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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 582

Medium-Slow Ride

Short and medium slow rides joined today and nine riders set off from Hornbeam including Wheel-easy royalty Dave Preston who needed a rest after his holiday.

We rode via St Georges roundabout to the cycle path bringing us out at Ashville and then on past the Squinting Cat, Beckwithshaw to Little Almscliffe where Peter showed me some wild orchids.

I managed to lose the group except Dave at the dog leg. Thought one of our group had gone straight on and chased a yellow jersey. Have I watched too much of the tour? After some phone calls we regrouped at the end of Penny Pot Lane and set off for the farm shop and some smart looking  scones. Dave and Graham had a sausage rolls and Dave later reported that his was taking some revenge.

We split into two groups here two Sue's Lynda and Peter opting to go back via Hampsthwaite and the remaining four via Darley, Birstwith and the Greenway.

27 miles at a nice gentle pace. Jean B





Medium Ride

A beautiful day and an enjoyable, flat-ish route - Abbey Road, Copgrove, Boroughbridge, Ripon, Bishop Monkton and Lingerfield.  Joe – for the second Sunday in a row – kindly offered to lead a second group.  Following the sobering letter about cycling discipline, circulated earlier in the week, a group of ten of us made a serious attempt to ride in two groups of five whenever appropriate.  It was very helpful to have Al back marking, and feeding back to us from time to time.  Verdict: harder than it looks.  But, if we make a determined effort, over a period of weeks, it could – should - become second nature.  Otherwise, it was a fairly uneventful day.  The qualification refers mainly to Mike’s bottom bracket (no sniggering at the back), which started making alarming noises near Ripon, and needed careful nursing back home.  Many thanks to all for the company, and special thanks to Joe and Al.  37 miles.  Justin K




Medium-plus Ride

Many thanks to James for sorting and leading a group of us out of Hornbeam to Little Almscliff and the pretty detour to the A59 and across to the listening station. At the Stone Cross Inn, five of us turned off for a shorter ride, leaving James and three others to cycle on to Pateley.
Paul devised a wiggly route which led to Sophie’s where we enjoyed many cups of coffee and good food enjoying the sunshine in the garden.
We returned home via Hollybank Woods and the Greenway weaving through the tiny young children enjoying being out on their bikes. 33 miles, pretty ride, wonderful views, good company and cafe stop. Gia M


It was a magnificent sparkly day, set fair for the foreseeable future.  We were a bit short of leaders today but Liz P admitted to knowing the route, some of us admitted to knowing bits of it and, anyway, we had Colin with us – so all angles covered!

It is always nice when someone’s birthday coincides with a Sunday ride and today’s reluctant birthday boy was Keith.  It was not a special birthday, no noughts involved, just a six and a nine and, NO, he is not 96.  

In high spirits about nine of us set forth on this well worn, favourite route as the day inexorably warmed up.  We were soon through the Naval Base and on to Delves Ridge before tackling a series of interesting hills until the major descent into Pateley Bridge and our goal of Teacups Cafe.  Predictably it was really busy but the Fast Boys had got there some time before us and obligingly gave up their tables and seats for us on arrival.  We selected food commensurate with the impending post lunch hill and enjoyed a relaxing chat in the sun.  

At this point we gained another Michael, a defector from the Fast Boys’ group, which made us a nice round ten.  Other Medium Plussers also arrived and there was a bit of intermingling for the rest of the day as we headed first for Wath.  Keith had encouraged us to have a peek inside the quaint little multi-sided Methodist Chapel complete with balcony.  After this short, reflective pause, we braced ourselves for the next ascent which most of us walked up on account of the drainage gulleys.  We consoled ourselves with the thought that a walk is as good as a rest and we could keep turning round to admire the spectacular views behind us.

Liz was busy boosting morale, telling us that once we made the Brimham turn off it was downhill all the way to Harrogate.  This was almost true and we enjoyed the delightful, sun dappled route all the way to Rabbit Farm before the last lap through Ripley, The Greenway and back to Hornbeam.

We had a lovely, happy day and it was indeed sparkly, start to finish.  Many thanks to Liz P for taking on the mantle of leadership and absolutely everyone else for being so cheerful!  Completely forgot to check the mileage but it must have been at least 40.  Helen T






We picked a really beautiful summers day for a truly stunning ride up to Pateley Bridge via Little Almscliffe and Yorke's Folly. We set off as a group of ten but 50% of the group decanted at The Stonehouse for a shorter ride via Sophie's. The remaining five led by James continued through Nidderdale admiring the views and joining the hordes at Teacups for a welcome cafe stop. A walk for most up the steep hill from Wath, a comment was made that nothing of note had happened, we SPOKE too soon. Justin suffered two broken spokes and did well to ride his wobbly bike home. All home safely after 41 miles of almost perfect riding thanks to Debby, Scottish Eric, Justin and of course our leader James for a super ride. Sue C





In the absence of our designated ride leaders a faster group of eleven medium plus riders assembled and head off self-guided. On reaching Teacups in Pateley Bridge, the new Michael opted to join the following medium plus group leaving ten of us to slog on up the climb out of Wath. We had brief pause (well, rest stop) when Steve broke his chain on the way up, and then demonstrated a slick and fast repair. 

As we headed into Harrogate we started to shed riders at various points as they headed home directly leaving only four by the time we reached Asda. 40 miles covered today in bright and sunny weather, leaving enough time to get home and watch live the exciting part of today's Tour de France stage. Thanks to all for a good ride. Michael I


Long Ride

Five mustered at Hornbeam this morning, but Trefor returned home to get his glasses intending to catch us up en route.  He did, but punctured on the Greenway just as he reached us.  He was forced to return home, largely on foot, so not a great start.

We then acquired two new recruits at Ripley and proceeded on some lesser used roads to Swinton Bivouac for lunch.

Martin and Phil downed very substantial lunch offerings, watched by a variety of birds of prey, while we discussed some of the pluses and minuses of volunteering to crew yachts.

Onwards via Nutwith Common and Mickley we arrived at the flatlands as the temperature was climbing.  We reached Helperby via West Tanfield, Wath, Rainton and Asenby, only to find the cafe was closed, forcing us into the pub, where conversation became somewhat 'alternative'.

We returned via Aldwark, Dunsforths, Grafton, Arkendale and Knaresborough, before going our separate ways after a lengthy rest at the bus stop outside the golf club.

78 warm and sunny miles. Richard L.

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