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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday Rides

EG's Ride

The weather forecast was not good, lots of clouds with two raindrops coming out of them.

So see the bad weather as an opportunity, opportunity to do what ?, test my old Dawes HGV tourer in bad weather.

Bike has had , a service, new handlebars, new tyres and a new cycle computer, so how will it perform ??.

So it was down the hill in the persistent, perishing precipitations.

We had five riders, or were they sailors? at Low Bridge,

A big welcome to Alan Simpson who joined us today for the first time, then three Dave`s (ie 60%) and Peter B made up a select five,  or were we selected just to test the depth of the water.

Whilst in the soft refreshing rain Dave P whinged to Dave S about his new bike computer, it is only just over 5 miles to Low Bridge complained Dave P through his rain smeared specs, and its got 5,134 miles on my trip meter, no said Dave S very patiently that is 5 (point) 134 miles, what!! a trip mileage to 3 decimal places?, eat your heart out Eric and Dave P go to Spec Savers. (by the way a very nice article in Cycle magazine Eric).

Then it was on to Boroughbridge via Goldsborough, Flaxby and Coneythorpe and Arkendale, through the rain Dave Watson managed to see that Alan`s rear tyre was a bit on the soft side, so it was in to Marton to give it a bit of wind, and the EG`s are full of it.

Then it was in to Boroughbridge to (where else) Morrision`s and the fine table they keep, where the baked beans were given a fine old seeing to.

These were enhanced by the little additions from Dave Watson`s Omelette Surprise, the surprise being on how many mushrooms were rustled off his plate.

After caffeine and calories and some drying out of ourselves (squatting under the hand drier in the gents can help) loins were girded up and we gathered just outside Morrision`s to await our departure, a bus pulled up alongside Dave S (yes it was a double yellow line Dave), to empty his passengers on top of Dave.

The outcome was in no doubt, and the passengers made for the rear seat rather than get off the bus.

Then it was back home in the post meridiem precipitations (could not say that after a few halves).

An excellent ride in “challenging” ? weather, no matter we honed our wet weather skills, and to make sure we retain these skills, next Wednesday`s EG`s ride will be led by Dave Siswick and it will be in the North Sea.       Dave P.



All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.