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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 574

Short Ride

Today there were two choices for those wanting a gentler ride, on possibly the first or perhaps the only, summer day of the year.   One was a gentle wander round Mountgarret's back garden, the other a slightly longer jaunt with Jean to Ripon.  We set off together and then went our separate ways after a photo call at Knaresborough.  By 11.45 we were sitting in the cafe garden at Ripley, sampling our chosen, rather expensive refreshments, having had a calm incident free ride with a following wind through Lingerfìeld, Scotton, past Brearton into the Mountgarrett's garden, past a small field growing solar panels, past Nidd and into the Ripley Cafe.   After a good three quarters of an hours gossiping we returned home via a bike filled Greenway.  Three Sue s (lovely to see you back on your bike Sue O) to cook and garden, Zoe rushing back to look after her children, Monica to polish her new, Cadbury coloured, clean chained bike, Jane from Leeds to take her Dad on an outing, and Caroline to win yet another hilly stage of the 
giro and collect her Eurovision winnings..(Thank you Moldovia).  21 sunny warm wind-blown miles with a gentle 54 floors climbing.CG 

P.S. Whilst writing a stunningly interesting short ride report my personal internal internet hacker and file destroyer bug, cyber attacked the article causing a shutdown of a vital communication link and goodness knows where my report has seeped off to.....GHQ, Trump’s imagination, Mr. Coney’s suing folder, Putin’s garage...I have no idea.   Suffice it to say I think we all had a lovely ride in perfect summertime conditions...and I am not rewriting it. CG





Medium Slow Ride

We rode with Caroline's short ride to the High Bridge at Knaresborough where five set off for a ride to Ripon.  We followed the route through Farnham, Copgrove, Bishop Monkton, and Littlethorpe arriving at Spa Gardens just before 12. Michael and Karl left us on route to Ripon as Michael had a house warming party to be back for. Look at what you missed! The route back was similar to Burton Leonard and there we came back through the Montgarret Estate to Nidd and the Greenway at Ripley. Around 34 miles.  Jean B




Medium Ride

Twelve takers today.  Geraldine very 'kindly' nominated Joe to lead and Alison N offered to help with route guidance.
It was a warm wind that blew us to Myton- on- Swale. On passing the red telephone box, we noticed it was full of second hand books and a defibrillator.  From crime thrillers to love sagas, there was something for everyone!  Over the bridge we found the memorial to a gory 14th century battle starring 15,000 Scots versus a few local farmers.
Then ready for caffeine we set off to Boroughbridge where Alison left us as she had silage and other farming terms to Google from the comfort of her local.
At Bean we lovely scones and posh teas. Dave W (an EG infiltrator) wangled a free drink by chatting up the owner!
Then it was back home via Staveley and Knaresborough. Thanks to Joe, Geraldine, Alison (x2), Sally, Dave, Charlie, and newbies Kevin, Gail, Barbara and Nick. 43 miles in great company.  Bridget M




Medium Plus – Groups 1 and 2

We assembled on a rather fine morning with the prospect of heat and sunshine and as all Committee members were elsewhere, Martin and Max gave us our motivational talk.  Slight confusion - because we thought Max was a big chap with a beard and this fella was quite small, no beard, aged three.  On closer inspection he turned out to be Martin’s grandson in a high state of excitement about travelling in to Leeds on the top deck of a big red bus to watch his granny Yvonne compete in Leeds half marathon! 

We are not superstitious and the thirteen riders in a six and a seven headed out through Beckwithshaw, only stopping for a comfort break at Fewston and to take a nice picture outside the toilets.  At Askwith Paul T left us to get home in time for an impending invasion by three grandchildren. We strongly suspect he went via Cockpit Farm. 

It was such a magnificent day we were all relishing the prospect of the Langbar Loop but the minute pressure was put on pedals there was a ping, followed by a “blast” as Debbie’s chain broke.  She did have a “magic” chain link and tools but this actually became one of those “all the gear, no idea” moments.  Not one of us could admit to knowing precisely what to do!  We were teetering on the brink of the Slough of Despond when, just like in the best action movies, a super hero arrived in the shape of Dave Siswick who was in Keith’s group but slightly ahead.  He did have some idea and with a deft flick of the wrist and a sharp pull, followed by a satisfying click the chain was on and in one piece.  Wish we’d filmed it for future reference but I guess someone somewhere will have already put it on You Tube. 

Good job we had lost very little time because we were all peckish and enjoyed a wonderful ascent to Langbar, then a swift descent into Beamsley where Rob left us for “training purposes” on towards Bardon and Embsay Moor.  In Ilkley we visited the supremely efficient Station Cafe.  Amazingly everyone from both groups has got to the same place for lunch so it seemed sociable for the remaining eleven to return as one, with Keith and me randomly leading. A couple of the faster boys managed to get ahead at some point, never to be seen again.  We didn’t actually lose them as such. 

The weather just got better with stunning views and increasing temperatures.  Most of us were slightly over-dressed – but who’s complaining?!  We returned via Otley, Farnley, Castley, Weeton, Dunkeswick, Kirkby Overblow and Rudding Park and my lips are sealed about the lady who jumped the lights at the bottom of the hill – you know who you are! 

Garmin doesn’t lie and it was 51 miles on some favourite hills on one of the most spectacular days of the year.  Naturally the company was entertaining and funny which all contributed to a great day out.  Helen & Keith

















Medium Plus Ride - Fast Group

Six riders left Hornbeam Park heading off to Langbar and its environs.  The first part of the ride involved several climbs starting from Burn Bridge up to Briscoe Ridge and then across to Almscliff Crag via North Rigton.  After Leathley it was a case of battling into a strong headwind all the way to just past Denton. Here we left the main road, Carter’s Lane, to tackle the approach to Langbar.  As expected the higher we climbed the stronger the winds became. The committee decided to forgo the cafe stop in Ilkley and head to Cockpit Farm instead.  After a quick descent down to Beamsley and a strong tailwind we reached Cockpit Farm with reasonable ease.  On leaving Cockpit Farm the group fragmented with various options to return to Harrogate i.e. Norwood edge, Farnley or the main road to Pool and then onto Kirkby Overblow. Thanks to the peloton for its assistance in completing the ride. PCJ



Long Ride

Six regulars + Angela turned up for the early start to Hutton-le-Hole. The ride followed the approved script almost perfectly, even the Curious Table had opened when we arrived for an early coffee in Easingwold. Hovingham came and went and at lunchtime we arrived in Hutton-le-Hole. It still surprises me that you can reach the moors with so little climbing.

The café dealt with the small number of cyclists efficiently and following lunch we climbed the day’s only hill; up to the church at Gilamoor. A third café stop at Ampleforth was welcomed by most, particularly as we were anticipating a strong headwind across the Vale of York. The wind was not as bad as expected and we arrived back in Knaresborough at about 17:30. Less than 90 miles from Piccadilly Motors but around 100 for most riders in weather that just kept on improving.  Phil S



The Hungary Ride

The Hungary Group enjoyed a very flat Ride today on the shores of Lake Balaton in temperatures approaching 30 degrees C with several cafe and ice cream stops and are now in process of rehydrating at the bar. James G





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