 34 miles, nearly 3,000 feet of climbing and a very enjoyable day. Liz P




Wednesday Ride

Several regulars had had their holiday cards signed by the committee to be absent so only a small number gathered for the discussion on where to ride today. With improving weather but gusty winds Jill came up with the proposal to ride to Thirsk- a town not often visited by the group. This was quickly agreed and eight riders set off towards Low Bridge.

Once there it was decided to go the direct route to Boroughbridge as we we riding into the wind and we were already working hard. On arrival in the town Martin, Yvonne and John decided to take an early coffee with promises to follow on behind -but as we didn't see them again they probably chose a different (less windy) route home- we hope!

The five remaining riders set off into the wind and it was hard work as we when we weren't into the head wind it was a cross wind! 

However, once we made it into the town Jill used her local knowledge and took us to Yorks cafe which was excellent- despite not having a Wheel Easy cycling jersey among its collection. We tried to persuade James to hand his over but he didn't fancy a bare chested ride home (neither did we!) 

After a good break we set off back home and after a short loop around Topcliffe we retraced our ride back. However it was like a different ride as with wind assist we made fast progress home.

James left us at Knaresborough to climb the hill and our only delay was when Sue’s chain jammed and Bob came to her rescue but the return journey had seemed effortless after the windy ride out.

A great ride of 57 miles. Thanks to Jill for the route and cafe choice and again for the good company on the ride. Kevin D



Long Ride

High ambitions and high winds made incompatible bedfellows today which, when coupled with some low farce from yours truly, resulted in our proposed ride to Park Rash being replaced by something completely different.  

A missed train, an impromptu coffee stop at the Pugh residence and a full set of opinions on the wisdom of Park Rash today, prefaced a steady progression of seven riders out to Beckwithshaw and then southwards with the wind to the fish farm at Lindley Bridge.  At a brisk pace and ignoring the lure of Carter’s Lane, the group soon arrived in Ilkley, choosing Christchurch cafe for a genuine elevenses stop.  Route options were again bounced around the group, swelled at this point by the arrival of Peter Jackson who had set off solo from Hornbeam and had intuited that we might be at Ilkley.

Eventually two groups formed – the larger part opting for Cow and Calf and the West Yorks Cycleway and the smaller part heading for Stump Cross.  Having opted for Stump Cross, I can only hope that a separate account of the Cow and Calf group comes in.  

While the northerly wind made its presence felt at every opportunity en route to Greenhow, we were glad of the more sheltered valley route past a busy Cavendish Pavilion and the sadly fallen ancient oak ( but it’s still in leaf – if in an undignified heap).  The stretched flags at the Fancarl turn told us that there would be every good reason to call in at a very full Stump Cross cafe for some more ballast.  Suitably fed, the final phase unfolded in a wind-assisted dash down Duck Street and a diversion to Hampsthwaite.  Here, a small indulgence was engaged in by directing ourselves to the Greenway and Ripley church to check on the quality of cake on offer.  Luckily, there was just enough cake left for the three of us; like Stump Cross their day had been busy once the weather had settled itself.  Leaving Ripley in warm sunshine reminded us it was still summer after all.  

Over 50 miles showed on the clock for most of us – a respectable total given the conditions and the appropriately lowered ambitions for the day. Terry S

Long Ride - Cow and Calf Group

Five set off for the Cow & Calf taking a circuitous route around the back streets of Ilkley.  We finally joined Cowpasture Road and headed towards the Cow & Calf.  Decisions, decisions, which turning should we take to get to Menston resulted in 3 riders taking the hillier and slightly longer route. Climbing out of Menston instead of the normal route we took a right turn at the top of Windmill Hill that brought us to the outskirts of Guiseley.  Taking Carlton Lane we made our way back to East Chevin Road. Now we were back on familiar territory, and so it was on to Bramhope and heading towards Weardley Bank.  After a banana break at the New Inn it was back to Harrogate via Kirkby Overblow.  PCJ



EGs’ Ride

We had a magnificent seven riders at Low Bridge, plus a brief visit from Ian on his shopping bike to tell us about his golf exploits. These seemed more about attending dinners , so just watch the waistline Ian.
Spa Gardens Cafe was chosen for our first stop, so it was North in to a strong headwind. At the men`s downhill to Occanney Dave (wonderwheels) Siswick seemed hardly effected by the wind and was a clear winner. Dave S and Marvin were on a high and sprinted for Ripon. Eric (being the good lad that he is) pushed the wind all the way to Ripon for the four, comprising Dan, Dave P, Dave W, and Geoff.
After tasty caffeine and calories (see photo) and putting the world to rights (subjects included Brexit, the fat controller with his Rockets and the NHS) Dave P, Dave W and Geoff headed back via Marton-le-Moor and Boroughbridge all in the sunshine with the wind on our backs “wonderfull”. Eric, Dave S and Marvin headed North towards Bedale.
Dan after what for him was a moderate intake of food headed directly home.
A nice ride, but best of all it was dry, and after what has gone before on other days  we were most grateful. Dave P
EG's Ride Continued
Three of us further battled the wind, mainly led by Eric at a very respectable pace, through Grewelthorpe and so to Johnny Baghdad's excelent emporium where the Nirvana of beans finally manifested itself. The photos speak for themselves; suffice it to say that today the supply exceeded the demand.
Downwind back home at Olympc pace, calling for a further refreshment at Spa Gardens, where the other two consumed the most amazing wedges of confection.
A great day out; what could be better? (Suggestions on the back of a postage stamp please).   DaveS.

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