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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

A quick short burst of a hilly ride was needed this morning....the caravan must be packed.  So sorry to all the Poddlers'who had to endure that.  
So off to Ripley and late to meet Jane and Kev, who joined us up to the x roads towards Shaw Mills and left us before Cut Throat Lane. On to the church back in Ripley for coffee and several stories and reenactments of people's weddings to accompany the rousing organ practice that was filling the church.  Here we met Jean and Pat who were in need of coffee after their late start ride... ..Then all of us returned to Harrogate after a very relaxing  ride.  Have a good summer all you gentle slow riders, Jen is back for next next two months so you 'll get some sensible purposeful rides for a couple of months. See you all in September...and thanks for a jolly morning. 25 plus miles. Caroline G

Wanderers’ Ride

The route was planned, a large group assembled, but where was my co-leader?  Clearly, he'd gone AWOL.  Undeterred, we set off in small groups to reassemble at Ripley. Here, with 24 riders, we adhered to the 'groups and gaps' policy as we made our way to Nidd and then the Mount Garret estate.  Despite one Mike missing, other Mikes were there and helped to guide us through the estate and on to Burton Leonard. Carl was the only one to test the 'ford' route. He nearly did it without getting wet feet! 

The proposed route allowed for several' cut-offs' and indeed this happened. Riders peeled off at Ripley, Ripon, Fountains and Risplith.  G&T's provided welcome refreshment. Several of us were in a real quandary as to ice-cream and what else?

Seven of us completed the full route back via Brimham and Ripley.  All in all a lovely ride with lots of chat and cheerful banter. Good to have Gordon back with us and thanks for back-marking (except for the last  few miles where he lived up to his other name, Billy Whizz!) A good 40. Alison N





Wednesday Ride

A lovely ride led by Kevin with Jill making sure we didn't return home until we had cycled at least 60 miles. A group of seven left Hornbeam and headed down the Greenway. Angela, who was delayed by the show traffic, caught up to us on the way to coffee at Fountains.

After refreshments by the lake Sue and Martin returned home and the group then headed to Boroughbridge. I was hoping for another coffee at Bean Vintage until Jill suggested lunch in Easingwold. Fortunately the group opted for Beningborough via the Dunsforths and Aldwark Bridge which seemed more manageable for me. After lunch we returned via Whixley, Walshford and Little Ribston where the group split to go home different ways.

It was certainly a lovely ride in great company. Thanks Kevin and Jill for encouraging me to do more miles than I was expecting to do. Paul T



Long Ride

Show traffic and, perhaps, the sting from last week’s complaint focussed our gaze on the west today.  With several regulars missing – the Sacres en route with panniers to Glasgow for example – we formed a group of six, welcoming Paul C-V for a second outing with us.  Last week was flat, fast and furious to Thirsk whereas today’s ride would be very different.  Passing through Parson’s Intake we greeted Martin engaged in primer painting some key components from the suspension of his under-restoration Lotus, obviously too strong a draw for him today.  

Fewston’s loos proved useful for those who left home early and our group swept through Timble just as the monthly Coffee Morning was opening.  We’ll be back in winter when the open fire is a welcome draw.  Peter’s new bike was on its maiden voyage (I think) and was taken up Low Snowden’s climb with good effect.  The cafe strategy took shape at Askwith giving us an early stop at Christ Church cafe in Ilkley and a later one at Stump Cross, so no Langbar today, resulting in early beans for some and day bakes for others.  

The road from Bolton Bridge to Burnsall was busy with traffic: even with only six we kept sub-groups small and left gaps.  Along the narrow road from Burnsall to Grassington we pulled off to let pass a small convoy headed by a very patient lorry driver followed by some appreciative toots from cars in the string.  Group cohesion faltered on the way to Dibble’s Bridge when four turned off to Hebden, where the cafe was thick with Bingley Velo fellows.  Unfortunately it took us to active road patching along the road to Appletreewick.  Stopping to wait our turn to pass the roadworks, Peter forgot the new cleats he was wearing and tumbled on to his rear. We all do it when we’re learning – pity he took out a perfect stranger on the way, but good nature prevailed.  

With the excitement and the roadworks, we were well behind the advance party of Richard P and David R who had taken the Dibble’s Bridge route direct to Stump Cross.  Clearing the last batch of cheese scones while we discussed the crashes and descents on TdF17 we were soon at Greenhow, where Paul’s relief was evident as he flew down the descent from Duck Street, leading us back to town to mingle with the still-thick Show traffic.  A big “well done” to Paul and I hope we talked you through the tough bits sufficiently to encourage you to join us again.  Mileage snuck past the 60 mark today and entailed c 4700 ft of climbing. These coupled with a cheerful  group made for another grand day out. Terry S


EGs’ Ride

It was the second day of the Great Yorkshire Show (a bit cheaper) and the sun was shining. So getting to Low Bridge might have its problems. Peoples experiences were all different, some roads were jammed, and some unusually clear. However we had thirteen riders at Low Bridge.

Ripon and Easingwold were suggested as destinations, however Dave Watson had a ride in mind so he was immediately elected Leader. The group split into two and away we went, meeting just before Farnham, to divest some garments (the hot blooded ones) and make sure everybody knew the route and our coffee stop. Then it was back in to the A and B teams.

Away went the A team, the B team led by Dave Watson followed on to Ferrensby, Arkendale, Great Ouseburn and Aldwark Bridge. Then through Aldwark Village to Flawith, Tholthorpe to Raskelf to head for what was the site of the old Pink Partridge cafe, which had been reopened, unfortunately not as a cafe, but a restaurant and closed as well. They had champagne and strawberries on offer, definitely not for EG`s, Brown Ale and pickled onions maybe, but not Champagne and all that goes with it.

Then Eric and the A team arrived. What route had they taken? Easingwold was nearest for caffeine and calories, so that was our destination, Chris and Nick chose to head back home.

The ride, no the sprint to Easingwold was a sight to behold, but only if you could keep up with the pace, a few of us could not, but we all met together in the square, in the sunshine, sharing our custom between two cafes. (see photo).

After a most pleasant snack/meal, the A team, comprising Eric, Colin P, Dan, Dave Peatfield. and Marvin choose to extend the ride. The B team comprising Bill, Bob, Dave Preston, Dave Watson, Geoff and Roy  headed  back to Boroughbridge and home led by Dave W.

This was a cracker, the team communicating with each other, pace consistent, nobody off the back, the group splitting to accommodate two/three vehicles, then back again and allowing for corners. Thanks chaps this was a pleasure. Around 50 miles in excellent conditions. Dave P.


As Dave W. had to return to base early, taking Dave P. with him,  joined by Bill, Bob, Geoff & Roy, we (the A Team, comprising Eric, Marvin, Colin, another Dave P & Dan), set our sights for picturesque  Coxwold.
Swinging west we then continued at a fairly brisk pace through Carlton Husthwaite, Sessay & Thornton Bridge, stopping off at Boroughbridge to top up our reserves before returning home still in bright sunshine, completing 66miles with a "tidy" average of 14 mph concluding a great ride and appreciated by all. Dave W. ( if only!)



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