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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 586

Short Ride

The short ride but not the short straw for me today. I volunteered at the 12th hour to step in as leader and found myself in the fine company of three splendid ladies - two medics (one of whom retired last week) and the entrepreneurial daughter of a former Air Commodore. I told them that I planned to do the classic route to Wetherby, and they told me they preferred to go to Sophie’s, so of course that’s what we did. An excellent decision.

We followed the route I’d rediscovered thanks to Martin W just a couple of days before - Beckwithshaw, Pennypot almost to the end, down to Kettlesing and then left out of Tang up to Clapham Green, where we could smell the coffee. Just before Clapham Green we stopped to admire the glorious house and garden on New Road, and a minute later one of the Medium groups caught up with us so we took the opportunity for a joint photo. Jill and Jen liked the sound of our plan to stop for coffee, so six of us headed for Sophie’s where we were, as always, extremely well looked after even though 'the boss’ was away. Then Marion, with a shed to paint, headed home the quicker way via Knox Lane, and the rest of us tackled Clint Bank. Amanda, on only her second Wheel Easy ride, had no problem with the incline, while Sue A, who like me has an issue with hills, was very justifiably pleased to make it to the top without touching tarmac.
Finally we were rewarded with a perfect return to Harrogate along the Greenway, wonderfully busy with the usual mix of cyclists, walkers and others enjoying the path, and all (apart from the odd free range dog) being very considerate to everyone else. 
Malcolm M

Medium Ride

We had a surprisingly good turnout of thirteen riders for a ride around Thruscross Reservoir. The weather was pleasant if a little cool and we had the prospect of thirty hilly miles ahead. What more could a cyclist want? (no hills? - ed).

We took the usual route up to Little Almscliffe where confusion reigned. We discovered that Bianchi Bob had been replaced by his doppelganger, Robert Ribble. Misunderstandings sorted, we dropped down to Fewston where we had a short break at the car park. Then we climbed up to Timble and arrived at the A59 in good order. 

For a change, we went straight over, up West End Lane and order didn’t last for long when we were faced with the first hard climb of the day up to the reservoir. Here we regrouped, cycled along the top of the dam wall and climbed again, up to Stonecross Inn. Enough climbing already!

Past the delightfully named My Love Lane, we had a reward of a flat-ish road to Menwith and then downhill to Hampsthwaite where coffee and cake at Sophie’s was very welcome.

An uneventful return to Harrogate via Knox Mill or the Greenway, depending on taste. Many thanks to Dave P for leading one of the groups. 30 miles at a surprising average speed, given the hills, of 12mph. Well that’s what my Garmin says and it’s always infallible! Al D




Medium-plus Ride

Quicker Group

A motley crew set of for the Yorkshire countryside on a breezy Autumn morning or should that be August morning anyway we seem to be at Low bridge in no time; no Darcy with us today as it was his stag do yesterday. 

On the way down to Arkendale the pace quickened with lots of pack leader chances, but not a quick as the impatient Mercedes drivers passing us. On reaching the village of  Great Ouseburn we took the back road out onto boat lane arriving at the busy (today anyway) Aldwark rickety Bridge manned by the friendly old guy... left after that and on past Aldwark manor. On reaching Flawith there was some direction confusion but we kept going on to Tholthorpe mentioned in the domesday book as "Turulfesthorp" a viking village probably and a RAF base in the Second World War. Just past the dog kennels we joined Hag Lane over the east coast railway turning right took us down Raskelf Road and into Easingwold and the ever favourite Curious Table cafe. 

After a refuel of top tucker and various caffeine beverages we headed of on Husthwaite Road past the turkey farm  and on to Husthwaite village settled since before the Norman Invasion and home to the street of Nookin...a strange local custom nobody can really shed any light on to!! The village used to be served by the railways and was home to William Peckett, of stained glass fame in the 18th century. On reaching Carlton Husthwaite where there was a lovely foody smell coming out of the brilliantly named Horsebreakers Arms, we reached the crossing point over the strangely quiet A19. As the country lanes merged, one after another, past churches and sleepy hamlets we came right, off Jobbing Cross Road to reach Thornton Bridge. We put in another extra extension and came out at Kirby Hill. The group split here as some opted for a more direct way home, the rest of us headed out towards Ripon and the way back home through Littlethorpe and the Potteries to Knaresborough and Harrogate via Bishop Monkton...not much energy left to light up the 30 mph sign, a couple of brave souls even returned home via Markington...men and boys!!! A good day out plenty of tired legs though with some fast pacy bits and slower bits too. Oh gosh we never took any pictures again and as far as I know...no mamil's were hurt in this production! Tony P


The medium plus ride set off for Easingwold from Hornbeam and we all gathered to have a count at Low Bridge. Around nineteen ready for the ride and we split into two groups of eight, Jill leading one group and Liz the other and three people only going as far as Arkendale. 

Our group set off and we soon picked up the pace as we cycle towards Marton then onto Ardwark Bridge and into Great Ouseburn. After Mike W took a selfie we waited for the other group. The groups merged and cycled on and we all finally ended up in Easingwold. 

After a well-deserved lunch Jill’s group went off first and we followed shortly afterwards. I let the two Mike’s off the leash and they soon were thinking they were in the Tour de France as we sped past Jill’s group towards Boroughbridge. Jill’s group were stopping for another break at Boroughbridge. 

The two Mike’s with Dave in charge and me and a few others making up the peloton cycled on. Through Staveley onto Copgrove and then at Sandy Bank, the Knaresborough road, the Mike’s and others went on to Knaresborough and back to Harrogate. Dave led me and two others to Scotton, Ripley and as the four of us live in Bilton that’s where we ended our ride together. Sorry many names seem to have passed me by today, but many thanks for your company and hope you enjoyed the cycle through the lovely farmlands of North Yorkshire. Dave had 62 miles on his Garmin so it was between 55 and 62 miles on a good dry day. Liz F





Long Ride

Four left Hornbeam making group traffic management easy particularly after our pacemaker ,David R peeled off at Boroughbridge. With wind assistance, Kilburn was reached at  an excellent average speed but White Horse Bank soon corrected that and made refreshment at the glider club essential.

The  600 ft , four mile descent from Sutton bank through Scawton to Rievaux must rank among the best in the county and well worth the following climb toward Helmsley where we turned East through Harome then windward to Hovingham and another long climb.

Once a no-go area for  Sunday cafe stops ,Easingwold now offers too much choice and ours was, the excellent, Sugar Mouse.

Passing through Great Ouseburn we found Eric’s kind rescuers of three weeks ago in their garden so they were able to received a full medical bulletin whilst we took a welcome rest from battling the stiff headwind. This prompted the observation that riding with the wind to somewhere like Bridlington and returning by bus had some logic. Thanks to Glynn and Eric for a great ride. Peter R


Bridlington Ride

Well, what can I say, another great day trip to Brid for fish and chips.  We had a few changes to the initial members making bookings, but there was a full turnout as we left Hornbeam at 8:15.  The forecast was for a nice tailwind, with sunny spells, and so it turned out to be.  There was a quick split of the twelve into faster and touring groups with, I think (!), Richard P initially being in the faster boys but rejoining the touring speed group at the Stawberry Cafe at Crokey Hill for our first cafe stop.  Then on to Pocklington market square for a second cafe stop in the sunshine.  We then had to do the only climbing of the day up to Millington and on to Huggate.  A beautiful part of the countryside to pass through and, indeed, for a holiday.

After that it was downhill, or flat, virtually all the to Brid.  Very quiet roads which, without a Garmin, we would still be wandering around now!

At Brid, we split into a couple of groups for the fish and chips, and they were certainly well-received.  The faster boys said they'd been sunbathing on the lawn near the chippie - alright for some!  Then it was the half mile to the bus station where the bike bus was on time and we were back in Harrogate, to steady rain, at about 7:45.

So, no mechanicals or punctures, though I personally listened to an ongoing cracking noise which I've been trying to identify for about three months.  Terry suggested it might be the Isofix frame joint and I rather think he is right.  So, I'll get the bearings in this joint changed and hope peace is restored!!

Thanks guys for making it a nice day out!  John H

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