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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday Rides

Poddlers’ Ride

What a pleasantly symmetrical date.   This will be a short ride report as my last Sunday's attempts to report several times were obviously cyber hacked and all disappeared into the ether.  So two poddlers poddled to Little Almscliff, Penny Pot, Rowden Lane, Killinghall, and home before the predicted rain arrived and hour late disguised as a shower. Nice to meet you Judith and to hear about your forthcoming Malawi cycle. 22 miles in glorious grey

Wednesday Wanderers’ Ride

Don’t believe the weather forecasts! The whole morning was supposed to be dreadful. If I hadn’t been leading today, I wouldn’t have gone.

Even though I was told I didn’t need to turn up, I did the “right thing” and made the effort despite the impending deluge. Perhaps there wouldn’t be anyone at Hornbeam and we could all go back to bed.

Well, I’m so glad I went, it was another great ride with hardly any rain and plenty of laughs as promised!

About 14 people turned up at Hornbeam and there were 7 of us on the Wanderers ride.

We followed the Greenway, then along Holly Bank Lane and down to Hampsthwaite. Then onward to Kettlesing passing Birstwith Hall (pictured) on the way. To answer riders’ questions - original section built by the Day family and was called Day Hall, second section Birstwith Hall built by the Greenwoods and completed in 1922 by Sir Frederick Aykroyd. We wondered if the owner still cleans his own windows.

We then went over the top into Darley for a welcome coffee and cakes at the Post Office where we sat outside by choice. They are also open on Sundays.

Over Hartwith Toll and up Stripe Lane to Brimham Rocks followed by the wonderful glide down to Careless House Farm and home via the Greenway.

There was a little drizzle from Ripley to Hornbeam and the rain really started just as we got back. 

34 miles with a climb of 644 metres. Perfect.  Steve W



Wednesday Ride

Bridget, Gia, Jill & Paul; Colin, James and Jeanie rode out as a group first to Low Bridge then Goldthorpe; through Arkendale and on to Boroughbridge.  At Bean Vintage tea room, we indulged in delicious coffees with a mixture of savoury and sweet scones.  Afterwards, Gia, Paul and Bridget chose to return direct to Harrogate whilst Jill, Colin, Jeanie and James took a loop out to Ripon and returned to Harrogate via LIttlethorpe, Bishop Monkton and Knaresborough.  The weather forecast rain which eventually descended just as we were leaving Ripon so were a little damp on our return but as the weather was mild it hardly seemed to be a problem.  Around 39 miles completed in good company.  Jeanie



EGs’ Ride

Despite the forecast for heavy rain, five EG's turned out (including Ian who'd we had not seen for some weeks) to take up the challenge of another ride. Insomuch the weather front was approaching from the south, Dave W suggested we head north towards Melmerby with a "beans on toast” stop in the cafe on the industrial estate.
Our route took us via Arkendale & Grafton and onwards through Boroughbridge.
The rain was holding off and a short stop was made, after passing through Kirkby Hill, to shed some layers.  Passing then through Marton-Le-Moor we aimed further north through Rainton, continuing on to our lunch halt.
As the rain had still not materialised we were able to sit outside to enjoy not only the regulation beans on toast but also large portions of delicious cottage pie.  Some of the riders needed to head off home for an early return so our journey home took in Wath & Hutton Conyers, climbing up to the top of Hutton Bank.
Still the weather was being kind to us but as we passed through Ripon the first spots of rain were felt.  Gradually, as we passed through Bishop Monkton, the rain increased in its intensity and by the time we reached Sandybank we were accompanied by a steady downpour.  Ian had left us by now, heading off to yet more (several in fact) games of golf around the north of England. Seems he's well known on the golfing scene and gets invited to play all over. Perhaps we should ask for his autograph, he's that famous?
Colin took his leave of us to head off through Farnham & Scotton, the remaining three continuing towards Knaresborough and home. It really was raining by now but we had had a good and enjoyable ride completing around 42 miles. Thanks for your company Dave S., Colin, Nick and Ian.
Regrettably Dave P. was unable to join us today as both he and his good lady are a little "under the weather" so to speak! We wish them a speedy recovery and look forward to Dave P. re-joining the fray next time out.  Dave Watson.


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