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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Wheel Easy Ride Report 573

Short Ride

The ten riders who wanted a short ride sadly missed the honour of being led by the venerable Martin Weeks due to a flu bug. So they had to put up with a short slow ride being led from the back. It was lovely to see Alison and Peter wanting something short and painless on this particularly un-summer day.

We followed Martin's route Knaresborough, Scotton, Bishop Monkton, Markington to Ripley and home along the Greenway, to the letter...going to Ripley for coffee instead of Cascades.  At the A61 crossroads the decision was made to continue to Ripley by five or straight home by four as Peter had done earlier somewhere on the route. Lots of chat and a pleasant coffee at Ripley...then a speedy dash down the Greenway and home for gardening, Dad picking up, bike buying(still), and watching a stage of the Giro.  This was just what was needed for a good start to the week.  Thank you for your patience and kind waiting everyone...but some people just lead from the back...... 24 miles 80 floors Caroline G



Medium Ride - Group 1

Group of 7 (3 Davids, Jeanie, Nick, and another rider who turned off at Tad Grammar School and myself) set off from Hornbeam to Burn Bridge, Kirby Overblow, Sicklinghall, Wetherby and Bramham to Tadcaster. Welcome to David & Nick.
Facing head-wind, we stopped for coffee at Thorp Arch. Cycled the track to Wetherby, North Deighton, Spofforth, Follifoot. Enjoyable ride. Thanks for good company! Approx 39 miles. Michael W

Medium Ride - Group 2

Chilly and overcast at Hornbeam this morning. 14 takers for the medium ride, but no identified leader. Come on, Wheel Easy! members; you can do better than this. There are quite a lot of experienced riders who have ridden for years with us who have not put themselves forward as leaders, especially for the medium ride. Just ask Justin, who is struggling to get volunteers. Anyway, one of our Michaels on his new orange bike and orange jacket did the right thing and took a speedier group of about 6, and Geraldine (back for her first medium ride for about 3 months) and I took a total of 8 out towards Burn Bridge and the lovely Walton Head Lane towards Kirkby Overblow and Sicklinghall. I took my long-fingered gloves off in KO, but regretted it shortly. I thought we saw Michael heading back the wrong way, but it was another bloke on an orange bike with an orange jacket and an orange helmet! No problems on the way to Wetherby, and then assistance from the northerly following wind on the nice road adjacent to the A1 towards Bramham (30mph achieved at one stage). Around Bramham and eastwards to Tadcaster, where they were in the process of taking down the bunting for the Tour de Yorkshire. Photo on the bridge and then on to Thorp Arch and the café, which was heaving with cyclists and consequently we had quite a long wait to get served. The route back was discussed, and John suggested that we try the new cycle path from Walton and into Wetherby and then the Harland Way. John took the route via Kirk Deighton and we met up again in Spofforth. Mark had taken a wrong turn coming from Wetherby and so we sent a search party to look for him and Colette, but they turned up a few minutes later. Follifoot and Rudding, at which point we started to hear shooting in the distance and wondered if we might be targets. By the time we reached the showground it was clear that there was some shooting event on, and fortunately, they all missed us. Back to Hornbeam through Hookstone Woods.  About 39 miles Joe




Medium Plus Ride - Group 1

There were not so many riders at Hornbeam this morning so once the fast boys had been sent off we were a group of 8. Colin suggested that we would be better doing the ride in the other direction so as to be more protected from the wind. I happily agreed on the proviso that he led the ride, seeing as I had had enough trouble working out the route in the other direction! We headed along the Greenway and up to the Drovers, then Markington and to Fountains via How Hill. The Visitor Centre provided welcome refreshments and a short rest before we continued through Aldfield, Winksley and Laverton. After a few hills Greygarth Monument was sighted and soon most of the riders were walking up to view it, though the views from it were poorer than on other occasions. Monica and I wisely decided to look after the bikes, especially when the access stile seems to be in imminent danger of collapse! Then there was lots of downhill with occasional nasty hills. Lunch was taken at Risplith where we were quickly served and well looked after. The front garden is a building site as it is to become a smarter outside eating area.  Jackie left us for home via Brimham while the remainder headed back via Sawley, the Drovers and Ripley. About 42 miles with 2,700 feet climbing. It was a great ride and thanks to Colin for inventing it and leading. Also thanks to Justin for back marking all the way. Liz Pugh




Medium Plus Ride – Group 2

Numbers seemed fairly low in Hornbeam car park this morning and the less leisurely group comprised only seven riders. It seemed a bit cool for the time of year as we set off and it wasn’t until Scurrah Bank that we really started to get warmed up. Some of the group are in training for various organised rides, including the invitingly named “Struggle", so the pace was brisk and it wasn’t long before we got to our destination at the Greygarth Memorial. As usual, there was not much interest in walking to the memorial itself and little chance of the possible views of Roseberry Topping, so we pressed straight on towards the coffee stop at Fountains.  A cheery lady presented us with drinks vouchers by the bike stands and, although coffee connoisseurs in the group might have preferred more exotic concoctions, we accepted the free basic offerings in the interests of economy and appreciated the warm surroundings. A fine drizzle was falling when we came out, so it was heads down and homewards. Suggestions of extending the ride through Birstwith were quickly overruled and after various riders peeled off for their respective homes, just three of us were left to negotiate the cut and thrust of the Greenway for the second time in a day. 

At 70km, it was not as long as some recent rides, but most agreed that it was enjoyable and surprisingly challenging in its hilliness. D.W.

Long Ride

Three set off with 5 working knees to Otley and duly collected 2 more for the west riding architecture ride. Slower colder and quieter than later week in Ilkley post TdY. But time to tour Denton Park and Ilkley’s finest. Up into the cool air to Silsden which unlike last week and its web was definitely shut. So up to Bradley chimney and mega lunch in Skipton. Embsay and over to Stump Cross for tea and a fast southerly blast home. Terry chose the long way via Jennyfield to avoid Birk Crag climb. 5500 ft. and cold wind yet only 62 miles all on the local OS 50k map with new bits for most. Richard P



All rides are at your own risk. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider Cycling UK membership.